How to make a Zebra Fondant Cake

Learn how

How to make a Zebra fondant cake

What You Need:

Mini marshmallows


2 lb. powdered sugar

Baked cake


Food coloring (Any color will do)

How to make the fondant:

            First off, find a bowl that is safe for the microwave and poor in all the marshmallows. Add a few tablespoons of water, about 3, then microwave for 2 minutes.

Once the melted marshmallows are done, get them from the microwave and stir. If there are some unmelted bits, return to the microwave and keep checking until all of them are properly melted. Make sure to do this quickly so the first mixture does not dry out.

This is the part where you add the flavoring and the coloring. Make sure to stir enough so everything is mixed together. If you want other colors, just make another batch after the first one. Next, add the sugar, one cup in intervals, while mixing the batch. With enough stirring, the mixture should be thick enough to knead.

Go to your tabletop, or where you will be kneading, and spread it with some powdered sugar. This will keep the fondant from sticking. Dump the fondant on your work place and start kneading. Make sure to sprinkle a little sugar once in a while if sticking occurs.

Place the finished fondant in a container and refrigerate it overnight.

How to make the Zebra Stripes:

First, take out your fondant from the fridge. Microwave it from 35-30 seconds and start kneading it until it goes back to its workable form. Workable meaning it is flexible and non-resistant to any stretching or rolling.

Use a rolling pin and roll out the fondant flat. Remember to still use the powdered sugar to prevent sticking. Do not spread it too thin because it might break. You can leave is thick if you want to.

Get a sharp knife and start cutting out the stripes for your Zebra. Make them as thin or thick, as you like, just make sure they are the same size and shape. It doesn’t matter if it’s perfectly straight, just make sure it is not lopsided or squiggly looking.

            One you are done cutting, place the stripes on your cake. Remember, when your cake is vanilla or just a plain white cake, you can make black fondant. With white stripes, just get any dark colored cake.

            Enjoy your zebra cake! Add small edible Zebra figurines or other decorations related to the Zebra cake to add effect to your creation. Thank you for visiting this article dear reader. Come back for more.

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