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What's the best way to clean the underside of a push mower?

I've had problems with things gunking up after cutting wet and even not-so-wet grass. Then I get a crust of old grass growing mold down there and I can tell it's cutting down the efficiency of the mower. If I flip the mower over to clean it the gas starts leaking out, so I have to prop the stupid thing up on a table or something. Is there a better way? And what tools are best for dislodging that grass without damaging the mower?

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Best Answer Eugene Brennan (eugbug) says

4 years ago
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Shasta Matova (Millionaire Tips) says

4 years ago
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    Eric Newland 4 years ago

    Thanks, MT. I rock my lawn mower like a lowrider but can't seem to dislodge the overall crust that seems to collect over time. Eventually I'm lifting the dumb thing up on a table and rooting around underneath with a flathead screwdriver. The cooking