I'll See You In My Dreams



Dreams, the one thing that we all experience, whether they be beautiful dreams, scary dreams, or sometimes nightmares.

All of us have one time or another lost and family member, best friend, spouse or partner due to a sickness, unexpected death, car accidents or just passing away due to old age.

At the time of their death we know in our hearts that our loved one is gone forever, "OR ARE THEY"?

I don't know about you, but I believe in our God and I know that I will see all my loved ones again in Heaven when the time comes for me to meet our Lord above.

In the meantime, we are all fortunate enough to be able to dream, sometimes in black and white and sometimes in color. These dreams we have, many can not be remembered when we wake, only portions of the dream if any at all, but during our dream it is so real.

When my parents passed away I said silently to myself, "I will see you in my dreams" and I have done that on many occasions though out the years.

What a amazing thing our brains can do for us and make us walk back into time and experience great times, and maybe not so good one too. Either way, it is so awesome to see people that you love in your dreams just like they had never left us.

I truly think our loved ones show up in our dreams periodically to remind us that they are still watching over us and that they will remain by our side and in our hearts to we meet spirit to spirit.  What a beautiful thing to look forward to.

These dreams are so real and uninterrupted and you really don't want them to ever end when they are so beautiful, but if they are scary ones, nightmares, full of crime or violence you wished they never started and are very glad to wake up and get out of those dreams forever.

For myself, when I dream, I try so hard to remember what I had dreamed about when I wake up so I can tell my family. The problem is, I only remember bits and pieces of the dream, but the moment I wake it is crystal clear but only for seconds and then the dream just vanishes.

So disappointing for anyone who longs to remember those beautiful dreams and the loved ones that were in your life even for a minutes or two. Although, I can honestly say some of my dreams seem like hours and hours long and that's a good thing if the dream is about your life and your loved ones that have passed away.

I can say one thing that dreaming of someone that has passed away and to be able to see them in your dreams is the most beautiful thing in the world. When having these types of dreams you never want to wake up and interrupt what you are dreaming about.


Always keep in mind, every night you go to sleep and rest those so tired eyes, there is always that possibility of having a beautiful dream and bringing back someone you loved that has been taken from your life.

This is always something to truly look forward to. If it has never happened to you be assured that in time it just may and the experience of seeing your loved one in your dreams is remarkable and so beautiful.

It feels to me like seeing them face to face in real life and you feel as if they are right by your side. I always thought if I feel them in my heart I may see them in my dreams and that is exactly what happened on numerous occasions.

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fucsia profile image

fucsia 6 years ago

I often dream persons who have passed away, some dreams are etched in my mind so clearly that seems real. Not all are beaufiful dreams, many are strange and apparently without sense. But our dreams have always a sense.

I think that is my mind to create the dreams. I do not think the people who died come into my mind.

But I hope the same in a dream like these

the clean life profile image

the clean life 6 years ago from New Jersey Shore Author

@ fucsia, Thanks for visiting and commenting on this. Dreams can be certainly strange and bazaar in many cases, but when that one beautiful dream comes around it sure makes you feel good inside and you seem to always remember if not all of it but a good part.

Mistress of Spice profile image

Mistress of Spice 6 years ago from uk uae

Hello Mark, ty for your beautiful comment on my space.Yea ive reached 10th hub, can u imagine...your support and kind words appreicted.lol, i only hope i can make it to the top like you..........99th...hehehehhe, i will be so lucky...................yea..hahahha..

Dreams..................Ummm......interesting.. dreams are signs and vision of happening sometimes we dream of our childhood days or behaps a event, tragic or I at times dream am falling into a pit..........lol and then i wake up in a fright/nightmare..............hot, agiated and very afriad.........only realizing thats it only a dream...i also dream am being chaste by some person............and ive been running a maraton........only tobe awaken by the phone or alarm nex to my pillow.........lol...phew

the clean life profile image

the clean life 6 years ago from New Jersey Shore Author

@ Mistress of Spice, Thank you for your kind words and don't worry you will make it for sure. I try to write one hub per night but sometimes as of right now I get mental block on what I am writing, so I go over to the forum and visit with my friends and check my adsense account, then back I go to try and write.

Regarding dreams, I always was amazed of just how real these dreams are and I too have had some really bad ones, waking up in a sweat and shaking all over and then I try to remember what the dream was about and why I was so upset, but it just vanished as I awake.

Mistress of Spice profile image

Mistress of Spice 6 years ago from uk uae

heheheh absolutely! i hear you...the sad part is when u want to rememeber, it just disappeared, not even by breakfast u can remember vaigly what transpired...lol...amazing.....if the brain rejects it, out it goes through the thick wall...

re-the adsense account, i rally dont know if this is workable, everytime i do a hub page, publish it, the msg is block to the adsense, not sure whatz happening............hopefully am earning....wot a shame, if am not..lolz..........but at least m enjoy th writing...mybe i need to pose the question on the que and get som constructive answers on the adsens in what am doing wrong...how do i retrieve result onthe adsene google account..?

i too if m not doing the hubbing, am on forum or quesiton............rest assured i do enjoy every bit of it...

Hubby say............dont u ever get tired...hehehhehe, i just look at him...and smile................when a write writes, only he or she knows the joy of writing...

puttin thoughts to paper...........stright out of the brain box, heart is just a mean to moderate it...lolz

the clean life profile image

the clean life 6 years ago from New Jersey Shore Author

@ Mistress of Spice, I guess you sign up with Google Adsense and got your Pub ID right? If you have questions feel free to email me and I'll try to help you out if I can .

Mistress of Spice profile image

Mistress of Spice 6 years ago from uk uae

hey mark, where do i check this Pub Id out..? interesting...lolz :-)

Mistress of disaster...! mybe am hving too muc fun and not lookin in the right direction.........hehehhe

apreicted thkx your comment here 4ward..

Mistress of Spice profile image

Mistress of Spice 6 years ago from uk uae

deare mark, i tried signing up with googles adsense but still no Pub Id number, its requesting i must accept a hanful of terms and condiotion is this the right way in attaining this Id? pls adivise and where do i get this id , is it on the URL page? under wot 'mange my account' or dash???

am confused sorri for the trouble...

there is a whole episode of rules...terms..to accpt ? is this ok? lolz

thkx a million sir mark? for your kind respond to my problems above...in asertaining my Pub id number...

the clean life profile image

the clean life 6 years ago from New Jersey Shore Author

@ Mistress of Spice, Go my hub and click "contact the clean life and then I can reply to your questions.

frogyfish profile image

frogyfish 6 years ago from Central United States of America

What a unique expression of reality here. I agree with your suppositions about dreams but never thought about how they could keep our deceased loved ones 'close'. I am convinced that God does give us what we need - and perhaps dreams are one way we receive...Thank you for sharing your hub here!

the clean life profile image

the clean life 6 years ago from New Jersey Shore Author

@ frogyfish, Thanks for your comment and I was always amazed with some of the dreams I've had in my life and my parents or someone else that passed away were in those dreams. You are right, God may make us have these dreams to let us have a second or moment or two with our loved one. It is truly remarkable I think.

richtwf profile image

richtwf 6 years ago

Yes it is very beautiful to see in our dreams those loved ones that we've lost and also to see those loved ones that maybe far away from us physically. Our mind is a beautiful thing which can, while we dream, bring us to those who we once shared our lives with. We also have the wonderful ability to replay wonderful memories in our mind consciously. Our mind is indeed an incredibly rich treasure chest of dreams and golden memories!

Thanks for sharing and God bless!

the clean life profile image

the clean life 6 years ago from New Jersey Shore Author

@ Rich, So very well said my friend. I'm sure you have dreamed of your lovely wife that is away from you only for the time being and it must be beautiful. God Bless you and your family and wish you a Very Merry Christmas Holiday and a safe and Happy New Years!

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