The Philosophy of Socrates: Part XXI


The Village of Generosity

--They walked, the once stone-cold killer and the gentle Socrates placed one foot in front of another as the village took it's place around them, various villagers working on pieces of pottery and kids running about.--


Do you now see now that the world is directed not by anger...greed...or glory...but by a simple harmonious balance of good and bad?

The king of the Gods...even though he was not faithful to the great Hera, he still displayed acts of justifiable means...and tried to help everyone in the form of beggers and the homeless,

Fexeles...I am glad that you have found me...You have such a kind heart and your new place among the charitable among this great world can start.

Of everyone that I have come across in this large world, you have been someone that I've seen go from the complete evils of Hades and Ares...To the crossroads of Hecate and the Love of Aphrodite...Did you not see Apollo shine his rays of light across the hills earlier today when you changed your ways...?


Mr. Socrates...You are most certainly the ray of sunshine within my heart...I could've murdered you earlier today...and then I would be one step closer to Hades,

The Gods all have a different purpose for my life...I see that now...Every night I slept I had dreamed of a better life for myself...A life of meaning and attempt at good deeds,

Though the life I lived before I encountered you oh wise Socrates had placed me in a hole that I just could not escape...I thought no one wanted me.


--The two men continued their stroll, talking about miniscule things from love to politics. The walk eventually ended in front of a large stone house, it's pillared front dictated a wealthy individual resided within.--


Well here we are...I believe you will truly connect with this man...A good friend of he was once like you...a retired soldier that almost lost his soul,

He fought in countless wars...his hands bloodied by the sword he never sheathed...Hades wished for his dogs to take him from this world because of his acts outside of world,

The acts of malicious murder for political movements and for those within the Athenian Senate...corruption had almost taken his freedom to live life,

There was a redirection however...Athena met him in a dream however with flute in hand...and told him that wisdom to change was his face life at Apollos direction or to lose the race at Hades calling.


Why do we humans always make the wrong decisions when the right ones are always there to be made...?


Oh Fexeles...Why are we human and not all Gods?

Why can't we all live in perfect harmony with one another...?

Do the Gods truly know the answer to these questions...Do we...Does any animal in this world know and have not spoke a human word of it...?

We will never know the answers to the simplest questions...But as humans we think we can answer the most sophisticated ones...But we can't stop Hades from taking souls.

What is Life...What is Death...Where are each and every one of us placed within each realm...?


Socrates...You have such a way with words...I have heard your names in the streets of Athens from time to time...but most people think badly of if you wish to create chaos and Anarchy within society...I don't see why.


They my friend do not wish to see life as it is truly meant to be seen...A veil has been placed over their eyes by their own pleasures,

They will realize after I am gone that everything has a place within this world...harmony cannot be destroyed by words of affliction.

--A Man comes to the pillar doors, and with a smile and a bow, greets Socrates and Fexeles.--


Greetings Parvinivus...It is good to see you...I have come here today to ask a favor of such a humble man indeed,


Anything for you old friend...You have saved me from much troubles in my past...I would gladly accept anything you asked of me...Name it and it is yours.


This is Fexeles...A man of previous violence and horrible deeds much like your old self...but he is in revelation of himself and wishes to prove to society that he cares,

I am asking that he stay with you...and with your proper mentoring and guidance that Fexeles will become a changed man in the way of the greater Gods.


Of Course I will take him in...Please follow me...there will be a great feast to welcome you as part of my family Fexeles...and remember that life is how you wish it to be.

--The three men merrily stroll into the large pillared home, a great feast ensuing, but by morning Socrates had to take his leave, and so it was.--

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femmeflashpoint 5 years ago

I'm continuing to follow this series, and enjoying the reads very much!

BakerRambles profile image

BakerRambles 5 years ago from Baltimore, MD Author

Thank you for following, I plan on putting out 50 chapters in total, very appreciative that you enjoy the philosophical point of life.

Sueswan 5 years ago

"Of everyone that I have come across in this large world, you have been someone that I've seen go from the complete evils of Hades and Ares...To the crossroads of Hecate and the Love of Aphrodite"

This means a leopard can change its spots.

BakerRambles profile image

BakerRambles 5 years ago from Baltimore, MD Author

Wise explanation to the analogy

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