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Venkat has an urge to preserve and maintain Peace and Harmony in the world, With this aim, he tries to spread some awareness among people about the human values, morals and nice relationships that are essential for happiness and peace in life. He always keeps reading and expressing his views in all these matters including topics on any kind of matter that is essential for a better and beautiful living. He is writing since 3 years at HubPages and @vnktchari.blogspot.in ( a lifestyle tips blog).

Venkat being a Commerce Graduate, used his practical accounting and commercial experiences also recently to publish a Kindle e-Book titled "Economics for Beginners".

Venkatachari writes about living the good life but keeps more stress on maintaining a balance without any extremities or extravagancies in our living standards. He learns from talented people in our history. Venkat loves his heritage, traditions, and culture. He values and respects his ancestors and their great practical knowledge.

Reading articles and news items on various websites and expressing his views on most of them, watching some ideal TV serials and Cricket Matches are his favorite hobbies besides his interest in Music, Art, and Dance. He is talented in Cooking also as has practical experience for many years in that field.

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