How To Stop Yawning

How To Stop Yawning

Isn't it just embarrassing to not be able to stop yawning? This is specially true when you are in situations where yawning can be interpreted as you being bored, like when you are in a board meeting (bored meeting?), a job interview, a presentation, a funeral, <add your own situation here>. You get what I mean.

There are several theories trying to explain why we yawn. But the fact is, we don't really know why we yawn. And reading about the causes of yawning will probably make you yawn. That's a fact. (BIG YAWN).

Before I show my ancient and proven technique on how to stop yawning, let me serve you with some interesting facts about yawning first.

  • Blind people 'catch' a yawn when they hear it. So they'll yawn when they sense that somebody else yawned.

  • 60 seconds – the average length of yawns.

  • When reading about yawning, most people tend to yawn. (But I bet you know that already. Can you count how many times you yawned before you finish reading this hub?)

  • More than half of the human population will yawn within 5 minutes after seeing someone else yawn.

Enough trivia. (YAWN . . .)

So how do you stop yawning?

Now I'm going to tell you how to stop yawning. This ancient technique has been passed on from one Kudlit generation to another. It has not been written until now. The secret to stop yawning is . . .

Lick your lips whenever you feel a yawn coming on.

Seriously, it works. Now you'll be needing some practice to be able to this when it matters. You won't automatically lick your lips when you feel like yawning.

We know that yawning is contagious. So for practice, I'm giving you a link to a yawning video. Watch the video and whenever you feel like yawning, start licking your lips.

Enjoy! (BIG YAWN)

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usmanali81 profile image

usmanali81 7 years ago

what's the problem in yawning. It's good for lungs as a stretch excercise.

Kudlit profile image

Kudlit 7 years ago from Laguna Author

Yes it is. But there are settings when yawning can be considered rude. For example, yawning (and stretching) in the middle of a speech.

PikoChan 7 years ago

Yeah... it didn't work

Manda 7 years ago

hmm..seems to work for me. mind over matter I presume.

yawnMaster 7 years ago

dudd man ur technique was AMAZING!!!

although i do need to stop feeling sleepy now

tia 6 years ago

it works for me

tonylb91 6 years ago

Mind over matter

if you dont have a mind

then it just doesn't matter!!!!!!! :)

Iliealot 6 years ago

Works for me but know I have chapped lips from licking my lips so much. :S

Donna 6 years ago

the video thing dnt make me yawn

Jack 6 years ago

This actually seems to work - except I got some weird looks as I sat at my desk looking at picture of you and licking my lips - lol

Margaret 6 years ago

Well thank goodness for that! I have found a solution to my yawning! It works! Sometimes I cannot go to sleep for yawning (as of now). I have to get up and go on my computer (as of now). In the morning, I have to get up as I cannot go back to sleep for yawning. It makes my eyes water and my nose run and gets blocked then I can['t breath properly so end up getting up and then I am tired! Right! It is 1.30am and I am going back to bed! Night everyone!

kennedy 6 years ago

it actually works! THANK YOU! also after you yawn hold the spit in your mouth for 5 secs. then spit it out. that works also.

amos 6 years ago

idk it works sometimes but other times it doesnt.... it might be mind over matter who knows, but one thing i do know is that the video was??????and i have really chapy lips

ali.  6 years ago

you are BRILLIANT! My friend has a yawning problem- I emailed her this and she'd better look at it, I'm so sick of everyuone in my class yelling "yawn, yawn, yawn" every second second!

alison 6 years ago

are you coming to check my friend?

Sergio 6 years ago

it worked for me and Im having a late night!

Thanks a mil!

jordan 6 years ago

lol if i keep yawning that means ill need to lick my lips o.O

Bronson 6 years ago

ermm i didnt yawn during the game...=P i think i have to wait till i yawn to find out =P

Joel 6 years ago

It actually works!

Brittany 6 years ago

How many times do i have to lick my lips before i stop yawning?

Misty 6 years ago

I hate yawning, it's so annoying and it's really embarrassing when you're on webcam and you're yawning and the webcam (which has a mind of it's own) happens to PAUSE/FREEZE when you're yawning and talking to a friend!!! I hate that soo much, that's why I don't go on webcam anymore. Dumb webcam!

Victoria 6 years ago

Wow, that's cool!

piggsey 6 years ago

touching your toung can stop you from yaning also

Dana 6 years ago

:D Thank you. It actually works! Now can you explain HOW it works?

Anonymous 5 years ago

Hm, I felt like a yawn was coming so I decided to lick my lips quick. I have to admit, my yawn didn't come. So I'm guessing it your advice worked. I wonder if there are any other ways to prevent yawning. For example: Touching your tongue, holding your breath, or whatever.

ana 5 years ago

i tried everything but it didnt stops

Azmi 5 years ago

thank you very much it's working !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dana 5 years ago

So far, so good for me! I have a nacrolepsy problem and I know I'm in trouble when I start yawning. It usually means I'm goin down. Well, the yawns came on a little while ago and I was gettign upset because I didn't want to all asleep. I found this page and tried this, and it worked. I haven't yawned.

phttttttt 5 years ago

you people need to get a life! read a book! work on hw! exercise now!!!!

5 years ago

This was actaully helpful(never would I have thought I would need to look up how to stop a yawn haha ) but 2 wks ago I got my tonsil and adenoids removed and being I was on painkillers I slept a lot and never yawned but as of today I am off them so all of a sudden I yawn, well OWIE!!! It hurt SO bad , so trying to make it so I don't yawn is helpful, stupid but helpful!

YugaMizuno 5 years ago

Thank you so much for this! I just had my tonsils removed last week, and it still hurts to eat, talk, and of course, yawn. But the yawning part was so hard to control. Earlier this evening, it happened and I apparently screamed so loud my mom thought something with the healing had gone wrong.

In short, thank you for this. It's helped prevent some pain. :)

A1 5 years ago

Seriously its a technique? LOL I'll compare ur technique with "scratch ur leg so u stop laughing"

makes no sense yeah? so does ur technique

Cory Woolsey 5 years ago

well im sitting here licking my lips but it just doesnt keep my body gasping for oxygen. my eyes are watering and i can barely see what im typing. so this myth is busted

Elle de Vera 4 years ago

Thanks! It works! It's been so disappointing how I wanted to concentrate and yawning kept on disburbing my train of thought! I hope it continues on working...I'll keep on licking my lips whenever I feel a yawn is coming... Tanks for this technique.

4 years ago

to stop yawning put a finger on the tip of your tounge

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