Quick tips for hubpages


  • Make hubs from school, college, etc assignments you have saved (make sure its individual assignments, homework not group ones to avoid any potential legal issues)
  • Use keyword research (Google Keyword tool)
  • Use HubKarma Suggest Link for brainstorming new hubs.
  • Use Wikipedia random article feature for brainstorming (it’s on the left navigational bar.)
  • Make a glossary of words for the topic you are most interested in. Then write a hub about each term in that glossary.


  • Use longtail keywords (=more then one word; long phrases) to optimize for Google BreadCrumbs
  • Use names of people, places, products, etc as keywords
  • Never use general words as keywords (like finance, Internet, etc)
  • Write your own "Summary Text" for each of your hub. Use some keywords in it


  • Save each of your hubs (and all corresponding pictures, etc) in a separate folder on your computer in a folder called Hubs.
  • Have a folder called IDEA BANK FOR HUBPAGES.
  • Have a folder called WORK IN PROGRESS within your above mentioned idea bank forder. Save here any hubs you have started working on.
  • Anything you have written on the web elsewhere, make them into hubs.
  • Save your published hubs in a Word document in a folder called "PUBLISHED HUBS" (these will be your backup files)
  • Save your files at more than one location (pendrive, computer, etc)
  • Set aside a specific time each day or each week when you work on hubpages. Try hard to stick with that schedule.


  • Register a domain for your hubpages profile (free domains are: .tk or .co.cc)
  • Your Hubpages avatar and Gravatar.com avatar should be the same
  • Use HubKarma Suggest Link on your lowest performing hubs (in terms of traffic and HubScore).


  • Try to write at least 500 words long hubs.
  • Know your purpose; do you want best-, hot-, or money making hubs.
  • Check the best- and the hottest hubs. Study them to figure out how to improve your hubs.
  • Add videos capsules to possibly ALL your hubs. Google loves multimedia content.
  • The least outgoing links you have in the body of your hub; this increases the “stickiness”of your hub. (stickiness is the “time on page ”in Google Analytics).
  • Make all your outgoing links to open in new browser tab, not in the same tab.
  • Write one paragraph per text capsule.
  • Uncheck "This hub may be considered promotional"

Useful Resources for a More Rewarding Hubpages Experience


  • Promote hubpages to earn from your referrals' hubs.
  • Submit each hub and profile link to search engines.
  • Use Suggest Link (for Hubkarma); link to your own hubs, and other relevant hubs
  • Add SEOquake firefox plugin (click Info right next to SEOQuake logo on toolbar) and analyze your hub.

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Robert Pummer profile image

Robert Pummer 4 years ago from Kentucky, USA

Nice checklist of ways to make using Hubs successful. Thanks for the time and effort you put into this article.

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