GodFinger - Leveling Tips

In about 10 days, I reached Level 50 on GodFinger, and learned a few tips and tricks along the way that can help you level up more quickly:

  • When you are close to leveling up and have piles of gold and dimmed building waiting for you, charge up your buildings first, and then collect your gold. When you get enough XP from collecting gold to level up, you'll see that your Mana is refreshed to the maximum, and sometimes your maximum will even be increased.
  • Keep trading up your buildings. Sometimes the gold difference is not remarkable, or, you'll even make less gold with more expensive buildings, but the XP difference is huge. For example, a Medieval Barn costs 3350 gold, and generates 200 gold every 2 hours when fully staffed with 3 Followers, while the Iron Forge costs 6350 gold and generates 300 gold every 4 hours with 4 Followers. So, over a 24 hour period, if you're recharging the buildings every time they deliver gold, then you'll actually make 600 more gold using the much cheaper Medieval Barn than an Iron Forge. However, with each gold lump, you make 40 XP with the Medieval Barn, and 100 XP with the Iron Forge, so you can create up to almost double the XP (800 vs 480) with the Iron Forge over the Medieval Barn.

This is the goal! When you hit Level 50, XP is a moot concept.
This is the goal! When you hit Level 50, XP is a moot concept.
  • A lot of decisions depend on how often you're checking your Followers. If you're checking frequently (every hour or so), then it's best to buy campfires and grog barrels at 50 gold apiece to refresh your Followers' energy, since they can do so in 20 minutes. If you look at teepees and taverns, they take 2 hours to refresh a Follower's energy, so they really make more sense for someone who is checking in just a few times per day.
  • If you're having trouble keeping your Mana up, be sure to allocate more of your Followers to your totem. Each additional Follower around the totem will speed up your Mana regeneration dramatically. When your Mana is refilled, then you can throw your Followers back to fill up your buildings.
  • To maximize useful surface area on your planet to cram in as many productive buildings and energy regenerators (campfires, grog, fountains, etc.), use the Terraform and Super-Terraform wonders to expand the sphere. You can certainly create hills, depressions, mountains, etc if you want to add some esthetic contouring of your planet, but it will not maximize the useful surface area.
  • If you do have a surplus of Awe (either by buying them or accumulating them), the best use for them is to instantly complete construction of new buildings. Many new buildings, including the stone forge, can take more than 8 or 12 hours to build, even when fully manned. Paying 5-8 Awe apiece so that they can be charged, and then put to work to generate gold and XP, will help you level up more quickly.
  • Move around buildings to maximize your space. Starting at level 8, you can push down on a building and then flick up to be able to move it. Move it as close as possible to other buildings so that you can leave some open area for campfires and grog barrels to regenerate your Followers' energy levels.
  • To get more Mana, follow my get more GodFinger Mana tips, and to get more Awe, follow my get more GodFinger Awe tips. Both are the source of your power to manipulate your world and your Followers to keep your gold and XP productivity up.

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K9keystrokes profile image

K9keystrokes 6 years ago from Northern, California

I am not a big gamer as a general rule. I did find your hub quite interesting. Good advice and pointers I am sure.

Dani 6 years ago

What are the best farms to have to level up?

Jumper115 6 years ago

Thx not bad advice

aack 6 years ago

Another useful tip I've found to help maximize mana use is to put like building beside each other (i.e. ones that require sun) so that when charging them once they are full, simply drag the sun/cloud to the next building while it is still shining/raining to reduce the amount of sun/rain needed to fill up that one.. if you have several in a row, it can save you mana by allowing 4 buildings to be charged by only 3 rain/sunshine...

marvin 6 years ago

*Keep trading up your buildings.

I am not sure but your calculation may be wrong.

The lowest form of buildings will be the most efficient. which in this case. 150 Gold Farm

medieval barn

3350 Gold takes 33.5 hrs to break even = 17 gold lump)

40 XP every 2 hours

= 20XP every 1 hr

200 gold every 2 hours

= 100 gold every 1 hr


Iron Forge

6350 Gold (takes 84.6 hrs to breakeven = 22 gold lumps)

100 XP every 4 hours

= 25XP every 1 hr

300 Gold every 4 hour

= 75 Gold every 1 hr


Godddragon72161 6 years ago

Yeah,after i did the math myself i realized the best buildings for gold were the farm,the classic barn,the dragon caves,the skull cave,and the medieval barn

Vikusz 6 years ago

I have an other tip too. If you are under lvl 25 you may dont have too much buildings. So make two lake on your planet. and choose one area where you build/move all of your buildings. So you dont need too much time to find your workers and free followers.

If you wanna one active friend add me please: plus+ name: Vikusz

Omar  6 years ago

Haha I have a tip too. Have all your resting buildings together,then just throw the exhausted follower. (it requires a bit if skill, but it's efficient and fun!)

jyan570 6 years ago

thank you all you guys for the awesome tips im only under lvl 20 and im playing it for 2 days from now :)) add me up guys (jyan570)

thomascook12 6 years ago

Plz add me as a friend! am called thomascook12

jbjeremy 6 years ago

I think what he meant is you dont make more gold, you get more xp so you level up faster if you use those buildings. Thx for the tips!

ADD ME!! - jbjeremy

iohnee 6 years ago

Hi pls add me, i'm playing every day: iohnee

Jessville 6 years ago

Add me: Jessville

Peter Lowe 6 years ago

Add Me : PeterLowe

Crazytrain17 6 years ago

How high of a level can you get?

Rockdude 6 years ago

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Mattwilfred0415 5 years ago

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Luce 5 years ago

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luce 5 years ago

@crazytrain17 level 100 ad then you just get no level up prizes.

lance 5 years ago

add me : lancemx

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xxPandaMassacre 4 years ago

Add me, xxPandaMassacre :)

I need help with the "iron forge" goal. I don't know what to do! I bought it from the store, and used awe to build it faster...

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