100 Hubs and Romance Is Not Dead.

100 Hubs

Happy 100th Birthday
Happy 100th Birthday | Source

Here's to the next 100

100 Hubs and Romance Is Not Dead.

The firework display of many colours, sparklers twinkle silver light into the dark sky above, but none can hold a Catherine Wheel, or should that be a candle, to my love, Hub Pages?

I joined you all many months ago, just a sapling on this cyber planet we call Hub Pages. Many of you welcomed me with open arms. Some of you nurtured my tender persona, whilst others took great delight in spitting me out in little pieces. But so many of you are now an important daily part of my life; just like cleaning my teeth or eating a packet of ready salted crisps, my particular favourite brand being Walkers. Gary Linekar isn’t bad either, well he certainly has a huge wallet.

I have loved and lost many Hub Buddies, I have had the old heart strings pulled and split a little with enjoyable dates with sensual and gifted writers. I have adored from afar, and hopefully been adored by a few. That last statement to make my ego feel good, but most importantly I have learned so much about human behaviour.

People laugh, cry, fight, retaliate, nurture, encourage and love on Hub Pages, just like any house in any town in any country. We share a life together; sometimes a lonely life can be lifted by an insightful comment. In other ways a depressive mood can be changed with laughter shared with other hubber’s, and at times, heart break is bearable with the love of friends that we have made. Together, we are a huge melting pot of diverse personalities, who feel at home on Hub Pages.

Some people, such as my partner don’t understand how any of us need to chat, to comment on someone else’s writing.In fact he thinks that we should all get everything that we need at home within our own four walls. He has in fact told me that I am obsessed with writing for my fellow hubber’s. Maybe I am, but there is where the problem lies. We can be happy at home with the most fantastic partner in life, but we all want more.

A fellow hubber, The Frog Prince, wrote from the heart about Giver’s and Taker’s and certainly made us stand up and listen to ourselves. As much as there are “Givers and Takers” in this life there are needs and wants individual to every one of us. I “need” to eat and drink in order to stay alive, but what excitement can I get from that apart from a fantasy of being dined by a luscious man, carrying a single red rose. Yes Ok, a bit corny, but nice while I fantasise. I “want” to be dined by a luscious man carrying a single red rose, and that is the difference.Hub Pages have given me so much more than a “need”, youmy hub buddies who regularly follow my hubs, laugh at my terrible jokes, pick me up and send me on my way with encouraging words when my poetry is crap, and read and applaud my efforts for Creative Writing, are my family. I “want” to be in your world. I “want” to feel a presence of kindred spirits and I “need “to be heard, just like a crying baby in the cot hoping for love and attention from his mother.

I have been around the block a few times, I have lived and loved and lost all in the same week, but I will never give up hope of finding just a little bit of happiness. My friends at hub pages you have given me a visual life, where I can run free from any confines. I can speak my mind, write poetically and creatively or just as simple, be me. We don’t see each other every day, we don’t infringe on each other’s space, we don’t turn up where we are not welcome, but we do support each other.

So this, my 100th hub I dedicate to every one of you who have touched my life. From those who have lots of loving magical words to those who simply say it as it is. Thank you for accepting me, wrinkles, flaws and selfish moments, because I am only human and not a cyber giant full of power. I am simply me.

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Sinea Pies profile image

Sinea Pies 5 years ago from Northeastern United States

Congratulations on your 100th hub! Many more great hubs ahead! (Looking forward to celebrating mine, somewhere down the road.)

Sharyn's Slant profile image

Sharyn's Slant 5 years ago from Northeast Ohio USA

Congratulations Blue,

I'm late to the party and you are at 108 already. WAY TO GO!!!


thebluestar profile image

thebluestar 5 years ago from Northern Ireland Author

vocalcoach, so nice to meet you here in my little tiny space of hub pages. Your comment is so lovely to receive, especially as a new visitor to my site. I hope you find more of my writing enjoyable.

vocalcoach profile image

vocalcoach 5 years ago from Nashville Tn.

Puleeeeeeeeeeeeze - add me to your long list of hub friends. I have only just met you, through reading your hub, and I already love you! You bring such an air of "freshness" to the hub table. Sincere, kind and open. And let's not forget to mention your talent as a writer.

A big congratulations on your 100th hub. Now if you will excuse me...I will go knock on your door. :)

PS: Voted UP and across the board!!!

thebluestar profile image

thebluestar 5 years ago from Northern Ireland Author

Martie, what a wonderful tribute to receive from you on reaching my 100 milestone. I will always see people as individuals, and my thought on life is only so strong, because I never expect them to behave in the way I would want them too. Therefore I don't get disappointed so easily. Although I do get hurt. If my past has taught me anything at all it is to forgive, and let go. I hate being bitter, and feelings such as jealously, and hatred are so damaging to my own soul. But the one thing that keeps me the strong character that I am, is the sincerest of friends such as yourself that carry me along. Love you girl. xx

thebluestar profile image

thebluestar 5 years ago from Northern Ireland Author

My dear friend Richard. Blue was extremely proud of his old mum hitting her 100 Hub celebrations, that he told me if you stopped by you had to give Naylin extra carrots for her supper. Wish you could have been here my friend I would certainly have shared my birthday cake with you. lol Take very good care of yourself and Naylin and say "Hi" to Brian and Suzanne when you see them next. Hope to see you soon. x

thebluestar profile image

thebluestar 5 years ago from Northern Ireland Author

Thank you Susan for your joining my celebrations, and here is looking forward to the next 100. x

thebluestar profile image

thebluestar 5 years ago from Northern Ireland Author

must65gt thank you for your lovely encouraging comment. It is strange how we see each other's point of view. You have been extremely kind in all the help that you have offered, a man of wisdom and sensitivity, and a great writer.

MartieCoetser profile image

MartieCoetser 5 years ago from South Africa

Annette, I've only recently met you, and by now you are settled deep in my heart. You are a lovely, warmhearted woman and naively more than willing to trust everybody and give them your all. I know you are quite capable to protect yourself, nevertheless I feel like protecting you, or at least encourage you to protect yourself. In spite of many bad memories your heart is still filled with the dreams of a maiden. You are a precious gem and I love to read whatever your write - your writings reveal the pure soul of a child who don't even know how to hold a grudge. I cannot help but despise people who pick on you and humiliate you in an effort to present themselves as superiors. You know my motto: "You recognize a great man in the way he treats little men." (Can't remember who's winged words this was.) You, Annette, makes little men/women feel great, and you make the great feel greater. You are one of a very special and precious kind of people on this planet. Just know I'm going to be your friend until you ban me out of your life. I'm looking forward to the rest of the thousand hubs your are going to publish.

Richard Proctor profile image

Richard Proctor 5 years ago

i am so happy for you for your wonderful hubs. from Richard and Naylin

b. Malin profile image

b. Malin 5 years ago

Hooray for You BlueStar...and yet it's still only the Beginning of More and More of your Wonderful Words... that are yet to come! Congratulations my Friend.

Just Ask Susan profile image

Just Ask Susan 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

Congrats on hitting the 100 Hubs mark. I look forward to reading 100 more :)

must65gt profile image

must65gt 5 years ago

Congratts on the big 100. Often when I reflect on mine, I wonder how I got there. I see many on here with 100.120, 150, but I wonder how many reach 200 or even 1000. Hubpages is made up of many individuals with even more personalities. lol....some have more than one. My desires for you as you continue to write, to retain your standards and morals. May your writing remain uplifting and positive in genre as it has in the past, and may your presents encourage others as they move forward in the writing world. God Bless

thebluestar profile image

thebluestar 5 years ago from Northern Ireland Author

Rosemary, here is a full packet, hell no a box full of Walkers Ready Salted just for you. Just watch out for the postie lol Thank you for joining my celebrations, it is always lovely to see you in my space.

thebluestar profile image

thebluestar 5 years ago from Northern Ireland Author

Hi Joyce, you have been quiet recently girlfriend, I hope that you are OK. Thank you for stopping by with your support, especially as I know that you have so much on your mind. xx

thebluestar profile image

thebluestar 5 years ago from Northern Ireland Author

Ruby, what lovely comments you have left for me. They touch my heart, as you have done, and do so on many occasions.Thank you so much my friend. x

thebluestar profile image

thebluestar 5 years ago from Northern Ireland Author

Sunnie, I hope that birthday greeting comes with a supply of hankies. If not I sure need one now. What a beautiful tribute you have offered me. Sweet Sunnie, all our lives would be so much sadder without your smile to brighten up our day's. xx

thebluestar profile image

thebluestar 5 years ago from Northern Ireland Author

Eiddwen thank you for joining my 100th birthday celebrations. I hope to still be around when you celebrate your 100 birthday. We can drink a glass of champagne together and reminis about good times. x

Rosemay50 profile image

Rosemay50 5 years ago from Hawkes Bay - NewZealand

Congratulations on your 100th hub, a wonderful milestone.

I have always enjoyed your hubs, they are always so down to earth and genuine.

Although you don't follow me I know that you read my hubs too and that is very much appreciated. So thank you for being a friend.

Now if you could kust pass me over one of those WALKERS ready salted crisps I will be your slave forever. Lol funny the things we miss.

writer20 profile image

writer20 5 years ago from Southern Nevada

Happy 100th birthday Annette, your hubs are always a great read to enjoyed.

thebluestar profile image

thebluestar 5 years ago from Northern Ireland Author

Gail welcome to my birthday party, come sit a while and let us chat. You are a lady of great wisdom and I am very happy to have met you. You are such a kind soul always reaching out to others and we adore you for it. x

thebluestar profile image

thebluestar 5 years ago from Northern Ireland Author

Will, a man of great talent and my inspiration. But more a man of few words but can often tell a story. You were one of the first hubbers to take my hand and offer me help and support, and you are still taking all the newbies under your wing. We are all so grateful.

thebluestar profile image

thebluestar 5 years ago from Northern Ireland Author

My dearest mar, you are awesome my sweet and talented friend. It is I that am truly grateful to have found you here on Hub Pages, as my life is never lonely when you take my hand. Thank you so much for your encouragement along my journey, and know that you are always in my heart. x

thebluestar profile image

thebluestar 5 years ago from Northern Ireland Author

Hi Mike, thank you for all your help and support to push me along my way. Talented writers are in abundance here on Hub Pages, but talent and generosity such as yours makes every hub worth while.

always exploring profile image

always exploring 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

I was happy to meet you when i read your first story on Hubpages. You are funny, you write from the heart. What more could we ask for? Congratulations on 100 Hubs and hopefully many more....

profile image

Sunnie Day 5 years ago

Happy 100th hub sweet Annette. We love you and are so happy our sweet Irish Rose is still writing her wonderful hubs filled with delightful suprises.

Much love,



Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

An amazing hub and I vote all the way up.

You are indeed a talented writer and here's to many more to share on here.

Take care


Happyboomernurse profile image

Happyboomernurse 5 years ago from South Carolina

Congratulations on reaching the 100 Hubs milestone and thanks for sharing so much of yourself, your creative imagination and your support with so many of your fellow hubbers, myself included.

I think Hub Pages is addictive but in a most delightful way. Here's to sharing many more stories in the future.

WillStarr profile image

WillStarr 5 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

Congratulations on 100 Hubs, and 16 months!

marcoujor profile image

marcoujor 5 years ago from Jeffersonville PA

My "cyber giant" Big Sister, My Inspiration and my Dear Friend, Annette,

I am dreaming for 25 hubs so I heartily congratulate you on this milestone of the "Big 100"-- I am thrilled for you! I have been guilty of both "loving magical words and simply saying it like it is" with you and have been grateful that you have done the same with me. You also accept "me" for my "wrinkles, flaws and selfish moments"...

how could I not vote you and this very wonderful hub UP & UABI... you, my dear, are a giver in the truest sense of the word, mar.

Vinaya Ghimire profile image

Vinaya Ghimire 5 years ago from Nepal

Your words inspire me in many ways. Thanks for leaving a wonderful comment on Sunnie Day's blog.

mckbirdbks profile image

mckbirdbks 5 years ago from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas

Hello thebluestar. Congratulations on number one hundred. I am sure you are just warming up that writer's pen. A toast to one hundred more.

thebluestar profile image

thebluestar 5 years ago from Northern Ireland Author

marellen, I have been neglecting some of my hub friends recently, head filled with other projects, but I am never far away. I am so glad that you stopped by and I hope that we will support each other for a long time to come. x

thebluestar profile image

thebluestar 5 years ago from Northern Ireland Author

My dear young friend, thank you so much for showing your support of my 100th hub. However, the pleasure of knowing you is all mine. I hope that you can move on now, with happy memories and a soul full of love from your father. Sweet friend I wish you well. xx

thebluestar profile image

thebluestar 5 years ago from Northern Ireland Author

Darling Cardissa, every hub written by you needs to be celebrated as if the 100. Your ability and kindness make me stand in awe of you. A truly beautiful person inside and out. xx

profile image

marellen 5 years ago

Congrats on your 100 Hub.I'm coming up on mine soon too. So nice to read all the joy you have found here on Hubpages. Its especially nice to call our fellow hubbers friends too.

K. Burns Darling profile image

K. Burns Darling 5 years ago from Orange County, California

Like you, I view Hub Pages as not only a place where I publish, but also as a home, where I have found an extended support system that is like a family, and have made many friends, like you, who have supported me through this last year, not just by critiquing my work, but sometimes, by lending me emotional and morale support through what was to be the last year of my dad's life. So, thank you my friend, and congratulations on your first 100, may you write many hundreds more!

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica

Happy 100! YAY....HURRAY! wooowoooo......

I am heading for 1000,I'll celebrate then, might be far off but I'll wait..lol

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