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Why I Love the Sunshine State

Today was another day I thanked God that my parents moved us to Florida. I'm working part time in an office that helps people find Naples Homes and anyone who know office life knows how nice it is to step outside for a breath of fresh air. But not everyone has the luxury to go outside and breathe warm fresh clear air every day.

As I write this, I'm sitting outside on my lunch break enjoying the perfection of the shady spot I found;the temperature is perfect and I'm watching my favorite trees (palm trees) slowly swaying in the light breeze. Working for a quality company that sells Naples Real Estate is great and all, yet I almost feel like instead of a lunch break, I'm taking a mini vacation! Too bad I can't be sipping a margarita or I'd really feel like I'm at play and not at work.

Seeing Gods lush and gorgeous creations daily can sometimes lose it's awe factor, but regularly I get another glimpse of His glory in nature. I'm so thankful to live in Florida where the sun shines and the birds sing year round.

I had a roommate in college tell me why she loved the northern winters. She said, "Winter is cold, dark, and lifeless, yet it helps me appreciate the beauty of spring when it finally comes. It's like walking through Hell to get a glimpse of Heaven". But I asked her, "Why not live in a place that is heavenly year round and make a point to appreciate the beauty everyday, and skip the walk through Hell!" To each their own, I guess, but to mine, it's the paradise of Florida.

Wherever you live, God's beauty is there, so may you take a moment to step outside, breathe in deep, look toward the sky and thank God for his beauty and awesomeness in all he has made.

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Estee Murphy 5 years ago

We live in paradise! Always sunny, always cheerful. Can't complain....

short and sweet profile image

short and sweet 5 years ago from Southwest Florida Author

I stepped outside again today and said another "THANK YOU GOD" for the warmth and sunshine :)

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