Hexagonal Hitler

Hexagonal Hitler
Hexagonal Hitler | Source

This angry and angular Austrian autocrat had six sides — all of them bad! No wonder nobody on his borders could tolerate him!

As he rose to power, this brown-suited shouter indulged his penchant for funky Fuhrer forms — serrated grids of soldiers arrayed to the horizon, big white circles on huge rectangles of red, radial stick-y swastikas, a tiny cubic ‘stache, and a pointed flap of forehead hair.

Once this hell-raising hexagram triangulated with Blockhead Mussolini and Tetrahedral Tojo, the entire planetary sphere was in for a world of hurt. The shapes of our present and future were at stake!

Thank goodness the Allies were able to eventually box this guy in!

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jimagain profile image

jimagain 5 years ago from Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Unique & clever. I especially enjoy the artwork. Good job.

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