Tomorrow I Promise

One day I’m going to do it
I’m going to be truly free
I may be too old to even know
But in my mind I will see
I will see everything I ever believed
And I wonder if I will laugh or cry
Because I will be what I never was
And I will know how it is to not know why
I like to flash forward and over-expose my dream
I want to see what a distorted world it might be
In each frame the truth and the fiction alternate
As it speeds up you’ll not know if it’s you or if it’s me
I can think of every mass I ever attended
And how my Father made me stand straight
Or I can think about how stupid I was
When I told someone about their coming fate
But an old man who embarrasses his children
Is not something to aspire to become
But how can I avenge myself against those who I slaved for
If I don’t grow a beard and drink too much rum?
I want a statue on the shore of every eroded dream
I want one facing the north, the west and to the east
But ne’er the south for that is which way the wind came
A freeman must point to that which he knows least
Oh what exaggeration could I tell as the film snaps in my mind?
What words other than these in my hand could shock and awe?
How telling to desire the odd look of bemused judgment from another
For to not care of anyone or anything is the mark of freedom’s call
Yes freedom… and yet how many cannot accept a free man?
How many wish to tell me exactly what I should say, do or wear?
Can a man imprisoned in his own mind lock the door to mine?
Can an escapee be held by someone armed with mere prayer?
In what natural state of light flickered by God’s whims must I seek?
For the reel to reel that comes to my dreams can only be spliced by hope
And even if tomorrow which is all I live for never arrives
I already know what I want to be is what I am as I remove society’s rope

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Mhatter99 profile image

Mhatter99 4 years ago from San Francisco

congratulations on words, meaning and construction

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