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Do you think that some people need to be in a methadone treatment program for life?

I'm addicted to opiates, methadone to be specific. First I took them because I suffer from clinical depression and 1 or 2 pills a day (10mg) the depression was gone. The addiction became a serious problem in my life. I had to depend on my Mom and my Aunt for the pills. Without going into a lot of detail I quit cold turkey. It was the most difficult 2 mo. of my entire life and I was 49 at the time. The next time I started methadone it was for legitimate back pain, again my Mom gave me the pills. Mom died and I had to start the clinic. I'm @ 115mg(stable). Even tapering 8mg a mo. is too much!!!

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Daniel M. Appel (TheSingularity) says

4 years ago
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Hollie Martin (hmartin1233) says

3 years ago
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