Amazon Affiliate Program

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    Harsheen K.posted 5 years ago

    My hub doesn't show any ads from amazon . Do we need to add any capsule while editing it ?

    I am using an "Amazon Associate " ID which I had been allotted for my blog.And I used the same one over here.Does it make any difference?Or do I need a separate ID for hub pages.

    1. RedSturtz profile image80
      RedSturtzposted 5 years ago in reply to this

      You can use your Amazon ID on as many sites as you wish.

      If you want to track sales from EACH site, you can make a new tracking ID within your Amazon account so you can have a breakdown of earnings.

      Yes, you need to insert Amazon capsules and items. Otherwise people will have nothing to click on and you'll never earn a cent from Amazon.