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Is Obama trying to destroy American Airlines?

The Obama Administration is suing to stop the merger of American Airlines and US Airways. US Airways seems pretty healthy but American seems to have no hope. It has a horrible leader in Horton, the relationships between management and unions are poisonous, and American has been losing money for years and years. Why would Obama and Holder want to put American Airlines, an iconic brand, out of business?

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ParadigmEnacted says

3 years ago
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Dennis L. Page (pagesvoice) says

3 years ago
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    Cassie Smith 3 years ago

    American Airlines and US Airways will be at a disadvantage with Delta and United because they can't merge and won't be able to compete because their network is smaller. Ultimately Obama and Holder will force American to lay off even more workers.

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retief2000 says

3 years ago
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    Dennis L. Page (pagesvoice) 3 years ago

    That comment is pure FOX NOISE propaganda nonsense. Financial analysts by and large have stated that this particular merger would result in higher air fares and charges to the public.

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