Books 9th Grade

Books 9th Grade

This book list includes most of the best books for young adults in 9th grade and provides links to purchase many of the books, cliff notes, summaries, and, when available, their literature units. Few authors write books at this grade level. Most books, newspapers, and magazines are written at a far lower ability level, typically between a 4th-7th grade level. You’ll find that many of the novels written at the 9th grade level are classics. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on this list, you might try book lists around 9th grade, perhaps 8th or 10th. The difference, in terms of ability level, among books of these levels is minimal, and I would highly encourage you to look at all of these lists. Also, book levels are based on reading difficulty, not content or plot. Many books are highly readable but challenging in different ways, typically incorporating symbolism and other important literary devices. Again, it is entirely appropriate to read books above or below the reading level you are targeting if the book challenges the reader in other ways, perhaps in provocative way.

9th Grade Level Books


Around the World in Eighty Days

Anna Kerenina

Black Arrow, The

Book of King Arthur, The

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Men of Iron

Prince and the Pauper, The

Story of Mankind, The

Swiss Family Robinson, The

Tale of Two Cities, A

War of the Worlds, The

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My intent is to continue adding titles, links, and free resources to this list.  Please help me improve this free resource by recommending titles, reviewing books already on this list, providing lessons that can be shared with others, and helping me find additional links to existing sites that are beneficial.  Your comments are greatly appreciated by all.   

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Kathryn L Hill profile image

Kathryn L Hill 5 years ago from LA

in a 6th grade class one of the students begged to read "Gone with the Wind." She said she could finish it in two weeks. I was surprised at her confidence. How about that one?

arizonataylor profile image

arizonataylor 5 years ago from Arizona Author

I have students reading books that are far beyond their grade level, but then again, I teach a self-contained, gifted class. Some districts wrongly limit students to material that is on grade level or below. Gone With the Wind is quite a book, and most sixth graders could never read it. My real concern would be not just the readability but the appropriateness.

Best wishes.

Kathryn L Hill profile image

Kathryn L Hill 5 years ago from LA

She thought that since she finished a Harry Potter novel, she could finish that one which seemed the same thickness.. I guess she'll find out! (The librarian let her check it out.) Thank You

arizonataylor profile image

arizonataylor 5 years ago from Arizona Author

I think this will be a good lesson. I'm smiling as I write this. Are you going to ask for a permission slip, or do you think she'll give up before too long? I wonder if the content of the book might be considered a bit much for the grade.

Kathryn L Hill profile image

Kathryn L Hill 5 years ago from LA

I was subbing that day... well never know the outcome of that incident. That's the disadvantage of substitute teaching... so many unfinished stories and questions.

Please feel free to advise our much neglected group. (us subs)

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