Modern Economic Theory on Social Equity for Employment and Income

The “Contemporary Republic” gives us an overview about the political philosophy and ethics about the redemption of politicians in public service through freedom, justice, equality and peace to all mankind. This book provides new insight as to the complementation of the political philosophy and ethics in the modern economic theory on social equity for employment and income to reduce the problem of poverty and exploitation of the masses.

This is a welfare economics that provides specific information in fiscal management and the international development programs particularly on the issue of poverty. It is only in this book, you can find the answer from the traditional theory of the international funding institution through the United Nations that need to refocus the funding of development program for the poor. The Contemporary Republic brings you the real issue of social equity theory as the true solution to poverty. This is a modern economic theory to solve the problem of employment and income including strategic market prescription on the problem of global recession. (Contemporary Republic)

Find out the real economic science and welfare economics of this book

The Contemporary Republic : Savior HubPages Book

These are the academic topics that discuss the Economic Science and Modern Economic Theory on Social Equity and Income for Employment and Income

· Economic Theory on the Development Strategy for Social Equity Programs

· The Social Equity Model for Employment and Income : A Solution to the Root Cause of Poverty in Asia and Africa

· Social Equity Model for Employment and Income in Agriculture

· The Social Equity Model for Employment and Income: The Reality Check in the Social Enterprises of the Sovereign State

· Strategic Market Diagnosis and Prescription of " Free Market Economy"

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