WalkThrough for Zenonia 4: Return of the Legend of Gamevil 07


Chapter Eight: The Spiral of Fate

Quest 01: To the Dark Castle

Now we are going to defeat the Shaturu, let's go to the Dark Castle.

Direction: go W-W-N to enter the Dark Castle

Quest 02: Get Out of my Way

Clean our way out to the deep of the Dark Castle, defeat 5 Obliterate Blood Sorcerers.

Quest 03: Find Shaturu

Now it is only time to find out where the Shaturu is.

Direction: go W-N1(The first North Entrance from left)-W1(The first West Entrance from top) to the Entrance of Shaturu's Room

Quest 04: Disarming the Seal

The Shaturu's Room is sealed, now we need to destroy the source of the seal's energy.

Direction: go E-S-E-N2-S-N2-N-N-E-N-N-N-W-N-E-S to the Room with the Source of the Seal. There will be two Yuana guarding the seal, we can kill them and then destroy the seal, or ignore them to destroy the Seal. This Two Yuana are quite tough, the battle will took a long time. And About the direction, It may not be the shortest route to the seal, but it will lead you there.

Quest 05: Before It's too Late

Now we have open the gate to the boss Shaturu, let's go to his unguarded room now.

Direction: go N-N-E-S-S2(the second south entrance from left)-S-N1-W1-N to the Shaturu's Room.

Quest 06: The Final Showdown

Now we are facing the final boss, the Dark Lord Shaturu. The Shaturu is the hardest boss in the game, it has four legs to hold its body, we need to destroy all the legs in order to attack Shaturu's head, however his legs will heal after been destroyed in a very short time, so that means we can only hurt Shaturu very little every time we destroy four legs. During the circle of destroying the legs, the Shaturu will keep attacking us, it first will use its leg to attack us, and it will split lightening balls from his head to us, we will be stunned by the lightening ball. And his most deadly skill is the fire rings under our feet, always keep an eye on it, otherwise it can kill us in a very short time. The slayor seems to be the most difficult character to fight the Shaturu, it took me over 45 minutes to beat the boss.

After defeat the Shaturu, we have finished the first round of the game, and next will be the hard mode of the game, we have not really defeat Shaturu in the first round, hope we can totally fight against him in the hard mode.

Howard's Thought

Wonderful game, Must play!! The Series of Zenonia is always the best ARPG games from Gamevil, the Zenonia 4 is also great. It is even better than the former series, and the game time is increased significantly. I really love it, and hope my walkthrough can help you.

Thank you

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Comments 26 comments

mark 5 years ago

very nice review.. tnx a lot.

but can you estimate the total hours to finish the normal mode??

iHaxel 5 years ago

I can't do Disarming the Seal. Im stuck. :(

x3Bleh 5 years ago

The steal to enter the dark lord ?

x3Bleh 5 years ago

From the cut scene where there is a force field thingy and stuff , follow the instruction up there .

N - north

E- East

S- south

W- west

Let say

N1 - first north route

N2 - second north route

Mrureaper 5 years ago

Here's the trick to beat it easy... Don't kill the legs one by one...instead bring all of them to low hp ..after that just hit them one after the other n get the head down ...repeat process n it'll be down in less than 10 mins

Trump 4 years ago

I can't disarm the seal as well

Bleh 4 years ago

I can't find anything. I got there at level 55 and I returned at 61. And I don't know where to go. I've literally seated every room

Njghtcrow 4 years ago

Oh shit I'm only lv 50 lol. Time for grinding some level. Oh what level do you guys think will make The monsters in this dungeon to do little to no damage to us? Ima craft my sword +9 for this sweet event!

Titan 4 years ago

I am struck with Disarming the Seal quest (i follow direction above(E-S-E-N2-S-N2-N-N-E-N-N-N-W-N-E-S) and the prlblem is after fo to the last N it no E to enter and then i cannot find the seal,can somebody help please....

Xaxidoro 4 years ago

Instead of following the directions provided for Disarming the Seal, use these directions instead:


Good luck.

aku 4 years ago

defeated shaturu less than 2 mins, blader is rock, use mysterious shadow to take care his leg, use 1k dmg sword + dance of sura n im lvl 61 :P

ShadowMaster718 4 years ago

Ugh, I am so stuck on the last boss... Can someone mail me a blader sword with over 1k of power for a lv 59? Thanks! My id is GamerHeart. I may even reward you for the help! $$$

Shapeshifternite6 4 years ago

You can hack the game to beat the last boss here 1jail break 2 eat your sword 3die

bob 4 years ago

GRRR I've tried 100 times and I can't win!!

chinese kid 4 years ago

if you play druid spirit bear build and max out fire step, fighting the boss is actually really easy. I beat the boss in less than 10min

buroz 4 years ago

i beat the boss in 3 minutes i also got beast of armour weapons and stats and im a level 90 slayer on hard mode now

AlphaPucca 4 years ago

anyone need gear for slayer or any class pm me thought game my IGN AlphaPucca . but i need at least 20 diamond for exchange . kindda lazy to farm . i will epic or unique gear .

Jonnibo555 4 years ago

This is my actually name i didn't f up On the spelling anyway I wAs battling shaturu and when I hit one of his legs it disappeared and didn't come back now I just need to get the other two legs to do this

jicsdiane 4 years ago

uhm im lvl 51 and using guardian set +14weapon/+11armor head it just took me 3mins to kill it

trollguy 4 years ago

idk i get bug stat zenonia 4 ver , iam lv 53 and got 1k str 2k dex 1k con 1k int, its easy to kill anything but stuck at disarming the seal -_-

trollguy 4 years ago

omg xaxidoro's direction so helping :D yay 1 leg 1 combo lol

kazuya 4 years ago

how do you kill shaturu using spirit bear build? im stuck at how to damage his head using fire step??

bosz KEN 3 years ago

THNX for some information

sack 3 years ago

I downloaded a hack apk so i finished the game. haha. i even defeated the boss with less than a minute just using a variety of skill of a blader

Jbml1010 2 years ago

How can I defeat shaturu with my blader w/ at least 2k Att and 800+def?do someone know how to kill this last boss?

lander 18 months ago

can someone give me coins and zens??I know some of u hav a cheats...My ID:ampugigih

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