Singer Heejun Han: American Idol 11 (2012) Spoilers and Predictions

Heejun Han is a Korean American singer who is competing on the 11th season of American Idol. He auditioned in Pittsburgh and was unanimously voted through to Hollywood by the judges. Han was cast as some kind of wacky contestant who practically acted drunk. But he could sing when he opened his mouth. According to spoilers released by TheIdolPad, Heejun has made the Top 24, which is the first voting round of the season. Based on the way he has already been presented, I predict Heejun will have a hard time making the Top 12 unless he is picked as a wildcard.

I found it odd that one of his friends (I guess it was a friend) said at the Pittsburgh audition that Heejun has NEVER sung for them. One would think that a serious singer would not be hiding his talent from friends. This leads me to believe Heejun has not ventured much into marketing himself as a singer. Is it because he doesn't take music seriously? Is it because he was just busy doing other things but at least practicing along the way? It's impossible to say based on the limited information, but he does not appear to be the type of contestant that does well on Idol. Up to this point, it just sounds like Han likes to sing but has not seriously pursued it as a possible career. This could be expected from 15-year-old contestants who are hungry to be stars and get public attention, but Heejun is 22.

Worse is the fact that this contestant is already being treated like a joke. The one saving grace is that his "How Am I Supposed to Live Without You" audition was actually pretty good. He has a nice, soulful tone, but the voice started to reach a breaking point when he went for the power notes. The judges overpraised him big time, and the joke part of his audition will likely be remembered more than the singing.

Heejun Han's best chance of making it to the Top 12 is through a wildcard. Barring that, he will probably not make the Top 12. If he does get through, look for him to go out in the first few weeks of the Top 12. My prediction is Heejun has virtually no chance of winning American Idol.


TheIdolPad: American Idol 11 Spoilers and Predictions

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heejunrocks 4 years ago

hey idiot he is in the top 9

john 4 years ago

cant make it into top 12??? eat your shit! now he is in top 9!

Carnie 4 years ago

Heejun is disrespectful and rude. Mouthing the words as Ryan speaks; not taking the competition seriously. He is not funny. He is a spoiled brat who is accustomed to getting his own way and he staying in because of votes from people who find his obnoxious behaviour funny not because he has any chance of winning as a result of his talent. Win or lose, I would never buy one of his CDs.

boots 4 years ago

We love Heejun Han! Yes, maybe he's not a great singer for you. But he's a good performer or entertainer. What's the title of this competition? AMERICAN IDOL, American's love him, that's why he's still here in this competition. We see a lot of good singer and always all the same every seasons. We like to see different kinds ko talent in singing who can entertain us & make us feel happy everytime we watch American idol. JLo is right he is already a STAR. Just support your talent so that he or she will not be eliminated and we will support HEEJUN HAN thoughout the way. Because we really like him & God's always with him because he has a purpose in life to help the SPECIAL CHILDREN that's why GOD is always with him & bless him always. Just always pray HEEJUN & God will always be with your way. God's loves you so much!

Calvin Yee 4 years ago

Jimmy Boyd is so very wrong. Heejun had proved himself and he can make it!!

Rita 4 years ago

Well, I like his voice but he doesn't hv e 'whole package' to b e next American Idol. However, since David Cook, I've lost interest in AI & am watching 'The Voice' for really Serious singing talent.... Sorry...

aci 4 years ago

you're 100% wrong, he made it! and I'm so proud of him!If he seems unexperience with singing, it maybe becuz of his humble personality that based on his belief that he has so much more to learn, and to me that's good thing than being choky and judging other people for no reason. Hhmp.

quangminhosb 4 years ago

I love Heejun. His voice is so sweet and smooth

Alex 4 years ago

You are so for off base with this I don't know where to start. He has been singing for a while, he takes it very seriously, and obviously he made it into not just the top 24, but the top 10.

Hannah222 4 years ago

I love Heejun Han... alot of people are modest when it comes to singing... he is great and humble... he is no joke everyone needs a good personality like him! It time to stop judging people! and mostly people are judging him cause he is asian and jokes alot.. but thats him leave it be he is great.. i hope he proves to everyone he can make to atleast the top 10 or even more!1 Go heejun ! Fighting!!

Lexi 4 years ago


lolzz 4 years ago

HEY, your wrong and let see if your prediction were right. HE's a WITTY GUY and he does have many believers and fans through out the world.! i will definitely vote him way to go!

notpleased 4 years ago

Jimmy, have you been hiding under a rock or something? Heejun is absolutely not being treated as a joke, but rather a naturally entertaining and witty guy. Have a look at the contestants' new twitter pages, and see that Heejun has way more followers than the rest of the contestants. He may not have the best voice technically, but this is American Idol, and the best singer has not won since Carrie Underwood. Heejun's totally gonna go very far.

SexyDaddy 4 years ago

Your wrong, he will make top 5 and maybe even win it.

heidi 4 years ago

Love his voice..i'm a big fan of Heejun Han

sally 4 years ago

hee jun is my favorite! His personality is amazing!!!

trio 4 years ago

he's definitely one to remember. lots of people love him not only for his voice but also for his personality. the guy is freakin hilarious! I say he's gonna make it to top 12!

wain 4 years ago

why would he audition if he didn't take music seriously?

cindy 4 years ago

he will so make it n win it!!!

AC1234 4 years ago

I LOVE HEEJUN n he WILL make it through the Top 12! :D

Faith in him! :D

Fishy 4 years ago

Heejun love his voice!!~


Alessia 4 years ago

I love Heejun!!

lumpish 4 years ago

i hope he makes it :)) heejun fighting!

i love you lol ^^

Reuben Ralte/ 4 years ago



I love Heeeeeeejunnnn ....

rose 4 years ago

already Hee Jun FANS.... go hee Jun go hee jun... fighting...

ndb999 4 years ago

Linsanity gets him in top 12!

F4t3 4 years ago

I like hee jun! I really hope he can make it..

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