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Does height effect life?

I'm 5'6 sadly. And what you people think about the importance of height. Does Height will effect my life? And 5'6 guy is too short? *Sorry for bad english*

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John Connor (connorj) says

21 months ago
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    dashingscorpio 21 months ago

    Good points! The singer Prince is 5' 2", and comedian Kevin Hart is 5'4". Essentially being short is no excuse for not succeeding in life.

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mtkomori says

21 months ago
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    Usama Ahmed khan (usamaahmed) 21 months ago

    Ohh okay :(

    Btw i'm 18 only but my height is same as my father.

    can there is any way to increase my height now?

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peachy (peachpurple) says

21 months ago
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