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What makes some religionists fearful of differing spiritual and ethical perspectives & philosophies?

Why must they constantly must have others subscribe to their particular religious perspectives & philosophies? Are they mature and logical enough to realize that each person has a right to his/her religious, spiritual, and/or ethical perspectives & philosophies? It seems that some religionists are not mature nor logical enough to accept/realize that each person has a different outlook as far as religious, spiritual, and/or ethical matters go. No one believes alike.

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Hxprof says

16 months ago
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Austinstar says

16 months ago
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    Grace Marguerite Williams (gmwilliams) 16 months ago

    They are also insecure regarding their beliefs. They are not really authentic believers. They believe because their parents and ancestors believe. They have no true independent thought and the thought of the latter sends them into histrionics.