Cheaters And Infidelity

20 Signs A Persons Cheating

In Society alot of men and woman overlook the signs of cheating due to the fact there in denial and don't want to believe there partner is a cheater or there just blind sided and don't know the actuall signs to look for when someone's cheating on them. When thing's look to good to be true than more than likely they probably are. Kinda like shopping for a used car the sales man tells you it's a dream car. The car looks great but has alot of hidden issues you later found out about. So I'm going to give you the 10 tall tell signs of a true cheater!!! So read very closely and pay attention to all of these signs as there can be only one to all of them with your cheating partner.

1.) Your partner has a code on there cell phone so you can't get into it, They delete text messages, email messages(hidden password).

2.) When you accidentally receive a pocket call from there cell phone and you hear male or female voices in the background and you've been trying to get a hold of that person but they wouldn't answer or call you back.

3.) When there always working late doing overtime but there pay check doesn't reflect any overtime.

4.) When there friends are more important then you are and they don't introduce you to them or any of there family members.

5.) Receiving phone calls and then suddenly they have to take off.

6.) Hotel charges on a credit card Bill.

7.) Finding a phone number in there pocket with no name on it.

8.) Answering the phone and saying hello and the other person only hangs up on you every time you answer and then suddenly your partner is calling someone.

9.) Trying different sexuall techniques in the bedroom out of the blue that they never done before with you.

10.) Finding makeup on clothing or they smell like men's cologne or woman's perfume.

11.) Finding condoms or clothing that doesn't belong to you or your partner that you know of.

12.) Not coming home until the next day

13.) Coming home with there hair messy and clothing not fitting right.

14.) Coming home and immediately jumping into the shower.

15.) Suddenly no sexual activity between you and your partner when there use to be.

16.)Finding hair in your bed that's not from your head or your partners.

17.)Breaking up with you and moving out suddenly.

18.)Acting differently towards you, being overly nice or being extremely rude to you

19.)Suddenly your partner is calling you and asking you when are you going to be home when they never use to.

20.)Suddenly your neighbor or best friend stops talking to you but talks to your partner.

These are some of the things to look out for if you feel your partner is cheating but alway's remember once a cheater, Always a cheater!!!!

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LucidDreams profile image

LucidDreams 4 years ago from St Petersburg, Florida

Yep, kind of scary that we trust someone enough to get in a relationship with them, then they cheat?

GlstngRosePetals profile image

GlstngRosePetals 4 years ago from Wouldn't You Like To Know Author

Luciddreams- I agree 100% with you. I feel they should at least end things first with there partner then move on.

LucidDreams profile image

LucidDreams 4 years ago from St Petersburg, Florida

Some good points to watch out for. I just dont see why people feel the need to cheat. If you want something different just move on! Dont be a liar.....your partner deserves better then that.

openwater diver 6 years ago

Unfortunately I have been on the getting cheated side of that fence, wish I knew the signs back then.

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