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What is the best approach to a Craft Analysis paper on Characterization in a short story?

Does writing a Craft Analysis paper on characterization in a short story actually help you to be a better creative writer?? I'm finding it extremely difficult to get started!! And, the professor really isn't much help.... (first time teaching as a professor, first time teaching at this university) Analysis is a strength of mine, BUT, I usually read for pleasure and I'm supposed to be learning how to read like a writer - No more internalizing what I observe - and I'm totally lost. I already have my evidence and definition but have no idea how to proceed. Please Help!! Thanks!!

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Billie Kelpin says

3 years ago
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    Rafini 3 years ago

    Thanks Billie!

    That paragraph really helps, much better than the profs examples. I found my approach - Literature is an Art Form that uses Craft Elements.

    Sounds like your saying to analyze Character in terms of POV, Setting or Voice. Right?

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