Pros and Cons of Call of duty Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Great pictures
Great pictures


You fight on American soil against Russian Forces.
You fight on American soil against Russian Forces.

The Campaign

The Story line of Modern Warfare 2 is amazingly incredible, but also short. I played campaignmode on recruit and finished the game in about 5 hours. The game puts you in Afghanistan, Russia, South America, and Washington D.C. You start out in Afghan with some basic training, and then go undercover and assault a Russian airport. Then you start a new war with Russia, and fight to save Washington D.C. This is just the basic story of the game, but theirs more to it. The story itself is good but it lagged more detail. the graphics are outstanding with the small bullet holes on the wall to the blood that sparks out when you kill an enemy. The landscape of the maps are amazing especially in Washington D.C. with the White House to the WW2 Memorial.



Multiplier (Online)

A small pro of the game that some really don't notice are the amazing pictures that infinity ward came up with, like the soldier walking and the Capital building behind him in ruins which you can see in this website. When playing multiplyer they give you a lot of weapons and with the weapons come the gun attachments. Also the perks, titles, emblems, and kill streaks that come with the multiplyer. Everything is about the same from Modern Warfare like the perks and the emblems expect for they have added more to them like when you get 10000 kills with a weapon you get a new emblem, and a new title. You get to customize your kill streaks but you can only pick 3, like a UAV (Unman aerial vehicle), Predator missile, ACl30, or a Tactical Nuke which kills everyone and ends the game, but you need to get a 25 killstreak to get that.

Watch Online Gameplay

Some of the games Shotguns
Some of the games Shotguns


Shotgun- Firearm that is a double-barreled smoothbore shoulder weapon for firing shot at SHORT ranges. I don't think so, the shotguns in the game have so much range to them it's not funny it's even unrealistic. People say that they were sniped by a shotgun, hard to believe I know but it's true. Some of the shotguns are the SPAS-12, Striker, and Ranger which can shot far, and they come with their attachments that you get when you get 10, 20, 30 kills. I like the shotguns especially with marathon(perk 1), so I run around the map putting a shell in the enemy which tickes people off and makes it fun for me or anyone who uses the sohtguns. They have now removed the range of some of the good shotguns, but i still get killed by them from a far distance, so they still work fine.


Can't migrate to host takes up to about 5 to 10 seconds
Can't migrate to host takes up to about 5 to 10 seconds

Host Migration

When playing online the host tends to leave the game which use to end the game in Call of Duty World at War, but with Modern Warfare 2 there is host migration. This allows the game to pause when the host leaves the game or when their is bad connection, and looks for a new host. Usually this can take up to 5-10 seconds. In some cases including me the game might end completely because you got kicked out of the game or your Internet connection couldn't connect to the host, or for whatever the reason. In other cases when the game is paused and your about to kill someone why'll your both looking at each other and you pull the trigger first, and you see your bullets come out, and then the game resumes in 3..2..1.. and he kills you first, when he hasn't even fired a single bullet, say what?


Another problem is CAMPING, which really ticks me off, but i have to agree that you should camp when using your sniper rifle and are scoping the enemy. When playing online you usually look for your enemy and chase after him, and the enemy would do the same, but now one or the other is camping, which means more kills for the camper. I am not sure why but it seems that the game was meant for camping, because there are a lot of spots were one can camp throughout all the multiplier maps in the game. it could either be behind a box,around the corner, or in a tunnel shaft where someone who wants to get a nuke or who sucks at the game could camp in, and get multiple kills. Unless you are a scoping out your prey, then i guess it's okay, but when you are just seating their with a silencer and a heartbeat sensor and waiting for the enemy, that still pisses me off. Paulgc reminded me that snipers camp, and he left his comment at the bottom of the hubpage so leave a comment at the bottom, please, and tell me what you think of it.

A moded game on rust(map), in which up to 18 players play an unlimited gmaescore, and time.
A moded game on rust(map), in which up to 18 players play an unlimited gmaescore, and time.

Modded Matches

Also someone created modded matches on Modern Warfare 2 which allows up to 18 players to play on a small map called Rust or any other map they want. Both the score and time are unlimited, or depending on the settings that the host set up. If the host sets it up for free for all then it's spawn kill after spawn kill, nowhere to move, unless you have a good corner to kill the player that spawns around you. Apparently if you set one up you can get banned not sure if its true, but who can say. Update on modded matches there was an update that you had to install which took out the modded matches, i think but people seem to be doing it. Also many people are now getting 10th prestige by hacking, and so they have all the emblems and, if you know how to hack then you probally now that you can set up your score, and kills that you have gotten so prettie much everything, you can change if you know how to do it.

Cool looking Trailer


There are spots on every map where someone who dies comes back to life (spawn) on those spots, and if you know where those spots are then you can camp around them, but the bigger the map the more spots there are. Rust (map) is a small map where there are very few spawn spots that are very close to each other so its easy to get a lot of spawn kills. There might be a guy on a spawn spot and just waiting for someone to pop up.


I'm sure there are people all over that buy a brand new video game and look for glitches, then post them up for people to use. In Modern Warfare 2 there is just that. There seems to be a lot of glitches, but i can only name a few like 2 stealth bombers, 10th prestige, and ghostglitch, but there are a ton more glitches that you can look at by checking out this website But if you want to people for real and la-gite then you shouldn't look that kind of stuff up, because then you aren't a good player because you are cheating.

Unfair Kills

I wouldn't say that I suck at the game because I usually finish a game with at least 20 kills and about 10 deaths normally, but when I'm not feeling it I come out with 10(Kills) and about 15 (deaths), that's on a bad day. Sometimes when I am playing online and it looks to me as if I shot the other player straight in the face he some how ends up killing me, because I saw him first and I pulled the trigger first and saw the bullets come out of my gun, and somehow I guess he then pulls his trigger after mine and then kills me. Either I had a bad day or this happens to everyone and not just me. I hear other players swear that they shot him first but instead they get killed first. Another unfair way to die is when you are behind a soild brick wall and some random guy on the other side shots the same wall in the same direction and kills you. FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) is a weapon attachment in which you can shot thoroughwall surfaces to kill the player that is in cover. The guy that usually kills the other guy behind the wall has FMJ but has his distance for the wall but still kills the other guy, which means that bullet is very strong to go through a wall and continue to go and kill a player, who knew?


Fixing Problems

There might be some cons that i might not know how to fix, but if you know then post comment at the end of this hubpage.

  1. Host Migration- The only way i can think of fixing this is to either get a faster internet connection, or be patient and within a few seconds you will be playing a match, or looking for a new one cause you got kicked.
  2. Camping- I think that either adding a heartbeat sensor to your gun, getting a UAV to spot them out, or just think like camper and find them, but do not give in and camp, because that will only add to the problem. Imagine if everyone camped in the game no one would get kills, unless it's search and destory in which you should camp next to the bomb.
  3. Modded Matches- They have been removed for Xbox users, but people can still hack and get 10th prestige.
  4. Spawning- Some people know were the spawn spots are so get to know them and if you are spawn killed then find him and spawn kill him back or just keep killing him. You will not spawn in the same place twice in a row, and there won't be someone at every spawn spot in a map, so eventually you get out of the spot and into the game.
  5. Glitches- Either look at the website and get to know them or just wait until the guy glitching kills you then look at the kill cam and get him back.
  6. Unfair Kills- I am not sure how to avoid this, but if you are really pissed off at this when playing a match then you could camp, which is what you should do if you have 2 kills and 15 deaths, but Do Not leave the game. If you leave the game then you are a quieter I have quiet some games, only reason was because some of my players in the party weren't able to join, but in other cases don't leave the game, just finish it and finish strong, and remember it's only a game.

Game system

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My favorite Call of Duty Moder Warfare 2 Trailer


The good parts of the game are the shotguns, storyline, and all the new weapons with the new attachments that come with it. The biggest thing that ticked me off was the javelin glitch, which they later removed, but i started to use it in the game and got multi-kills. A somewhat minor problem were the modded matches that when you were looking for a match you would end up on a small map with 18 players playing free for all, but that's long gone for Xbox fans, but ther's still hacking going on which kinda makes the game unfair. Some might hate the shotguns, others might love glitching, and others might have loved the javelin glitch just to piss people of which it did, but I gave you a look at the problems, and ways to fix them in this short hubpage, and i hope you leave a comment telling me if i did a good job or not Thanks, and i'll keep on writing.

People tend to camp behind barrels, walls, and in houses and wait until the enemy comes to them.
People tend to camp behind barrels, walls, and in houses and wait until the enemy comes to them.

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PSN Code Generator 6 years ago

You should make a new hub about COD 7

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When is the new hub going to be available?

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You should make an article about the new CoD coming out!

Free PSN Codes 6 years ago

This game isn't worth it... It should have been better I think...

Free PSN Codes 6 years ago

Just sold my MW2 Lol.

Xbox 360 Chick 6 years ago

This game actually isn't worth it! So many noobs online! I threw mine out my window =D

Entourage_007 profile image

Entourage_007 6 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA

Great hub, I just recently published a few articles regarding Modern Warfare 2 strategy as well. Hopefully, we can play together soon. My favorite weapon is the AK-47, Have you ever gotten a nuke?

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Derek1 6 years ago

Wow! Definitely a lot of truth in this Hub. As much as I love the Call of Duty series, there is a lot of things that need to be tweaked.

articles 6 years ago

Iam playing call of duty modern warfare 2 the sound and the images are awesome, except for the back backrgounds some looks like from games from the 80's that and the other cons when you play multiplayer there is no vehicles or helicopters to fly, the whole thing is ground war. The trailer does not look like the real game because the trailer is better :) I think this game is awesome but it could be better to be honest.

Eddy2106 profile image

Eddy2106 6 years ago from Chicago Suburb, IL Author

Justin you might be the first to look at all my hubs and leave a comment on all.

justin  6 years ago

you finished in like five hours but this was good i wanna get the game now

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d00d 6 years ago

shotgun noobs? hah you're joking right. they're nothing. i'd rather have them around than having ppl with explosive ammos like those used by the choppers or the c130 and those who also have invulnerability on. i'd prefer having the noob tubers & the 'shotgun noobs' around anytime.

PSN Chick 6 years ago

Wow great hub about Modern Warfare 2, I don't play mw2 anymore because all the shotgun noobs lol.

kettly 7 years ago

great hubpage, i plan on buying the gaming later when it comes down in price. right now it's still 60 bucks, but in about 2 to3moths it's going to be around 30, that's wheni'll buy it. thanks for the info on the game, and keepon hubbing/typing.

elvia3876 7 years ago

great hubpage eddy keep on writing.

Nixon545 profile image

Nixon545 7 years ago from Carlsbad, CA

agreed but some things ruin this game and i wrote a hub about them if you would check it out.

joe daddy 7 years ago

awesome website!

napster 7 years ago

great website and i hope you make money out of these, and also it's a great game. p.s. love the videos.

TKM Irish Gunner 7 years ago

this website rocks!

chicagosbest 7 years ago

I think paulgc is right because who really cares if somebody camps. It is not their fault that stupid players keep running by for free kills. if the players are smart they would either go find someone else to kill or try a new tactic. so do not be ashammed about camping because everybody does it and if you say you don't your are full of crap. don't be intimidated of 8 and 10 year olds giving you crap about camping. just remember it is JUST a GAME

Eddy2106 profile image

Eddy2106 7 years ago from Chicago Suburb, IL Author

thank you paulgc for your response of my hub, and it's true that when using your sniper rifle you should camp to scope out your enemy, and i will add that to my hub.

profile image

paulgc 7 years ago

interesting hub, however, i thought your comments relating to campers is un just. Camping is a tactic which can be used by anyone at any time and they are not wrong in doing so. If people want to run round with shot guns that's up to them but some people like sniper rifles and so they camp to use them. Its up to the individual user to play the game how they want and they should not be intimidated by the bullyish attitudes of some narrow minded gamers. During my game time i will either mix it up using marathon pro perk and a shotgun and at other times i will sit and camp with my sniper rifle and thermal scope, the choice is an individual one.

If you would like to send me your gamer tag i will invite you to a match of mine and then i will enjoy looking at your soldier down the scope of my sniper rifle or the barrel of my shot gun.

On the plus side, my brother is new to xbox and mod war 2 and i will suggest he read your informative hub to gain some extra knowledge.

Eddy2106 profile image

Eddy2106 7 years ago from Chicago Suburb, IL Author

okay i am in the process of making a new hub on 2010 upcoming games.

d-b-ggaming profile image

d-b-ggaming 7 years ago from The land of the living

An xbox 360 (from what i hear) is the best way to play the game, ive never played it on PC so i dont know.

Not bad, lots of detail i will be sure to look at others if you look at mine! Heh, here's my Modernwarfare 2 review

HollywoodRasta profile image

HollywoodRasta 7 years ago from Hollywood

I wanted to buy an Xbox 360 just for this game. I think it hit home with alot of people. Is it worth it?

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