Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Part 3 Lakebed Temple

Once you get back to Kakariko village, talk to the shaman. He will tell you that Talo is wants to talk to you. Stop by Barnes' bombs and talk to the Goron, who will launch you to the lookout tower. Talo will be waiting there, and he will want you to show him how to use a bow. If you agree, you'll be taken down to the surface, where you will be challenged to hit two targets. The targets are easy, but hitting the pole is difficult, but you will get several chances. If you hit it, Malo gives you a Piece of Heart.

Leaving Kakariko

Before you leave on your next quest, stop buy Barnes shop and buy some bombs. You should stop by Malo's store and buy a Hawkeye, which is a handy little tool. You can summon your horse with the horseshoe-shaped grass located by the spring. Head north out of town past that gate and go. Cross the bridge, and then use the bombs to blow away the blockage there.

Once you blow up that area, three shadow beings will appear. It is possible to defeat them as long as you kill two at the same time with a swipe attack or similar maneuver. You will need that portal there for later, believe me. Keep heading north until you reach the twilight, where you will once again be a wolf.

You will eventually find a bag with Ilia's scent. Use the A button to sniff it, and keep following it. Eventually, you'll get to Telma's bar in Castle Town, and if you listen to the conversation, you'll find Ilia. Nearby, there are guards. Listen in and you will hear about a spirit's location. Look on their map, and you will see a bull's-eye on it that will be transferred to your map.

Head to that place by following the map to the closest way. Soon you'll reach the Great Bridge of Hylia. Cross it, and a guard will set it fire to it on both sides. There are two boxes near you. Push one close to the edge, climb on top of it, and jump off the bridge. Don't worry, there is a small body of water that breaks your fall.

Hylia Lake

At the bottom of the lake, go to the tower and listen to what the clown spirit has to say. You will then see a monster during this dialogue, and you must walk over to it. The guy will call a big bird thing, and the fight gets interesting. Wait for the bird to sweep down and attack with Z + A. In between attacks, keep moving so his rider doesn't hit you with flaming arrows.

You can then ride the thing, but it is a tricky obstacle course that you may have to do several times. The trick is watching where the rock columns will fall, and avoid hitting hit by them.

When the bird lets you off, follow the path due east until you see Zora's Domain. Keep heading North and, with Midna's help, jump up the giant ice wall. Head north and you'll see three shadow beings. Kill the one who is sectioned off, and then destroy the other two. Use your senses, and you'll see Zora's below the ice. Midna will pressure you to warp somewhere else, so go to Death Mountain. When you see the big lava chunk, she'll want to warp again, so go back to Zora's demain. What happens next is nothing short of awesome.

Go South, and Rutela will tell you about her son, Prince Ralis. You will then need to follow the current down the falls, and you will then meet the spirit in a nearby cave. From then on, it's another bug hunt.

The Third Bug Hunt

It's pretty easy to get the bugs out of the cave. One is directly to your right, and if you keep going, you'll encounter some shadow beings. Go up on the rocks to find the next bug, and the other is on the Watertop land tower. That bug is tricky, you need to let it attack, duck out of the way, and Z + A it.

The last one is near Hylia Lake is due west, right near some hawk grass. After you kill it, howl and summon that black bird your way. As you fly to another area, turn on your senses. As you see the bugs go by, hit Z to target then A to dash toward them. After you destroy all four bugs, turn senses back on and concentrate on getting out of there. As you land near a shop, kill the bug there. Cross the dock and howl at the post, and remember the wolf's location for when you become human again.

Go east into Zora's Domain and three are easy kills. Two are in the middle of the lake, and the other is close by. You should go to where the ice cave is located for the last two. You will find stepping stones for Midna to take you up and up. The one on the top is located where you dropped the big lava rock. It is on the wall, and you have to ram the wall to make it move before you kill it. The other one is harder to find, because you have to start from down below to get it, remember to keep checking what direction that you are jumping as you go, and you'll soon come to it.

Jump down from the cliff you're on, and head south. Get caught in the current to end up at Hyrule field. Run to the castle to kill the last bug. Kill the shadow beings at the gate for a nice portal for when you want to get to castle town. The bug you're looking for is located near the same place where you found Ilia, near some boxes. From there, Midna will tell you the last bug is in the middle of Lake Hylia.

Insect of Darkness Mini-boss

This last bug is a doozy. You have to go out on the water, and you will need your senses to view a bug the size of a house. You have to dodge the bug's attacks by moving out of the way at the last second. It will then be vulnerable, so use the Z + An attack, and keep hitting A until it gets away. When it swims underwater, stay out of its way until you can attack it again the same way you did before. After three good attacks, it will float belly up to the surface. Climb on its belly, and take out all six legs at once using a B-energy attack to surround them all. After it is dead, then collect last tear.

You will then be human again, in front of the spirit Lanayru. You can then walk to the tower owned by the clown Fyer, and pay him to have yourself launched. If you want to, you can play the mini-game of Flight-by-Fowl, which I'll explain in the mini games section. For now, leave the place you are in and go to the castle where Ilia is.

The Third Secret Move

You can summon a horse and get there quicker, but stop by where the Wolf is and learn the next secret move! I believe it is the Backslice. It's pretty tricky, so keep practicing!

Escort Duty

Once you get Ilia, you have to escort her horse and cart along with Prince Ralis to Kakariko. This adventure comes in two stages:

First, you need to defeat the guard on the bridge. The trick is to use your bow and arrow as you move toward him. You can use your Hawkeye for this. Hit him square in the chest twice and he will be fall off, leaving you with the keys to the gates.

From there, it gets harder. You need to escort the horse and buggy there, but the cart occasionally catches fire. Put it out with your boomerang by Z-targetting. Stop at the gate, get off your horse, then open the gate and follow the cart on your horse. You will notice a big bird that has a bad habit of dropping a bomb and knocking the horse and carriage off course. Eventually, the cart will turn itself around, but as long as the bird drops its bomb, the cart will continue to go around in circles. Therefore, take out the big birds with an arrow or boomerang. This can be difficult since you need to keep the guards on the boars from the cart, and constantly keep the cart from burning. Once you take out the bombing bird, another one will appear just before the entrance to Kakariko. Take out that bombing bird as well. Eventually, the cart will approach the next gate. Get off your horse and unlock it, and you're home free.

Eventually, you will see the ghost of the queen at the village. Follow her, and she will lead you to the graveyard. She will then give you the water armor, which you'll need for the next dungeon. Stop by Barnes to get some of his new waterproof bombs. Go to where the Shaman's home is and you'll see a big rock. Blow it up, and then go to the top. Change to water armor, and turn on iron boots, you will find a chest that will contain a Piece of Heart. Go to the Graveyard and blow up some underwater boulders. One of these rocks will open a passage that will lead to Lake Hylia.

Lakebed Temple

Head toward the purple dot on the map by swimming which is located at Lake Hylia. When you're on the dot, turn on iron boots, and you'll sink for a long time until you reach the bottom. The Temple entrance is blocked by a boulder, so you need to blow it up. Drop a waterproof bomb on the area before the entrance, and you'll notice more bubbles rising. Stand on the bubble up thing and take out a bomb. Turn off the boots, you will go up. Press A to Place the bomb on the boulder, then turn on Iron boots. The bomb will explode, uncovering the entrance.

After you swim in, you will need to swim up a passage that has two jellyfish. As far as I know, there is no way to take them out. Just dodge them. Come up to the top and slice a few of those slime creatures, then go to a place with a giant handle. Run toward it, and it will register as a jump-and-hold which will open the gate blocking the door.

In this room, Midna will give you some advice about how weak the stalactites are weak. Combine arrow with the bombs, and target the skinny sections, and they will fall. They will be stepping stones to get out of the room.

After a small hall, you will eventually reach the Big Round Room. Spin the room around to go up the stairs. Then spin it again to be on 1F, West side, bottom floor. You will find the Dungeon Map in a chest nearby.

Enter the room and go down to the tunnel to the right of the door. Eventually, you will be blocked by a geyser of water. However, you can shoot out the stalactite above it with the arrows plus bombs, and easily walk over it. From there, you can climb vines, and go over to a chest. This chest is also blocked by a geyser with a stalactite over it. Use an arrow bomb on the stalactite, and it will create a bridge that goes up and down. Cross this bridge when it is high. Get the chest and get the key.

Head back to the big round room, go upstairs to 2F, and open the door on the west side with the key. Don't forget Ooccoo is close by, so free him. There is a weak stalactite in this room, too, so shoot it out. Climb the stalactite and shoot out another one, and you'll see some vine you can access. Climb the vine until you are on the wall, and grab on to the hanging lever. A door will open. Follow the passage until you see two metal armadillo things. And open the door, where you will meet the evil bug in a bubble. Blowing up the bubble with a bomb works to make it vulnerable. Continue to go out the door that isn't locked. You will find a key in this room, so go out the door in the center of the room. You will find a big wheel, and you must cross it to get to the other side.

Go back to the room with the locked door and open it up. You'll see a room with a big pit in it, so jump in, then climb the vines on the walls to the other side to get out. Follow the curving ramp all the way to the top, then climb one of the ladders. Hang on the lever, start the water flowing. Enjoy the waterslide down, and then find the other hanging lever and activate it.

Go back to the big round room. Spin the stairs until you can open the door on West 1F. See that fun amusement park-like ride? Ride it and take the first door.

Walk in this room and get the key, then leave. Get on the ride again, and get off at the next spot. Now open the door, then go to the room with the lock. Open it, and dive into the water. The room dead ends on a place with a rock in the way. Blow it out of the way. Swim until you get to the open water, then face the mini-boss.

Mini-boss Giant Frog

To kill this boss, wait until his little tadpole fiends attack you, and take any hearts they give. The big frog will then leap on you, so make sure when you see his shadow, you are out of its way before he lands. His belly flops take the wind out of him, and make him stick his tongue out, so this frog is vulnerable. Slice it with your sword. Repeat this until he his dead, and he will give you the claw shot.

The clawshot is a lot of fun, so use it to leave the room via the clawshot target near the doorway out. The gate will then open, and you can get out.

Head back to the big round room, and turn the stairwell so it is running to the other side. You will need the clawshot to make such a maneuver. Now the water flows from west to east to the floor to 1F. By the way, you can target the chandelier above, and you'll find a chest with a piece of heart. Get down by jumping into the water below, and climbing the vines out. Watch out for the fish that will bite you.

Leave the to the east on the first floor, and the room from there looks like an amusment park ride but it is not spinning. Get on the first, and target the clawshot target on the ride thing. Lower yourself down to a rocky pillar, and target nearby vines. Keep climbing until you get to the top.

From there, enter a room and take out the bug in a bubble by clawshooting it until it is in front of you, and slice it without your sword. Blow up a Stalactite and ride it to the top of the wall. In the next room, use the claw-shot target and enter the next room. Take out the bug in the bubbles with the clawshot.

From then on, target the vines on the ceiling, and you'll get to a room similar to the other west side. You will need to climb to the top of the ramp. You will need to clawshoot yourself across some of the gulfs there. When you get to the top, you can clawshoot the target and open the chest to get the Dungeon Compass. Unleash the water like you did before, then ride the slide and do the same thing again.

Now, go back to the room with the amusement park ride top. If you follow the vines down, you should be able to get near the ride with chains and circular hanging platforms. You can access the first ride by targeting the spare clawshot target, on that one, then drop down to a nearby rocky pillar, where you can get situated on the ride made up of only clawshots. Once you hang from there, drop down to the door that heads out to the east.

In this room, you will see a door on the other side, but you can't access it by land. You will have to dive underwater to get there. I wish I could give you good directions, but you have to search for it yourself. It does involve some blowing up rocks, so you should have some water-bombs handy.

Eventually, you will find that door and enter another room. First defeat the guard, and then go to the center of the room and aim your clawshot upward. The center trapdoor will open, and you can lower yourself in to get to the boss key.

Turn on your iron boots and jump down to leave the room. You will probably need to take out a few fish with your sword. You can then open the door, and take the jellyfish with your clawshot. Keep swimming upward until you are out of the room, and make your way back to the Big Round Room. When you dive into the water, avoid the fish and open the Boss Lock. Use the nearby vases to get as many hearts as you can before you face the next boss, the Twilit Aquatic Moprheel.

Beating the Big Boss

You will have to turn on your iron boots to get him, if you took off your water armor, you'll need it back on again. You will sink to the bottom, and the creature will appear as tentacles with an eye that floats around them. Z -target this eye and hit it with the clawshot, and the eye will come to you. Slice it with your sword before it bounces away. After two more times, the battle shifts gears.

Soon the boss will appear as a big eel, but its eye will be on it. What you have to do is swim close to it (dangerously close), then Z target the eye. Use your clawshot, and you'll soon be on the eel's back. Slice the eye with the sword with A. You may have to do this a few times until you kill it. But you can soon do an ending blow. Careful not to get too close to the mouth, or it will swallow you whole. I beat it by swimming to the top, then turning on the iron boots, so I sank towards it. I was able to get a bead on the eye, and killed it.

After that, it's the same old story. Take the heart, and leave with Midna. This time you have all the Fused Shadow.

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Trish 9 years ago

You can't stab the eye or even swing at the eye when you're in the water hovering around. What am I doing wrong? I tried sinking from the roof and that doesn't work either

Mark Rollins profile image

Mark Rollins 9 years ago Author

Sorry about that. Should have double-checked that. What you need to do is use the clawshot to target the eye. A direct hit will send you on the eel's back, where you can do some damage with your sword there.

paul 9 years ago

i am stuck on lake bed temple i have rased the water both sides but i still can't get to the chest were you get the boss key what do i do?

Mark Rollins profile image

Mark Rollins 9 years ago Author

Paul, you are in the room a little too early! There is a room above that boss key room that you need to enter into. Keep swimming around and surfacing and you'll find the door to it. Beat the guard in that room, and clawshot the ceiling. Then lower yourself down to get the key. Exit that boss key room by swimming out. Hope this helps!

Travis 9 years ago

okay i have gotten the big key i just can't find where to go for the boss i have looked EVERYWHERE

Mark Rollins profile image

Mark Rollins 9 years ago Author

Go to the big round room. There is a pillar in the room that the rotating stairway is on. Go to the other side of it, and you will see the boss door. You need to make certain that you have opened the floodgates on the east and west side before you can get there, though. Dive in the water from there, and avoid the fish. You should be able to get to it quite easily.

josh 9 years ago

hey this isn't about this part of the game .......... im collecting the characters books thing to return all or the memory of that girl. im in the mirror chamber and i can't get to the dester how do i get to the deser t i don't know why i don't have a warp zone!.

Mark Rollins profile image

Mark Rollins 9 years ago Author

Josh, you need to read Part 4 of this. http://hubpages.com/games-hobbies/Legend_of_Zelda_...

If you have finished the Mirror Chamber, then you probably should warp out to the Castle to start your next quest.

Angel 9 years ago

how do you dive under warterin zelda, im at my wits end please help

daniel 9 years ago

this is not about the temple, i was just wondering how to get back to the zora palace

Mark Rollins profile image

Mark Rollins 9 years ago Author

I have been getting a lot of questions about where is the Temple. The answer is underwater at the middle of Hylia lake. You need to find the purple stop on the map. Use the iron boots to the aqua armor, and follow the intructions to blow up the entrace.

daniel 9 years ago

no, i mean the palace where the zoras live, not the dungeon.

Mark Rollins profile image

Mark Rollins 9 years ago Author

Have you got to the place where you ride the giant bird? From there, head east until you get to this giant block of ice, and jump up and up until you get to the top. There is Zora's domain, under a block of ice. Follow the instructions that I gave there.

daniel 9 years ago

i'm talking about after you have the zora armor.

chris 9 years ago

hi um i had got out of arbitor grounds past the mirrior chamber and now i need to show people this card with a giant and a red fish i showed it to some zoras but the said blah blah blah something about the prince what next thing i have to do????

Mark Rollins profile image

Mark Rollins 9 years ago Author

Hello, chris, I think you need to read my other guide at: http://hubpages.com/games-hobbies/Legend_of_Zelda_...

jacob 9 years ago

how do you spin the room?

Catie 9 years ago

Hey, your guide is absolutely amazing! I never would have figured any of this stuff out on my own, so thanks soooo much!

Catie 9 years ago

dommo 9 years ago

how do u get past the big wheel????

liam 9 years ago

were do u get the water proof bombs

Mark Rollins profile image

Mark Rollins 9 years ago Author


I believe that I said that the waterproof bombs are available at Barnes. They are only available at a specific time in the game, which is sometime after you get the armor that allows you to go underwater.

Tim 9 years ago

Hey there! I just had a couple quick questions. I'm entering the Lake Temple, but realized I hadn't gotten the last couple secret powers. Can I go back and get them (I only have the downthrust)? Also, I'm entering the Lake Temple but can't seem to swim up. How do you do that? I'm not wearing the iron boots or anything, but can't seem to get through the first tunnel. Thanks!

Mark Rollins profile image

Mark Rollins 9 years ago Author

If you don't have certain secret moves, I don't think that will affect you in Lakebed Temple. You will need the Backslice by the time you get to Snowpeak Village though. I believe swimming up is just thrusting upward on the joystick, really. I don't see why you shouldn't. Are you pushing A?

link 9 years ago

i got the boss key but i am stuck there is nowere to go i looked evry were and now sighn of the boss

Sarah 9 years ago

I'm in the round room with the turnng stairs (the next room north of the room with the falling staglitites), all the doors are either locked or are dead-ends, what do I do? Please help! Thanks!

Wildcatkid07 9 years ago

I have used all of the water bombs I have, where can I find some more!!!!! Please help

sandy 9 years ago

In Death mountain, where the big red rock landed, there is a climbing vine that leads to a hole and inside is a rock, how do you move it?

Natalia 9 years ago


on floor 1 &2 there's a room at the wayyy left of the map that's blocked by a GIANT WHEEL!!! and i can't get past it! how do i?

jacob miller 9 years ago

how do i get the boss key in the game.

Andy Payne 9 years ago

I need to raise the water level in the centre room to reach the boss. I have the key. I have been running around trying to find something but I am stuck! I have ben up to the top of the spiralling walkway (which turns into the 'water slide') twice. I didn't get the compass though. I can't get back up there because the water is stopping me. What am I supposed to do from here? Someone please help!!

Mark Rollins profile image

Mark Rollins 9 years ago Author


If you missed the compass, you can still walk on the water slide by putting on the metal boots. It will be a slow walk up there, though.

david 9 years ago

hey im stuck without any bombs. im just past the room with the moving stairs. i got the ooccoo but the bridge is gone so i can't go back to barnes. i can get past the water stream without them...wat do i do

someone ;) 9 years ago

im in the room with the rock platforms that look like a carnival ride, i have the clawshot, and i want to get to the place that looks like a giant cave with a random gate in it. there is a clawshot spot at the top of the cave, but i can't seem to reach it from any direction.(the bridge below, the rock platform, or the rock with the vase) if i need to get more water to flow there, how would I do so?there is water already waist high.please help me? ;)

chewie 8 years ago

how many hidden skills are there?

Mark Rollins profile image

Mark Rollins 8 years ago Author

There are seven hidden skills. All of them can be found with the howling rocks, which I believe I have in this 10 part Strategy Guide.

Alfred 8 years ago

ive got a few Qs

1. How do you get the third suit and what does it do for you

2. ive heard of a suit that is invincible, you have to donate 2000 rupees to that little bird near the forest temple. is this true

3. what's the third kind of bomb

and last but not least do you get to turn into the wolf when you want after you get the last fused shadow? thank you for all that you do

Nikki 8 years ago

ok, i've entered the Big round room and i'm on the 2F but i didn't get how you spin the room because i tryed going both was but is blocked by a gate thing with holes on it, and the stairs just leed me to the eastern door and theres no way to get to the west, how can i get there? please.

Ryan 8 years ago

For some reason I am unable to get the third secret move. I have passed through the Lantern Cavern ii and when I get to the castle gate enterance the White Wolf is nowhere to be found. Have I missed somehing or am I looking in the wrong place. Please help so I can proceed.

gina 8 years ago

i can't get the gaurds in the correct place the steps will lead no where and this guide is very dependable thank you

jess 8 years ago

im having a lot of trouble with the horse and cart bit, i can't kill the birds and i die too quickly. is there any way to permanantly kill the things on the pigs?

greg 8 years ago

The water isn't high enough to get to the boss. What did i do wrong?

jess 8 years ago

greg- your there too early.... if you read the guide you'll see that you have to let out more water on the other side of the spinning room. i suggest you read this guide again. :)

Nikki 8 years ago

it's ok, i've gotten through the part i was stuck at now :D thanks i finally get it. But anyway, Jess, what i did (this doesn't involve permantly killing them) but it's easier if you just use the boomarang so many times...just keep aiming to the cart when it sets on fire, the things on the pigs when their about to shoot a flamed arrow and the bird when its about to drop a bomb, that way the cart will stay safe, the flaming arrows will go out, and the bomb won't work anymore so the bird goes off course. hope this helps :D

Laura 8 years ago

ok im in a hallway and im kinda stuck like there is a HUGE water wheel in my way but there's no water and its just a Hallway ive already gotten the other two things gushing with water i just need help on this one. S.L.S.!!! (Save Link's Soul) lolz

Jeremy 8 years ago

I am in the place where yo have to knock down the two stalagmites. I have run out of water bombs because I didn't know I would need them here. Midna won't let me warp back to the village where Barnes gives you the water bombs. Please help!! Where can I get water bombs without leaving the area I am in???

joto 8 years ago

where is the mini boss key u need 2 b more specific

joto 8 years ago

pleeeeeeeeaaaaaassseeeeee help meeeee iv been stuck on this 4 like 20 days its annnoyyyyyiinnnn plz help mini boss key gotta find it ............ HELP

joto 8 years ago

nvm i got it

Marionic 8 years ago

Hey i missed the backslice secret move move i was just wonderin if iam able to go bake and get it l8r on?

Marionic 8 years ago

Hey i missed the backslice secret move move i was just wonderin if iam able to go bake and get it l8r on?

joto 8 years ago


rach2 7 years ago

Help mplease, I have got the key to morpheel room , occ I can get two waterfalls going, i have tried puilling all levers, switches etc, I can hear the water running but never seems to be high enough to get to the room- help please, i just want to play!

kc 7 years ago

i need help im getting the bugs for the spirt but im stuck when you have to get the one on the watertop tower. the thing is that i don't know how to get up to the water top tower and im getting dizzy i need some help can you please tell me how to get to the water top tower to get the bug for the spirt.

branden 7 years ago

so somehow i found a glitch in the wheel room that let me open one of the doors early with a small key. now i need to get another one to open the pit room in 2f (realized after i beat the bubble bug). any ideas where to get a small key?

jessie 7 years ago

Um what door do you get the clawshot at? I been having a hard time finding the clawshot :(

Jessie 7 years ago

I looked everywhere and I don't know where the clawshot is.Please help me:(

Jessie 7 years ago

Hello anyone there I need help finding the clawshot in lakebed temple.

shanny 7 years ago

at lakebed temple when you get the big key where is the door for it please?

marko 7 years ago

were is the boss key :O

ernesto 7 years ago

i am stuk on zora temple and can't finde the bosskey any whar someone help

grawolff 7 years ago

Just a note if you put on the heavy boots on the eel can't suck you in. You have to swim close to get the eye so if the eel turns toward you or you hear the ominous sound effects, You have until your caught in the pull to put them on. Once you're out of the suction you can swim up and try again.

yumo 7 years ago

hi im paul

brianna 7 years ago

How do you get to the compass I can only get to one room it is at the top of the vines but I can't find a compass in it or the lever to raise the water

Reggie 7 years ago

You can get more bombs by goin back to the lake bed entrance and talking to the Zora that guards the gate it cost 90 rupees

Reggie 7 years ago

You can get more bombs by goin back to the lake bed entrance and talking to the Zora that guards the gate it cost 90 rupees

Ben 7 years ago

In the lakebed temple there is a room with a pillar in the middle and some stairs in the middle and I don't know what to do

Lin 7 years ago

From where do you clawshot to get the treasure chests on top of the serpents outside of Lake Hylia Spirit Spring. I have tried it from all positions. I have completed the game twice and still can not do this.

Peggy 7 years ago

I cannot get to the last three chest which I'm assuming the big key is in. I,ve tried everway on the 2nd floor to get there. Help me! grandma in Ill.

milo 7 years ago

im stuck in that big round thing and all doors i go through lead to a hall then to a door that wont open how do u open the darn door, i;ve been stuck for ages

Laura 6 years ago

I'm stuck trying to get to lake hylia to find the 3rd spirit. I'm in the part where I blew up the bridge n I didn't kill the shadow beings. I messed up n went straight to the town now I'm stuck cuz there's a line of spirits waiting for spring water n they are blocking the street. I can't get thru. I'm really frustraded plz help me!

Ben 6 years ago

I have beaten the game but I forgot how to get the boss key in the Lake Bed temple! I looked at this guide to refresh myself but I still can't remember how I got the boss key can u give me some tips PLZ!

levi 6 years ago

how do i raise the chandilere on the west side of the abiters grounds on the first floor in zelda the twilight princess

Cincinnati 6 years ago

Umm... I got the key for the final boss, but I forgot one of the floodgates, It don't know which on, can you please tell me where both of them are? Thanks. :)

Alexa 6 years ago

hey umm im at a part in the game where after goron mines, i went across the Hyrule field,onto the bridge, and blew up the 3 big rocks. then the black monsters came and i can't defeat them!!!

Sammy 6 years ago

Help I'm Stuck in the room with the rotating stairs I raised the water once but I've gone in every door and can't find this " carnival ride" as u explained it :(....( "Go back to the big round room. Spin the stairs until you can open the door on West 1F. See that fun amusement park-like ride? Ride it and take the first door.")...... this is the part I'm on I can't seem to figure our

Mary 6 years ago

Hi! I hope u can help me. I'm with the wolf that teaches u the secret moves. I had such problems with the second move, actually executing before the skeleton guy would accept. Now I'm there trying to learn the 3rd move but he tells me I have to properly execute the shield blow by locking with Z and thrusting the nunchuck. I CAN'T GET IT RIGHT! It's such a simple move it seems.... What's the deal here?

Taylah 5 years ago

heey...im stuck. I know that its been said billions of times, but i still can't blow up the rock to enter the underwater temple. i can reach the spot but you can't light bombs while your swimming?? Even with the iron boots on i can't get anywhere near the rock with a live bomb. "where do you light the bombs to blow up the entrance to the lakebed temple??" thanks, Taylah

Taylah 5 years ago

Just figured it out :) hehe ok ignore what i said above. Just proved that you gotta keep trying to figure it out *facepalm*

Sydney 5 years ago

I just like need help toget to the boss in the under water temple

And they did not tell me how to get to the boss door

Pls some1 tell me!!!!!!???

James 5 years ago

I love this game :) nice hub.

Person  5 years ago

How do you get the armor of the guy that rides the bull and looks like a green thing

My friend said you can get it but if you can't how do you find all the bugs to get golden amor

Person  5 years ago

I mean to get the huge wallet and how do you get enough rubies for it I was playing on my friends wii for some reason and he has wallet but he can't het the rubies do you use a cheat for it or kill more than like 10000 things and what does the glowing sword that you get sort of in the middle of the game do for you how does it help like it does not help me and what is the best item to have equipped and best sword and shield combination like wooden shield and glowing sword or hyrulian shield and regular sword or wooden shield and regular sword or hyrulian shield and glowing sword please help I need help please newer both questions I just need help so I can kill ganondorf and beat zelda at the electric ball tennis thing and how do you find zelda in the castle thx if you answer anybody who posts here please answer

mike 5 years ago

how do you pull the leaver in the underwater cave? im on the 2nd lvl (of the floor's) and i don't know what i did 1st time plz help me

Angela 5 years ago


marygold08 5 years ago

please help me, i am in the temple and i cannot figure out how to grab those golden things. Also what do you mean by spin the room?

Thalia 5 years ago

How do you turn the big circle room

Lauren 5 years ago

How do you defeat the big toad miniboss?

Casey 5 years ago

i am at lakebed temple, i need waterbombs, any idea where i can get them from?


prettygirlswaga45 4 years ago

where is the clawshot at in the lakebed temple

skye 4 years ago

he i am at the lake-bed temple and i trying really hard to figure where to make the water level go up higher to get t the boss door but i can't find another water bed and ideas?

Radomy 4 years ago

I don't see any fun amusent park rides

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