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What are some TV series that are very similar to 'Fringe'?

I've fallen in love with Fringe! It has taken this long for my husband and I to watch the last 3 seasons, and now we're on the last one, I want to find another series that's very similar. Something that has an on-going storyline (not predictable shows like Bones, or CSI) - something 'nitty gritty'! Any suggestions? I don't mind re-runs!

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Brittany Kennedy (brittanytodd) says

4 years ago
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    BritInTexas 4 years ago

    Thanks Brittany, yes, I watched the X-files years ago, from start to finish, and loved it! Not as keen on Twilight Zone, though. As for Fringe, I am just so in love with Walter! (not romantically, lol). He rocks!

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charliecrews38 says

3 years ago
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