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Which is the more economical way to make coffee, with a paper coffee filter or with a French press?

For years my wife and I have had a plastic thing made to sit on a six ounce or eight ounce coffee cup and to hold a #2 coffee filter. Paper coffee filters are cheap and readily available at supermarkets. Putting a tablespoon of coffee in a filter and running nearly boiling water through makes a good cup of coffee. Now I have a French press, so I don't need to buy paper filters, but cleaning it after each use is messy and uses up a few minutes of time. Which is worse, the small cost of filters or the small inconvenience of cleaning up? Was the French press a waste of money?

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MizBejabbers says

6 months ago
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    John Pond (J R Pond) 6 months ago

    We had the same roach problem which started with dirty neighbors moving in next door. If you're still having these problems, I suggest going to a $1 store and picking up Boric Acid. It's non toxic to humans and pets, and works wonders.

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Dianna Mendez (teaches12345) says

6 months ago
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John Pond (J R Pond) says

6 months ago
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    Brian Leekley (B. Leekley) 6 months ago

    Thanks, John, for sharing your coffee-making experiences.