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Did any of you have soul destroying and totally negative parents who always put a damper on

your respective dreams, aspirations, and goals that you wanted to achieve? You know the type of parents who always told you that your aspirations, dreams, and goals were too unrealistic and beyond your reach so to speak. These are the parents who assert that people in a particular racial, ethnic, gender, familial, and/or socioeconomic background do not do such and such. They often have an extremely narrow purview of life and circumstances and they believe that if they are in such circumstances, who are you to exceed such circumstances so to speak.

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Best Answer Mazzy Bolero says

4 years ago
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Teresa Pelka (teresapelka) says

4 years ago
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    Nick Easton (Nick's thoughts) 4 years ago

    I agree with you. Most psychologist do go into the field to help them to understand their own down falls.

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Suzanne (not0the0normal) says

4 years ago
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Nick Easton (Nick's thoughts) says

4 years ago
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    Teresa Pelka (teresapelka) 4 years ago

    Some say that psychologists do this to resolve mostly on own problems, you only never tell a freudist ;)

    I can agree that early problems matter; age 4 as so formative yet doesn't appeal. Humans learn language(s) to become part their personalities :)

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