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Is it worse to grow up without a father or have a dad who just stops showing up when you're 13?

If you grow up without a father figure at all, do you think that is easier than having your father just decide to stop showing up when you turn 13? The child in question was very close with his father until a few months ago when the dad got involved with a very controlling and manipulative woman who insists he not spend as much time with his son because she thinks he's old enough now to not need his dad so much. I grew up without my biological father and it didn't phase me, but I think a father "dumping you" more or less would really hurt a lot. what would be worse?

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Billionaires says

3 years ago
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    LongTimeMother 3 years ago

    Now there's some frightening statistics. Perhaps you could create a hub around them. Parents experiencing divorce might rethink their child access approach as a result.

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Susan Bailey (Sue Bailey) says

3 years ago
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mummibear says

3 years ago
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