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10 Stunning Corner Sofa Options for the Stylish Home

Updated on October 30, 2012

The corner sofa is a terrific furniture choice for any home. Even though it’s a large piece of furniture, it is shaped in such a way that it fits neatly into almost any space. The corner sofa provides a terrific lounge area with ample seating for multiple people. It’s big enough to double as a sleeping area for when guests come over. But how do you go about choosing a corner sofa that looks right in your home? There are a lot of different styles to choose from so your best bet is to shop around until you find the corner sofa that really works best for you. Consider size, shape, color, texture and material as you look through different corner sofas. Below you’ll find ten really cool choices that you might consider if you’re looking for a corner sofa for your home.

1. Modern Leather Corner Sofa

This leather corner sofa is a perfect example of the most common type of modern corner sofa that you'll find when you start looking to purchase this type of furniture. The modern corner sofa is fairly long on both sides although one side tends to be longer than the other. The back is a mid-height level designed to maximize the comfort for guests of all sizes. The side of this corner sofa is backless and designed for full-length lounging which is typical of the modern corner sofa. If you're looking for something that's basically your normal corner sofa then you'll want to look for a design like this one. White is a good classic color but of course you could get it in another color as well.

2. Small Modern Corner Sofa

Some people just do not have the space in their homes for a very large modern corner sofa. This small corner sofa is a great alternative. It has a modern design and style but it's sized down so that it fits in a smaller space. It's designed for two or three people like a normal sofa would be. However, it does have that corner sofa shape and the extended lounging area that are characteristic of the corner sofa. The coloring on this one is great for a modern stylish home, don't you think?

3. Alternative Small Corner Sofa

Here is another example of a small corner sofa. There are a few things that are different about this one as compared to the last one and which some people might find appealing. First of all the material is different; there's a wicker frame here that provides a unique look for the corner sofa. Secondly, the coloring (particularly with the additional pillows) is a bit more young and fun. And finally, we can see in the image that this is a whole set of furniture with a chair and a footstool. This is a great set up for someone who is young and perhaps living in a small apartment but who still wants a corner sofa with a lot of seating options for guests. It's notable that the lounge side of this corner sofa is missing but the footstool could be used with the corner sofa to recreate that.

4. Masculine Corner Sofa

That last corner sofa was great for someone young and fun but what if the message you're trying to send with your furniture is that your stylish and all grown-up? If you're a guy then a good choice might be this masculine corner sofa. The black material and the unique shape and structure of this corner sofa make it a really sexy choice for a grown-up bachelor pad. Of course, a woman might like this for her home, too. It really appeals to anyone with a chic, artsy sense of style. It's definitely different than a lot of the other corner sofas that you'll see out there.

5. Fainting Couch Corner Sofa

Here's a completely different style of corner sofa that really relies on a unique shape to send a message about it's style. This one is more feminine in shape. In fact, it's almost reminiscent of the old fainting couch or chaise lounge that you'd find in women's homes a century or so ago. This one is also interesting because it's subtle as a corner sofa. It's rounded curves allow it to fit nicely into a corner without seeming as blocky in design as most corner sofas do. Notably it is missing the lounge area of the corner sofa which is going to make it unfavorable to some people but it's surely got a neat enough design that it would appeal to others.

6. Rounded Corner Sofa

Here's another example of the rounded corner sofa. This one also has the kind of soft curves that take away from the harsh design that you might have come to anticipate when looking at corner sofas. Like with the last example, it's missing the lounge area of the sofa. However, this is a full set with a chair that includes a footstool so you do get the lounge area if you purchase the set. This style combines the modern corner sofa with the fainting couch corner sofa and offers a happy medium that would work well with the design in a lot of different contemporary homes.

7. Mini Corner Sofa

This mini corner sofa is really cute, isn't it? It's set up like two small love seats that are joined at the hip. The coloring is contemporary and fun. What is really cool though is the round seat/table that goes along with this corner sofa. It's practically as large as the corner sofa itself. This play on dimensions adds even more frivolity to the piece and makes this some furniture worth talking about.

8. Corner Sofa Bed

There are so many things to love about this corner sofa that it's tough to know where to start. First of all, it's a great example of a modern corner sofa that is similar in many ways to the size and shape of the first sofa we looked at in this article. Second, it's a red corner sofa which is a really stylish color choice for such a large piece of furniture. Imagine it in a black and white room and think how saucy and stylish it would look! And finally, it isn't just big enough for lounging but is actually a full sofa bed with a pull-out bed area for guests to sleep on. This corner sofa bed is one of the top choices for people who are looking for a large, functional and fun corner sofa for their homes.

9. Bold Leather Sofa

If you really want to choose a corner sofa that is going to dominate the room with its sense of style then you'll want to make sure that the color of the corner sofa is really bold. A red sofa with dalmatian print on it does the trick nicely don't you think?! All of the printed stuff looks like it's removable (and the footstool is on wheels) so it would be possible to tone down the look as needed to give you more design options in the home. This would be great in a kids' room but could also be used in a fun adult's room if you weren't too scared of being bold!

10. Modular Corner Sofa

If you're looking for something really different then a modular corner sofa could be the way to go. This type of furniture is designed in pieces that come apart and fit neatly back together in a variety of ways. You can place them together to create a cool corner sofa. You can also take them apart to create individual chairs or smaller sofas that are not corner sofas. With so many options, this type of corner sofa would fit in any home. Of course, the green color isn't going to suit everyone's aesthetic tastes but another color could be chosen if you were interested in the style.


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  • profile image

    ignugent17 5 years ago

    Great pictures and thanks for sharing the ideas.

  • AllSuretyBonds profile image

    AllSuretyBonds 6 years ago

    I love the sofa bed! Look So comfortable! Very Nice!!

  • profile image

    Belinda 6 years ago

    Great stuff! Very useful info! Where can I get the rounded sofa (nr 6)?

  • NP.QUEEN profile image

    NP.QUEEN 7 years ago from Dubai

    Very nice sofas and useful.Thank you.

  • profile image

    John 7 years ago

    Some useful and inspiring info, thanks!

  • profile image

    Fred Siman 7 years ago

    thanks fro your post. i think you are right. i agree with you.

  • profile image

    barun 7 years ago

    very helpful post..thank you..any insights on where to buy any of these couches..especially the fainting couch style(number 5)

  • profile image

    karthickeyan 7 years ago

    i want to buy one of this sofe where can i buy this...

  • angelaglancy profile image

    angelaglancy 7 years ago from Seattle

    The small and mini corner sofas are great. It is so easy to have a corner sofa end up being too large for the room. Nice hub.

  • Petstrel profile image

    Petstrel 7 years ago from Slovenia

    That's a great hub, I hope I'll have time (and knowledge) to create something similar.

  • profile image

    jen 8 years ago

    i do not like the colors on some of these pictures think about changing the green color to a tan and brown that way it matches almost everything and you will get much more sales also try lowering your prices so that way you definitely get more sales

  • Morris Streak profile image

    Morris Streak 8 years ago from UK

    The corner sofa can be mood-definitive when done right. I love the options you covered here. The modular corner sofa, for one thing, is great for office lounges and hospital waiting rooms. The corner sofa bed is good for singles who don't have a lot of space, and yet has to entertain guests who come over. Great stuff you have here. I'm into home improvement myself.

  • cheap futon frame profile image

    cheap futon frame 8 years ago from New York

    Wow, beautiful corner sofas, especially liked the modular corner sofa. Very nice.

  • R Oberoi profile image

    R Oberoi 8 years ago from India

    I liked Alternative Small Corner Sofa. Cool color with contrasting cushions.Really nice

  • Jessica Horn profile image

    Jessica Horn 8 years ago

    Who knew there could be so many options for corner sofas! I always disliked corner units because they seemed so limiting, but I think you've caused me to change my opinion.

    Definitely get a Thumbs Up from me!

  • Artemus Gordon profile image

    Artemus Gordon 8 years ago

    These are great looking pieces. We are trying to remodel and using a sofa with corner is the best use of the space we have.

  • michelle.dragon99 profile image

    michelle.dragon99 8 years ago

    Great hub kathryn...