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Has anyone ever did an article based on their life for one day? If so what did you discover?

Have you ever thought about keeping a journal of your life for a day, providing pictures and all? If so, what did you discover about yourself? Reality shows do it all the time. I know the Hub Community is just as exciting!

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Best Answer Venkatachari M says

2 years ago
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HL Keeley (HLKeeley) says

2 years ago
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    Venkatachari M 2 years ago

    Our daily life looks more monotonous and something like a machine's life. We get up and do the same things done yesterday or days before with a little bit change like changing one or two menus and changing clothes but much of it is the same routine.

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Kalai (Vvitta) says

2 years ago
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    Emunah La Paz (swilliams) 2 years ago

    Thanks for you comment Vvitta! I wish I could do that, but reality keeps sucking me back in.