DOTA Hero Tips: Yurnero the Juggernaut

Juggernaut Profile
Juggernaut Profile


Yurnero is a one of a kind carry. It’s not surprising why he is a common pick among experienced DOTA players as he is effective in all parts of the game. He does not need so much about farming since his first skill is an AOE skill with a decent damage. His second skill supports his low health points and regeneration. The remaining skills of Yurnero made him one of the best carries in DOTA. Nevertheless, effectively using Juggernaut requires both DOTA experience and knowledge. Don’t worry about investing time and effort practicing how to use Juggernaut since it you get the hang of it, you can easily dominate every DOTA game with the unmatched power of Yurnero the Juggernaut.

Juggernaut Skill Set
Juggernaut Skill Set

Blade Fury

Yurnero owns the early game because of this skill. This AOE skill can be devastating particularly if enemy heroes do not focus on increasing their movement speed. In fact, Yurnero can easily grab the “First Blood” with this skill. All you need to do is purchase a Boots of Speed as a starting item and rush an attack the first time you encounter an enemy in your lane. Only a few enemy heroes can survive after taking the full damage of Yurnero’s first skill. Heroes with great disabling or slowing skills are perfect partners of Juggernaut. Rogue Knight, Skeleton King, and Vengeful Spirit are only a few that are worth mentioning.

Healing Ward

Like most carry, Yurnero lacks survivability especially during the early and mid part of the game. Good thing is that this skill grants extreme health regeneration at a certain area. The ward is also movable so you can let it follow you. Nevertheless, the ward can be destroyed by a single hit so it’s important that you cast it when enemy heroes are not around. If you are low in hit points, fall back, cast the ward on a safe place, and go back once you regained most of your health points.

Blade Dance

This is a very important hero for Juggernaut especially during the late game. The critical rate of this hero is surprisingly high. Although there’s nothing special about its critical bonus damage, it allows Yurnero to confront even the strongest enemy carries. All you need to do is increase your attack speed and damage and only a few heroes can stop you particularly during late game.


Yurnero is famous because of this skill. This skill also made Yurnero a nightmare to heroes who often jungle. Even heroes with extremely high health points and defense can’t withstand Yurnero’s last skill at full blast. Purchasing an Aghanim’s Scepter even increases the dreadful effect of this skill. In fact, most experienced Juggernaut users rush an Aghanim’s Scepter. So the only thing they need to worry about is increasing Yurnero’s physical attack damage.

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Early Game:

Use your first skill as much as possible. This skill doesn’t require so much mana so Yurnero can spam it even with just a Bottle and Crow item combination. Your main role during this part of the game is to farm. Like any other hero carries, Yurnero won’t be effective during the late game without the having strong items. Be sensitive about the respective positions of enemy heroes. If you can’t see two or three of them in the minimap, retreat. You can kill a few neutral creeps to gain experience and gold. Having a support hero on your lane is a good idea. However, a hero who has great disabling skill such as Crystal Maiden can be a strong partner for Yurnero as well.

Mid Game:

Don’t bother helping your enemy heroes in ganks. Nonetheless, start hunting enemy heroes who are farming in the jungle. You won’t have a hard time doing so if your ultimate skill is ready. By now, it’s most likely that you already gathered good items so farming won’t be hard. If your team is not doing well during team clashes, stay on a certain lane and farm as much as you can. Only a few carries can match a well-farmed Juggernaut during the late game. Stay on focused on this strategy and all your efforts will eventually pay off later on.

Late Game:

This part of the game is Yurnero’s favorite. If you managed to farm well during the early and mid game, you won’t have any problem eliminating every enemy hero in the map. It’s a must that you target the weakest. Keep your first skill at bay during the late game. It may keep you immune from spells yet it’s important for you to take note that most heroes at this point of the game already have high physical attack. Some experienced DOTA players use Black King Bar on Yurnero and it’s definitely not a bad move. While having skill immunity, it would be easier for you to eliminate intelligence type enemy heroes during team clashes. After most enemy creeps are gone a few moments after the clash, cast your ultimate skill to get rid of the remaining opponents. Be sure to cast your ultimate skill with perfect timing so you can get the most out of its effect.

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