Aldebaran - Nazi - N.A.S.A. Pt. 1

Advanced Civilization?

Underground Civilization
Underground Civilization


Aldebaran, better known as Alpha Tauri, is located in the taurus system, some 65 light years from our own Sun. Despite the distance, it is still one of the brightest stars in the night sky. This is because it is believed to be an Orange Giant, approximately 44.2 times the size of the Sun.

According to a novel published in 1871, by the author Edward Bulwer –Lytton named the “Coming Race”. An explorer found living, underground, an advanced human race. They supposedly called themselves “Vril-ya” and they claimed to of moved underground due to a horrendous destruction on earth, similar to the great flood of Noah. Their ability to of survived, they said was the knowledge of Vril. A source of energy not yet known of, on the surface. Not electricity, more based on gravity.

Some think that Lyttons' work is not all fiction but based on secret scripts, hidden in the Gobi desert and Tibet.

These scripts apparently talk of a race of people coming from the Aldebaran star system. It is said that these people could build flying machines, flying saucers. These machines were called “ Vimana”. In 1055 a poem written by Saramangama Sutradhara’ says of the flying machine:

Strong and durable must the body of the Vimana be made, like a great flying bird of light material. Inside one must put the mercury engine with its iron heating apparatus underneath. By means of the power latent in the mercury, which sets the driving whirlwind in motion, a man sitting inside may travel a great distance in the sky. The movements of a Vimana are such that it can vertically ascend, vertically descend, or move slanting forwards and backwards. With the help of machines, human beings can fly through the air and heavenly beings can come down to Earth.”

Fact or Fiction?

The Bell
The Bell
The Nazi
The Nazi
Did they succeed?
Did they succeed?

The Nazi

During the period between the World War 1 and World War 11, Germany seemed to spend a lot of attention to the Thrule, Vril and Black Sun Societies, who claimed had received, telepathic messages from an extraterrestrial race from Aldebaran, a distant star system. It is worth noting here that the Vril Society traced its philosophical origins back to a secret Bavarian, Gnostic-Templar order styling itself as “The Lords of the Black Stone” founded in 1221; an order steeped in ancient Babylonian and Sumerian theologies.

The Nazi regime, claimed, with the help of the Aldebaran, tried to perfect a machine that could travel through, both space and maybe time. They wanted to create a machine that could ensure their prominence in the World.

To this end, it is said that the Nazis Experimented, space and time travel, with a machine known as The Bell. However, although the machine may have been built, the Russian advance of WW 11, meant that the experiment had to be terminated, along with 60 scientists working on the project, by the SS.

It is perhaps for this reason that today there is so much notice being taken by Yahoo News, Google and the International media, about a mysterious Nazi Bell being found in Austria after over 60 years of being unnoticed.

As well as paying attention to the so called "messages", German scientists, who survived this period, claim that the Nazis' were also in possession of some ancient scripts from the Indian region.

Were the Nazis' really in possession of advanced technologies from another planet? If so what happened to this knowledge?

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rafken profile image

rafken 3 years ago from The worlds my oyster Author

Today there is mysteriously more talk on this subject after a Nazi bell was found in Austria, will the truth finally come out?

rafken profile image

rafken 3 years ago from The worlds my oyster Author

You can not advertise hubs in comments but try reading "A True Religion" and also "In search of the truth" both by me. What I am saying is, each to his each own, and be happy in what you believe. If you want to really know about me, try reading "Whose concern is it?".

CurrentScience303 3 years ago from HighPoint, N.C.

Also, Rafken, you as all humans: are evolved apes {missing-links} There is legit biological proof {DNA, fossils, progression of cranium sizes from missing-links to modern humans}. The O.C.D.-esque focus on "faith", seems to blur the lines on religion/spirituality that you have spoken of. Purpose, drive, confidence, motivation, etc.: are components of success. Your focus on "faith" stems directly from your religious state-of-mind. We, as the descendants of apes, have all sorts of belief systems {however: your "faith" rhetoric is, again: a manifestation of religious-thought {again, to justify, & make yourself feel better}. - There's no further conjecture: you have been written off. O_O'

CurrentScience303 3 years ago from HighPoint, N.C. FEAR THE Pagan-Land's PROSPERITY, Again, buddy: just keep on REASSURING YOURSELF. I live next to a 2nd generation Sweden who is one of the more well adjusted humans I've met in the triad region of N.C. /// Any other Rhetoric anyone issues about 'faith' is merely a reflection of their own insecurities. -

rafken profile image

rafken 3 years ago from The worlds my oyster Author

I repeat, you must have faith in something, words are just words. If you say that you do not believe in any God, then you are implying that YOU are responsible for all that happens around you, therefore inferring that You are your own God and you have faith in yourself. No God or no faith in yourself = not good, perhaps even a physical and mental wreck.

CurrentScience303 3 years ago from HighPoint, N.C. Actually, No person 'Needs' a faith. To say that people need faith is an act of 'REASSURANCE' just as the faiths people believe in are. Having a need for 'faith', depends on how active the chemicals in the respective modular (neurological) portions of your brain are. Many people are wired so they don't need a "faith". Some people are neurologically wired as to possess "obsessive religiosity" as part of a psychosis {mental illness}. /// btw; the word "god" is etymologically Purely PAGAN in origin, it's derived from an Indo-European word meaning "the Diurnal Sky". Technically you are blaspheming, labeling your Hebrew deity "god". Yahwey is more proper {think of the power of words in your religion {1st words in the book of John, the 1st part of the book of Genesis, etc.)}. Yahwey is derived from the Hebrew TETRAGRAMMATON {YHVH}, the "four letting, unpronounceable name of the Hebrew deity}. JUST AS Dan Dennett explained: RELIGIONS EVOLVE {i.e. they are Myths}. IF YOU DARE, YOU COULD FIND OUT MORE ON HOW Belief is Purely a Neurologically Chemical Reaction {one's susceptibility to be faithful, from environment, etc.}, BELIEVE IT OR NOT: MANY PEOPLE SIMPLY DO NOT HAVE THAT PROPENSITY {we are not in the 'dark ages' & we won't be Executed for publicly letting other know this}. // It's apparent that when someone proclaims that other people need 'faith', it's mainly a projection of how they are attempting to justify their own beliefs/lifestyle, and in effect gain "REASSURANCE",.

rafken profile image

rafken 3 years ago from The worlds my oyster Author

It is not a belief in God that man needs but he must have faith of some kind and believe in something. It is not what you have faith in that matters: it is the act of having faith.

CurrentScience303 3 years ago from HighPoint, N.C.

rafken , I agree with your sentiments, wholeheartedly, except for the notion of "issued by God". The notion of "God" is in itself a racist, sexist paradigm. Then again, the majority of humanity still needs a "God / Spirituality / Religion". However: there are Growing Numbers of people who are seeing "God, Religion, Spirituality" for what it is I CHALLENGE YOU TO WATCH / LISTEN to Dan Dennett & SEE HOW THIS "God" YOU SPEAK OF IS BECOMING KNOWN FOR THE MYTH THAT IT IS:

rafken profile image

rafken 3 years ago from The worlds my oyster Author

CurrentScience303 - If something is real, then we cannot allow it to be outside our comfort zone. Fanatics of any race, religion or belief are an unfortunate reminder to all of us, of humanities weakness in accepting that everybody is entitled to their own opinion and beliefs, let alone to live peacefully in the skin issued to them by God.

CurrentScience303 3 years ago from HighPoint, N.C.

In modern times: All Countries {with the exception of ‘Eastern- Bloc Europe/Russia} with a Majority Caucasian Populous: are of the Utmost Progressive in Culture/Politics within the modern 1st world. Australia & Finland have both had Female Prime-Ministers. Those two countries are Not predominantly “Christian, Jew, nor Islamic”. Nowhere else in the world, except in Europe, is there a FOUNDATION OF COUNCIL OF EX-MUSLIMS {the 1st time in history, for women who otherwise would face DEATH for leaving their born-into-religion, now have an Option to leave it}. The "Nazi Regime" is Long Gone, How About We Focus on Modern "Extremist/Genocidal Agendas"?? - How About Elaborating {or, as Expected: Turning a Blind-Eye to} The Agenda of Many Jewish & Black Organization? - I'm almost Positive, you will Not publish this {as it's 'too outside a comfort-zone'??}

Silviu Craescu 3 years ago

(Ancient Aliens - Aliens and the Third Reich)

Good Hub.

NSDAP is certainly one of the most notorious political organization in history, a prototype went to extreme cruelty and absolutely inhuman behavior. Yet the Nazi government implemented a series of policies that were conducive to the development of society and, surprisingly still valid. Of course that does not excuse exacerbated oppression practiced by the Nazis, but shows that good can sometimes sneak into the most obscure contexts. Let's see how.

Ban vivisection. Nazi Germany was the first country that was against vivisection, implementing a total ban in April 1933. The measure was of great importance and has been forwarded Reichstag since 1927. Leading Nazis such as Hermann Göring, Heinrich Himmler, and even Adolf Hitler was very much preoccupied animal protection, particularly on how they were butchered. Most laws now in Germany, but also in the world, derived from advanced Nazi laws. It is incredibly ironic to observe the discrepancy between the treatment of men subjected to genocide, and the animals, fiercely defended. Hermann Göring, the Prussian prime minister, said: "A complete and permanent ban on vivisection is not only a necessary law to protect animals and to sympathize with their pain, but also a law for all humanity ... So you know that practice is no longer permitted and otherwise becomes criminal case. By handing down a sentence the accused to be admitted to a concentration camp. "

Protection of animals. When they come Nazis to power, their worries are not just about people, but also to native animals. In 1934 is given a national law governing hunting, the number of animals that can be killed per year, suitable seasons. Most of these laws were applied in the West. The law was known as Reichsjagdgesetz. Reichstag finance and education on animal protection at primary school, secondary and even college. In addition, in 1935 a new law is voted, Reichsnaturschutzgesetz, which places a number of species on the list of legally protected animals (eg wolves or lynx). The law will be fined deforestation and exploitation of fishery regulations. Without these laws likely that many species would have disappeared from German forests.

Anti-smoking campaign. It is believed that Adolf Hitler was so turned against smoking in the last years of his life that can not stand someone smoking in the same room with him and always object to be money thrown into the wind. Thus begins one of the most comprehensive and effective anti-smoking campaigns in history. While other campaigns of the '30s and '40s were unsuccessful in other countries was not the case in Germany. The Nazis banned smoking in restaurants and public transport, citing the importance of health and applying stringent rules on tobacco advertising. Tobacco tax was also very high and supply limited by the Wehrmacht. Several health organizations complained that tobacco increases the risk of miscarriage, which is known today. Statistics show that while in the U.S. in 1940 per capita annual consumption of 3000 cigarettes was in Germany is limited to around 750.

Welfare programs. Nazi Germany benefit from some of the largest social assistance programs in history, based on the idea that all people should enjoy a decent standard of living. A famous example is that of aid winter, when the citizens obişuniţi and notorious Nazi gathering alms for the poor. Not only was an effective propaganda method, but also a ritual to produce a general sense of well being and empathy with the poor. Posters urged people to donate rather than directly offering beggars on the street. Goebbels, who controlled the radio, television and propaganda are often involved in charity events. But how came the funds to help the poor? Especially those considered enemies confiscation regime. The Nazi regime had stolen large sums of money to finance general welfare scheme that actually target only certain members of society.


Literally means people's car, the car was presented as a purchase that and it could allow anyone. Design that looked like an insect was suggested by Hitler. The car was a huge success because it offered people a discount, reaching amount of only 9,990 marks, about how a motorcycle cost. But at the end of the war availability is low and buying Volkswagen has become more a vehicle of war. That has not prevented its rise among the most popular cars in the world.

Autobahn. Although the idea is not originally a Nazi, Hitler was an enthusiastic admirer of the idea and made the development of the largest road networks ever built in Germany. The first highway system in the world has radically changed the way people traveled. Many countries have supported Hitler emulated system, including America and Britain. It is certainly the most developed road network in the world, spanning highways and neighboring countries like Austria. Construction was not only revolutionary, but also provide employment to more than 100,000 people. Nazi Party aimed to generate a sense of unity through this project, and even largely succeeded. On long straight sections to test aircraft and the Grand Prix is ​​held here.

Cruise missiles.

The man who invented rockets as we know them today, Werner von Braun, was a member of the Nazi Party and SS officer. It helped both Germany and the U.S. in the production of missiles during and after the Second World War, eventually obtaining U.S. citizenship. Although brought innovations in many areas, including the installation of liquid-fueled rockets in aircraft is best known for his achievements within the frameworks of NASA. The most important is the development of the Saturn V rocket boosters that helped to landing in '69. Von Braun paved the way for space flight by his inventions, but also created one of mankind's most destructive means.

Innovations in the film.

The Nazis were very interested in music and film as propaganda tools and essential pillars of culture. The first tape is a speech Hitler and Goebbels spurred more complicated techniques of shooting. For instance propaganda film "Triumph of the Will" continue "Triumph of Faith" is considered one of the most exciting pieces of cinema history. Director, Leini Riefenstahl, used an impressive number of 30 cameras and 100 technicians to produce film for 2 hours. How to benefit from an unlimited budget film were brought to ramp latest technologies, including official use of cranes and superstructures to create the effect of movement. Certainly propaganda model is no longer relevant, but the techniques and conceptual vision are still topical in Hollywood.

Contributions to fashion.

Uniform designed for Nazi style is as bold as the style of government. Leather boots with thick soles, flat hats, coats or hats lined tapering were just some of the fashion Nazi emblems, for which we must remember always present shades of gray, brown or black. SS military organization cause fear among opponents when soldiers appeared with their black caps and leather jackets then they will take American rockers. In fact in some subcultures rock, industrial, or goth can be noticed dark fashion reminiscent of Nazi. Stiulul novelist Kurt Vonnegut described as slightly theatrical. Moreover, Adidas founder, Adolf Dassler, was a Nazi. He produced shoes for the Wehrmacht during the war, while providing German and American athletes shoes Olympics in Berlin. It caused a sensation when Jesse Owens won the sprint Adolf wearing shoes. Its Frateel was a Nazi and more convinced that his brother founded the tradition followed another prolific company specialized in sports products: Puma.

Medical innovations.

Medical ethics in Nazi death led to unimaginable atrocities and one of the most bitter controversies in the history of ethics. This is because by usage torture were found discretely information fruition today by doctors and researchers. For instance Nazis carefully studied and monitored hypothermia in camp at Dachau, subjecting victims of brutal torture. Nazi victims in the water sinking semi-frozen or let them in German, observing changes in body temperature, heart rate

Julie Gooch 4 years ago

I recently received a letter stating that someone wanted to send me a stone called Aldebaran, also known as Alpha Tauri. It was said to have fallen from the star Aldebaran in the constellation of Taurus. They said it fell to earth more than 12,000 years ago. They said that the fragment exploded when it hit the earth's atmosphere and that only a few remaining shards remain to tell of the phenomenon. What do you think about this? Could this possibly be true?

tugbo200-5 5 years ago

Rafken The Bell you speak of was mentioned when the "UFO"crashed December 9, 1965 at Kecksburg Pa,since it was the same shape as the Germans.


lone77star profile image

lone77star 5 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

Thought-provoking story. Thanks for writing!

In one Hindu text it describes a vimana (a Sanskrit word meaning conical or spired roof, perhaps similar to the Taj Mahal) on a bamboo frame with four iron pots filled with mercury at each corner. And controlled fire on the iron pots made the whole thing as a pearl in the sky. [I looked up "vimana" in my local library in Rockville, MD back in the 60's; they had a Sanskrit-English dictionary (imagine that!).]

Al Blondin profile image

Al Blondin 6 years ago from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA

Food for thought. Good job!

rafken profile image

rafken 6 years ago from The worlds my oyster Author

And as always, thanks for dropping by. I'll try to keep them interesting.

Tony DeLorger profile image

Tony DeLorger 6 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

Interesting as always. Good Hub.

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