Do Snakes Prove Ancient Aliens?

Planet X [Nibiru]
Planet X [Nibiru]
Homo Erectus
Homo Erectus


According to the ancient Sumerians, Earth was colonized by aliens.

These aliens were from Nibiru, a planet that although is in our solar system has a large orbit and so only passes close to Earth once every 3600 years. These aliens were called the Anunnaki.

According to the Sumerian writings, interpreted by Sitchin, the Anunnaki came to Earth to mine gold.

Earth residents Homo Erectus did the mining whilst low ranking Anunnaki supervised inside the mines. The supervisors soon rebelled about the working conditions in the mines. To solve this problem the Anunnaki experimented with the genes of animals and the Homo Erectus, eventually creating Homo Sapiens who would take over the supervisory roles inside the mines.

At first, as hybrids, the Homo Sapiens were unable to breed. Further genetics were carried out to give them the ability to reproduce.

The Anunnaki scientist Enki, was responsible for the genetic splicing.


Top Left. Snakes Interwined.
Top Left. Snakes Interwined.
DNA strand
DNA strand


Is this just a legend, a thing of myth?

Apart from these writings, what proof is there to support such a story?

How do we know that Sitchin’s interpretations are accurate?

What do we know?

The Hopi Indians of America also have stories of aliens coming to mine gold. According to the translators, the Hopi referred to these aliens as “the friendly Ant People”. Perhaps we should remember here that in Hopi “Anu” means Ant and “Naki” means friend.

In the Bible, it says that Adam was created first. Eve was created later as a mate for Adam.

Scientists have already proved through DNA, that all Homo Sapiens originated from one woman [Eve]. They are also currently working to prove that they also all originated from one man [Adam].

There is a lot of information in the Sumerian writings, even mention of the great flood.

Scientists now know that it is possible for a planet to have an orbit similar to the supposed one of Nibiru and are just waiting for the first sightings to prove its existence.

I do not know if the Anunnaki really did or do exist.

I do not know if aliens experimented with our DNA.

What I do know though, is that there seems to be too many co-incidences for the Sumerian works to be just brushed aside as total myths.

If, as a race, we were created to work in mines, could this explain why recently, we are finding the ruins of many underground civilizations?

We are the only species on the planet that do not have fur, scales or feathers. Some say we are not genetically suited for existence on the surface of our own planet, perhaps we are living in the wrong place.

Is it mere co-incidence though that the Sumerian sign for the scientist Enki, is two intertwined snakes?

The intertwined snakes look remarkably like a strand of DNA. Even if the Sumerians knew that the Anunnaki were messing with DNA, how would the Sumerians know how a strand of it looked?

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rafken profile image

rafken 4 years ago from The worlds my oyster Author

NotPC - There seems to have been great civilizations, with great skills way back in our history. Then for some reason the world forgot their knowledge. If it was just one or two places this happened it could perhaps be dismissed but for it to happen everywhere and seemingly at a time relatively close together, there has to be something we don't know. Aliens is the most logical explanation.

sparkster profile image

sparkster 4 years ago from United Kingdom

We are in a time where the debunkings are getting even more ridiculous and harder to believe than the conspiracy theories in the 1st place. The debunking of Ancient Aliens was extremely poor.

NotPC profile image

NotPC 4 years ago

That's a good point... I suppose I wouldn't deny the existence of ancient astronauts. Aliens are certainly fun to ponder, but so far, the evidence presented is not convincing. What, in your opinion rafken, is most convincing evidence of ancient aliens visiting earth?

rafken profile image

rafken 4 years ago from The worlds my oyster Author

Interesting, I watched it and true the TV series is a bit of a scam but just because locals could have done it doesn't mean they were not told how to. Lets face it, with all the knowledge we have today, it still took a couple of experts to figure how it could be done. They just come up with the idea just like that? What is their motivation? As I have said before absence of proof is not proof of absence.

I see no explanation for the "DNA" strand, did you?

NotPC profile image

NotPC 4 years ago

You should watch the documentary "Ancient Aliens Debunked" on youtube. Actual scientists take everything they say on the history channel show and prove it to be false. I used to think the ancient astronaut theory was legitimate until I saw it completely debunked.

rafken profile image

rafken 4 years ago from The worlds my oyster Author

sparkster - well said and we must never forget that absence of proof is not proof of absence.

sparkster profile image

sparkster 4 years ago from United Kingdom

The bible and Christian texts are not real evidence, not by far. And if God is not of Earth then God IS extraterrestrial.

A follower of god 4 years ago

This theory is easy to dismiss because god is the only higher power not "aliens" or things like that. Why would you believe in something with no proof or evidence when you can follow god with real evidence like the bible or other Christian texts. Scientists and theory makers are misguided from our maker and create something like this article and confuse us. Stay on the path to salvation not the shortcut to eternal suffering.

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida

Hi Rafken,

I believe I have always been out of this word although I was wondering about genetics? Really everyone is from Eve and yet we all have different genetics? How could that be scientifically explained?

Interestinga and thought provoking.


TheSloneGal profile image

TheSloneGal 5 years ago

rafken pretty much yes they got tired of working so they looked around and found us then observed us and thought that we may just be what they are looking for and brought us here to do all of their work while they took the easy life. They then realized that we were to slow in mind and body and that is when the DNA got messed around with. When we started to die out then they realized they needed more of us what they called humans to be able to reproduce and once again we went to the DNA shop again boom now we could have more slaves for them to control then it all got out of hand.

rafken profile image

rafken 5 years ago from The worlds my oyster Author

TheSloanGal - Some people have speculated that as we are not perhaps equipped to deal with the conditions on earth, we are in fact the aliens to this planet. How or why we came here I have not heard much about. Perhaps we were bought here as slave laborers, is that what you are suggesting?

TheSloneGal profile image

TheSloneGal 5 years ago

I am very fascinated in this sort of things have been all of my life. The only thing that I have never heard til now is that we may not belong here. The thing that I have always thought is that we were brought here from some other planet to live and we had to have our DNA tampered with to live here and to be slaves for the life forums that lived here before us which was no other then Anunnaki. As we grew and got smarter and were not as easy to control the Anunnaki forums left to go back to their own home planet. Not because they could not control us but because they got fed up with us and we were producing faster then they expected. Does any of this make any sense to any one?

PETER LUMETTA profile image


I like this theory, it has a pretty good documentation. Any hard evidence found? Thanks,


Lilith Eden profile image

Lilith Eden 5 years ago from Memphis, TN

It is incredible to read theories so similar to my own.

I hope that your posts will allow people to look beyond themselves and consider all possibilities.


profile image

Thought-Provoking 5 years ago

WHoa! I've never heard of this one before, Althought I've watched some of the documentaries on History channel, I never brushed it aside as stupidity or crazy claims by old men and a guy with a bad haircut, I still had my own criticism towards it, but this one is pretty hard to disprove, keep posting these up rafken, This definitely raises a lot of questions and some good speculations.

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