Passing College Algebra CLEP



College Algebra CLEP

The CLEP programs offers students the ability to advance through college at an accelerated pace at a fraction of the cost. CLEPS are about $92 USD and can be taken at most academic institutions. You need a minimal score to pass in some instances it is a 62 in others a 50 will be sufficient. Dependent upon which test it is computerized exam, it will take about 90 minutes, there are about 60 question with multiple choice answers and you will be given your results immediately. If you are lucky by just taking the test you should be able to score a 25. So really you are down to be lucky and needing to score about a 50 in total on your test in order to pass. How hard could it be especially since there is the net out there to explain Math to you for free?

I, of course, recommend you buy the study guide and then if you can't solve the problems I differ you back to my tutorials on content.

In this article I will try to provide you with videos teaching you how to solve the various equations on the College Algebra CLEP test but I again recommend you buy the practice test for $10 and practice. The videos will provide you with instructional information as to how to complete the equations. This article is not all inclusive and I will defer to the practice test regarding the required material but this should serve as a good guideline to at least obtain a 50 on the College Algebra CLEP exam.

Quadratic Equations

Solving the Quadratratic Equation by using the Equadratic Formula

Solving Quadratic by Completing the Square

Solving Quadratic Equation by Graphing

Solving Quadratic Equation by Square Root Method

Applications of Linear Function

Proof: log a + log b =ab


I have just provide you with some guidelines to study. I recommend you purchase the study guide/practice test from the College Boards and Complete and more thorough comprehensive study. I really appreciate and I wish I could have brought you more of their lessons as I really thought they were quite thorough. I just couldn't get them loaded today as I was having difficulty with the website. So I shall have to leave to the individuals who wish to pursue the CLEPS.

I am providing further links as resources for you. Good Luck and good studying.

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Mr College 4 years ago


I think you should post a disclaimer on this test. The difficulty of the subject matter is pretty moderate as far as math gos. But if you read the study guides, you have 1.5 minutes to answer 60 questions, so 90 minutes all told.

The passing rate for this test in the military is something like 16%. I've asked around at my school and I only heard of people online actually passing it, no one I know personally. I'm sure it can be done, but it shouldn't be attempted without a thorough mastery of all college algebra skills and someone who knows all the shortcuts. Plain and simple, it's not enough time for the average person to answer all the questions.

Anyway, hope you'll consider my points, this test is extremely hard if you consider the time limit.

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 4 years ago from Florida Author

Hi Mr. College,

And yet I know many people who have passed it and other CLEP tests. Some people are just good self learners and can read a book and master the test. How many in the military who have failed the clep actually graduated high school?

You can usually eliminate two answers and then have it narrowed down to one quickly without calculations.

But your points are noted and appreciated.


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