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Is Bill Clinton A Sociopath?

Sociopaths are often characterized as people who lack a conscience and never feel remorse about their actions, even when they emotionally destroy other people. They don’t take responsibility for their behavior and blame others for whatever havoc they create. They are generally charming on the surface. Is this someone yoou know named Bill Clinton? alias Slick Wille, Bubba, the Wizard of "Is," Secretariat, The First Black President, The Comeback Kid, andTeflon Bill,

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Best Answer Mike (Old Poolman) says

9 months ago
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  • tsadjatko profile image

    TSAD (tsadjatko) 9 months ago

    Bingo Mike!

    Politics attracts sociopaths like bugs to light, like a moth to a flame, like a bear to honey, like lambs to the slaughter, like pigs in clover,like taking candy from a baby,like the white on rice, like Ronnie to hate speech,

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Lolita Monroe (LoliHey) says

9 months ago
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  • Verily Prime profile image

    Verily Prime 9 months ago

    The Wizzard of is-classic

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