Hello - I am a recovering Heroin/oxy/opiate addict. I was on one form of an opiate or another...

for the last 15 years. Nothing could stop me not even jail.When I decided to get my life back I found a great doctor who was understanding, knowledgable and got me on the road to recovery and on suboxone. It took 3 years to get off suboxone, but it was a managed reduction under supervision of my doctor. I have now been totally clean off all drugs for the last 5 years and have turned my life around. I am now an extremly successful businessman, I run online and offline business', I am married and own my own home as well as a number of investment homes. Now I have decided its my time to give

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FrankiesGirl6Yr says

6 years ago
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Jamie Brock says

5 years ago
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