11 Examples of Damask Décor in the Home

Not too long ago I wrote an article here on HubPages about ten terrific textiles that I think are great to use in the home. One of those textiles was damask. It's a great item that I have seen popping up all over design blogs lately. I think it looks terrific used in many different ways throughout the home so I wanted to highlight it a little bit more with its own article.

Damask is a two-color design that has a raised pattern. The pattern is often a geometric design or a floral design although it doesn't strictly have to be one of those designs. The textile is a reversible textile, which makes it really interesting for use throughout the home since there is a lot of versatility. The colors may be very different in tone (such as black and white) in which case the damask design is very dramatic or they may be very similar in tone (such as light blue on medium blue) in which case the effect is more nuanced. Either way, the pattern is pretty.

This article looks at ten examples of damask in the home so that you can see if you enjoy the pattern as much as I do!


Wallpaper has made a huge comeback in recent years and damask is a great bold design for people who are interested in using wallpaper in the home. This is especially true since it is increasingly common to see textured wallpaper options, which allow the true pop-out-pattern nature of real damask to shine. Black-on-white damask like that seen here is my favorite type of damask because it's a bold, beautiful design choice. What home doesn't look great with black and white! Any color can be added to it and it will pop against the black and white tone. I like the way that the box beneath the bed here carries the theme through the room and think a similar effect could be achieved with damask designed pillows or bedding.


If you're afraid of starting with something as large as damask wallpaper then think a lot smaller with damask votives for candles. These happen to be wedding favors but that doesn't mean that a similar design wouldn't work for your own home decorating. I know that these damask candle holders would look terrific on my fireplace mantle! They also make a terrific gift for nearly anyone. Again, I prefer the black one white option as seen here but any color combination would work.


These sofas provide a terrific example of how different colors other than black and white can make the damask design look different. Although they are all in shades of blue, some are subtle and some are bold. I think that they are all beautiful! And while it takes a certain type of home to really commit to damask with a piece of furniture as large as a sofa done over in damask upholstery, I think it's amazing when it works properly. Don't you?

What originally caught my eye about this picture was the blue on blue damask wallpaper. I think it shows how the design of damask can be subtle and yet effective, working in very chic rooms. However, my eyes then trailed down to the damask seating. It's very difficult for a room to have two different colors of damask in a room without looking completely befuddling to the eye and yet it works here. The color combo is perfect. It's a bold choice but I think it's an amazing one. Nobody would be able to ignore this room! Do you like it?


Here is a great example of how the bold and beautiful design of damask does not need to take over an entire room. The damask on the bedspread is gorgeous and definitely attention-getting. However it isn't attention-demanding. The chic neutral design, coloring and styling of the rest of the room makes the damask noticeable without being impossible to ignore. This would be the effect most of us would want to go for with damask in the house.


Think damask is so bold of a pattern that it can't work with other patterns in the same space? Think again. As we can see from this great image, damask can work with checkers, stripes and animal prints. The trick is to make sure that you stick with the same limited color family for all of your prints. Orange wouldn't be my top choice but it does seem to work nicely here with the white and blue to complement it.


This example shows how damask can work with polka dots when they're used in the same color scheme. It also shows off pink damask, an option that I adore. I think pink and brown go well together as a damask design. So do pink and black although they are a slightly bolder choice. This example of damask décor shows off one more important thing, which is that damask can be a great design choice for nurseries and kids' rooms. It's playful and fun!


This is another great example of damask in a child's room. Here the damask is black and white but the pink remains a prevalent part of the design. This really emphasizes the point made above that any color really looks great when combined with black and white damask. Here the flirty ribbons, the light pink shades and the art in the room turn black and white damask from chic to youthful. I love this for a girl's room!


Damask pillows are one of the classiest ways to start incorporating this design into the décor of your home. You don't have to totally commit to the design in case you don't like it since pillows are easy to re-cover or put away if you don't want them anymore. You can play around with different color options and damask patterns for the same reason. And yet, when tossed comfortably on the right sofa, damask pillows can really enhance the design of an entire space. It's a win-win.

Another low-commitment way to start playing around with damask design in the home is to get a damask tablecloth. As with pillows, the tablecloth can easily be put away or replaced if the design or color choice ends up not working for you. And yet, as you can see from the image here, the damask tablecloth can really make a huge statement in the dining room when it does work for you. Of course, you don't have to go with a color as bold as red. You could choose whatever works best in your home!


If you do want to get more committed to damask in the home than just pillows or a tablecloth then you might move forward to drapes. This isn't as much of a commitment as getting damask wallpaper but it is an item that makes a bigger design statement in the home. I particularly like these damask drapes because the design is pretty and feminine but subtle in comparison to black-and-white damask drapes or other bold drapery colors. I can see this particular example working in almost any room.

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Nan Mynatt profile image

Nan Mynatt 5 years ago from Illinois

Good ideas for winter decorating and looking good for spring.

winston 5 years ago

Great hub and wonderful decorating ideas. I also like the selection of materials and the colors.

winston 5 years ago

Great hub. Wonderful decorating ideas.

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