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Alien Ant People

Updated on March 28, 2015
Zacharia Sitchin
Zacharia Sitchin

The Anunnaki

By now I would think that most people have heard of the Sumerian translations of Zecharia Sitchin. The ancient Sumerians left clay tablets telling of their history, Sitchin is said to have translated these.

The tablets tell of aliens coming to Earth and mining for Gold. These aliens were giants and says that these aliens were called Anunnaki from the planet Nibiru, a planet that although is in our solar system, has a large elliptical orbit that takes thousands of years to complete.

Hopi Indians
Hopi Indians

The Ant People

People may also have heard of the legends of the Hopi Indians of America. One of these stories tells of, prior to an eminent destruction coming to the surface of the Earth, some friendly “Ant People” carried the Hopi underground to save them.

The ant people told the Hopi, that they had come from the skies many years ago. To avoid a similar destruction, on the surface, they had moved underground. Now they had made their homes there. These aliens were friendly and even shared their food with the Hopi, until it was safe for them to return to the surface.


How, you may ask yourself, are these two stories connected?

I do believe that coincidences can happen. That could be the case here but when things too coincidental happen, halfway around the World, you must wonder.

It is not just that the Hopi call their ancestors the Anasazi.

Remembering that the Sumerians called their aliens the Anunnaki and the Hopi called them the friendly ant people. The Hopi word for ant is “anu” and the word for friends is “Naki”.

Thousands of years ago and thousands of miles apart, could similar names and pronunciations really of happened accidentally?


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    • gg.zaino profile image

      greg g zaino 6 years ago from L'America- Big Pine Key, Florida

      Rafken- Thank you for this article. i would enjoy a follow up with more detail- a more in depth, contrast/comparison piece would be in order.



    • Curiad profile image

      Mark G Weller 6 years ago from Lake Charles, LA.

      Another very interesting hub. Thought provoking at least and the coincidences are very interesting.