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Do you know the famous song that Charlie Chaplin wrote?

All of us have some knowledge of Charlie Chaplin but if we look deeper the man was more than a comedian, silent film star, and good looking man, he also was an inventor and song writer. The song Smile was written by Charlie but did you know under what conditions? Sadly, the history books don't include this part of history but the newspapers do. Thank goodness for journalist and newspapers. Your thoughts?

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Best Answer Schandee Decker (Lee Lee 513) says

2 years ago
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bethperry says

2 years ago
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    Kelly Kline Burnett (GmaGoldie) 2 years ago


    I never knew this much about the man. Amazing many actors are "banned commercially" for being activists but Chaplin had the ultimate in banishment. We need to know this to protect our freedoms.