Anemia and Heavy Bleeding


Helping Women to Heal Anemia

This Hub was created to help women. I am a woman who has had health issues due to problems with my uterus. While advising my doctor of my choices, I have found ways to naturally heal my body. This is just the beginning of a series of Hubs, but I want to make women aware that there are natural ways to heal our bodies . The female body is a beautiful creation of God and there are specific and natural ways help our bodies.

Chlorophyll Helps With Heavy Bleeding and Healing Anemia

Who would ever think that a product that is used to complete the process of photosynthesis could be a great aid in fighting and healing anemia due to heavy menstrual bleeding? Many women suffer from heavy bleeding every month due to fibroids. Fibroids are non-cancerous growths in the uterus that cause problems for many women around the world. One of the most prominent problems with fibroids is becoming anemic because of heavy bleeding. The way that Chlorophyll is needed in plants to complete photosynthesis, it is also needed to eradicate anemia.

How does it work in the human body? Well, chlorophyll helps to build red bloods cells to heal anemia. Red blood cells help to transport oxygen throughout the body, especially to the brain. Do not totally give up on iron supplements, simply add chlorophyll to the diet and consult with a doctor on what can be done in terms of adjusting iron supplement intake.

It is important to take chlorophyll while eating something. It is known to cause stomach irritation. Crackers are the best with a liquid chlorophyll drink. Take one tablespoon (15 ml) of liquid chlorophyll and add it to an 8 oz. glass of water. Some people may be able to taste the chlorophyll, use a Stevia packet to give it a slightly sweet taste. This is a really good way to drink it. Do this once a day preferably in the morning. One of the best products on the market is World Organic Liquid Chlorophyll. It has an exceptional taste and it works in healing anemia!

One of the main causes of fibroids is estrogen. Women with large fibroids have too much estrogen in their systems. The key to reversing this problem is to reduce the intake of foods that have high levels of estrogen. High levels of estrogen cause inflammation in the body. Chlorophyll reduces inflammation. Chlorophyll is an energy booster. When taken the energy levels increase. It has many vitamins in it and scientists have discovered that it helps with bad breath. Chlorophyll is a product that is needed particularly in the female human body and it helps us in many ways, especially in healing anemia.


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MellyMoo profile image

MellyMoo 5 years ago from Australia

Wow, I did not know this and have had heavy periods since having my tubes tied after having my daughter 2years ago. It is very draining and I do take iron tablets. I will go and get some chloryphyll. THank you so much for this hub

herip profile image

herip 5 years ago from New York Author

Glad to be of help. Recently I found a really good Chlorophyll tablet with no sodium. This product is made by Puritan's Pride and it is called Chlorophyll Concentrate. Try it, you will not regret it.

Aisa 5 years ago

I found a liquid that doesn't contain sodium either. I saw it on the vitacost website. It is DeSouza's Liquid Chlorophyll.

herip profile image

herip 5 years ago from New York Author

Thank you for the information. It's really ideal to have different choices when choosing a product such as chlorophyll.

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