Cover Orange Game App For iPhone - Tips, Hints, Level Walkthroughs

Looking for Cover Orange iPhone app tips, hints, cheats and level walkthroughs? Then you are in the right place. The cover orange game app for the iPhone is closely based on the online version of the cover orange game. In this article we will review the game, look at some game tips, game hints, see if there are any cheats available and also have look at a few level walkthroughs to help you out.

This app is one of the most popular iPhone puzzle games at the moment. Also available on the iPad, cover orange is a great fun little puzzle game that combines entertaining characters with brain teasing puzzles. If you enjoy a challenge and want something different then you simply must download cover orange, it is currently free from the app store. Although it may not stay free for very long.

Cover Orange Game

Cover Orange Game

When you open the cover orange app you are taken to the menu page. From here you can either play the game, turn the sound on or off, turn the music on or off, view the credits and also view your scores on Game Centre. The fact that cover orange is compatible with Game Centre is great as it means you can compare scores with friends and also try to work your way up the global leader boards.


If you click on ‘play’ you are taken to the world selection screen. Currently there are six worlds to choose from that you can play. However new worlds and new levels for cover orange are said to be coming soon. At first the only world you can play is world one. Click on this and you are presented with 20 levels. Again, when you first play the game there are only five levels available. You must complete levels to unlock new ones. When you have completed all 20 levels in world one, then world two opens up. Altogether there are 120 levels on cover orange, that’s until the new levels come out.


Game Play

When you select a level and enter actual game play, cover orange is very easy to play. The object of the game is to protect your oranges from the falling rain. To do this you are given a selection of pieces to drop down onto the screen to protect your orange. On the first level it’s a simple block. As you progress through the levels though you get different pieces such as wheels, triangles and barrels. You must drop these in the correct place to safe your oranges.

As the levels get more difficult there are more things to contend with than simply covering the orange. You have to start moving the orange around by dropping things on it. There are bombs that explode and other obstacles and dangers on the screen. Some of the levels are quite simple whereas some are very tricky and require a decent bit of thinking time.

On each level you are awarded a score, this is determined by how long it takes you to complete the level. There is a timer that starts at 999 and counts down. The longer it takes you to complete the level the less points you are awarded. Your points from each level are added to your overall score which can be seen on the levels page. If you don’t do very well on one level you can always go back and try and do it faster and earn more points.

Tips Hints Cheats

When it comes to tips and hints for cover orange there are a few we can look at. The first tip is pretty obvious, be quick! First time you do a level, take your time to work out how to drop the pieces to complete it. Then when you know what you are doing go back and start the level over and do it as fast as possible. Another tip for cover orange is to use the small reset button on the bottom right of the screen, this resets the clock and lets you start over. The best tips and hints are really common sense, play the game, practice and you will soon be completing all the levels, if you are stuck however we will look at a few level walkthroughs for cover orange.

If you are looking for cheats for cover orange then I am afraid you will be disappointed. Currently there are no cheats available for cover orange. The game is still quite new so it’s possible that as it gets a little more well known and more people play it, someone will come up with some cheats for cover orange.

Level Walkthrough Video

Level Walkthroughs

Although this is not too difficult a game, some of the levels can be quite tricky. So to the right is a video with a walkthrough of all the levels in world one. These level walkthroughs for cover orange are easy to follow but should only really be used if you are totally stuck. It’s much more fun to actually play the levels and enjoy it that way. But the cover orange level walkthrough video will help if you are stuck.

UPDATE - There have been a few people asking for help on level 67, 97 and 99. So here are the walkthroughs for those levels, just follow this link.

The cover orange game app for the iPhone really is a great fun little puzzle app. It’s one of those that will keep you going for hours and give you a really good challenge. Hopefully some of the tips and hints will be helpful to you and if you do get stuck I’m sure the level walkthrough video will be very beneficial. So if you want something to put a smile on your face and keep you entertained for a few hours, then download cover orange.

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Comments 47 comments

Sam 6 years ago

Why can't I find a anwser to level 68 in this thing!I mean you google and then it gives you the wrong web site!

R5dean 6 years ago

@Sam , for level 68, drop the barrel straight on top of the middle bomb, this should make all of the chains and bombs explode, then roll the wheel from the left, it should knock the orange in to the hole then cover it up !!

sophie 6 years ago

cant get through level 34

lml2010 6 years ago

How do you beat level 67 and 77?

Poshdog 6 years ago

How do u do level 67, help me!!

nini1612 6 years ago

please help!! how do you do level 96??

fayes 6 years ago

how do u beat level 97??

Jason 6 years ago

I can't get through level 97. Please help!

Jason 6 years ago

Nini. Level 96. Drop wagon wheel to left of orange and knock him off top ledge. He will fall and catapult onto platform on right. Drop barrel to his left and crate overtop to cover him. I can't get past level 97 tho :(

Peter 6 years ago

Have made it to Level 120 but without 117. Help needed.

Zizi 6 years ago

Level 120.... Impossible!!!! Someone help pls!

Kay  6 years ago

Level 97.... Drop wheels quickly thru middle either side of hammer so each one stops hammer moving then drop triangles to cover top.

Beck 6 years ago

How do u get through level 66 help me pls

Nicole 6 years ago

I can not get 67 please help!!!

kate 6 years ago

help level 99 :/

Becki 6 years ago

Anyone who has got past 66 please help me! I have tried so many times

Rebecca 6 years ago

Why can't I find the answer to level 66!! Help me please!

Heheh 6 years ago

76? Anyone??????????

Tiwa 6 years ago

Can't beat 77 HELP! HELP! HELP!

Jo 6 years ago

Need help with 77 please :-)

Jo 6 years ago

For level 66 hit the right Hand ball first, let them stop rolling, then hot the left hand ball

6 years ago

How do I beat level 27 on falling orange???

6 years ago

Level 131 is impossible ;(

Jeanet 6 years ago

Any tips for level 85? Can't get past...

Bernard 5 years ago

How come I see people could score over 1m in game center. How could they do it. I could only score 150k points which rank 400 in game center, no matter how hard I tried

Nicola 5 years ago

How do u get past level 116!!!!

Triple B 5 years ago

Level 131 impossible

Annaaaa 5 years ago

Level 180 anyone?? Please?? :) xxx

A dame 5 years ago

Yeah wat about lvl 180 from the update?

Annaaaa 5 years ago

A dame!! I figured it out!! The log-like object at the top/center of the screen has two little protrusions near the bottom. If you drop the barrels at the right time, they'll spin the rotating arms around enough to lay against them, thus providing a roof of protection.

Woo!! :D xxx

Jenna 5 years ago

Need help with level 60...plz help!!!

Jennifer 5 years ago

I need help on level 124. How to protect the orange is very tricky.

Jennifer 5 years ago

Jenna for level 60, hit the orange onto the rotating arm and it will roll onto the center and both arms will cover the orange.

Trey 5 years ago

I've been stuck on level 135 for a month now can I get some help please?

Rc 5 years ago

Level 124????

Tick 5 years ago

How do I beat level 80 help plz

abbbbbbyyy 5 years ago

I'm stuck on 22 it's really hard I don't get it

ryan 5 years ago


Terry 5 years ago


Lvl 22... Drop the first 3 wheels to the left of the highest block, they will settle to the bottom. Then knock the orange into and on top of those wheels. Next drop the last wheel into the hole on the far right, it will not fall thru, it will be a blocker. Then drop a triangle into the same hole you dropped the first three wheels into, so that it tips to the right. Use the last triangle to block the top hole!

Meme 5 years ago


66 5 years ago

i need help on level 71 76 and 77

Hint 5 years ago

I cant get thru level 76, 78 & 90

Little orange 5 years ago

Please help me:level 75,76 & 80

joseph 5 years ago

looking for solution for level 289??

Nikki 4 years ago

Ive completed all levels it only took 1 week. I'm desperate for new levels when r they coming out?

Tosif 2 years ago

I need hints about 383 n 400

Lika 2 years ago

I need 380 and 400

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