Quotes about Broken Relationships & Break ups

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Here are some quotes about broken relationships and break ups which excerpts I got from a best-selling book 'It's Called a Break Up Because It's Broken" written by below-mentioned authors.

from Amiira Ruotola-Behrendt - author and television producer

"Being brokenhearted is like having broken ribs. On the outside it looks like nothing's wrong, but every breath hurts"

"Even with all the mayonnaise in the world, you can't make chicken salad out of chicken shit"

"It hurts to be rejected but it hurts more to be rejected by someone who once swore love to you in the first place"

from Greg Behrendt - author and comedian

"Wasting time in a relationship that blows is just that --wasted time"

"Anyone who assesses you or your relationship as disposable is not worthy of your time or tears"

"One of the suckiest and most frustrating facts of life is that sometimes relationship just end, often without reason. I truly believe that sometimes both men and women simply run out of love, even when there was a lot of it in the beginning"

"Two people in a relationship either grow together or apart over time"

"I think the time it takes to feel better about a break up is directly proportional to the time it takes to feel better about yourself"

Quotes from other authors

"It takes one eye opened to meet your true love, but both eyes closed to keep them" - Anonymous

"The hottest love has the coldest end" - Socrates

"Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all" - Hemingway

"When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long on the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us" - Alexander Graham Bell

"I refuse to let what happened to me make me bitter. I still completely believe in love and I'm open to anything that will happen to me" - Nicole Kidman

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ubanichijioke profile image

ubanichijioke 5 years ago from Lagos

Its always hard to move on after a breakup when you love someone.

Thanks for the quotes

cbguillermo profile image

cbguillermo 5 years ago from Bataan, Philippines Author

Thanks ubanichijioke for reading my hub. Yeah its hard, but only at the beginning. Every end comes a new beginning. I hope you find greater love soon. =)

Kabelo mogalapa 4 years ago

No 1 has travelled on de road of success wth crossing de street failure.failure is an event nt a person.

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