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Ladies: What's the biggest turnoff in a guy's online dating profile or his social network page?

I know it's hard to pick just a few no-no's, but I think there are some guys who realize they simply don't know what it takes to attract a lady that they want to be with long-term. Let's be nice and open them up to how we view some of their efforts that come off the wrong way. I'll begin with a simple one: I like to see a few pictures of a guy in different settings, but narcissistic overload and pictures via the mirror or a turnoff. It says he is self-absorbed as well as unable to find a friend to take his snapshot. A guy's naked body also says, he doesn't know what's important to women.

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Rebecca Mikulin (wychic) says

4 years ago
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cobrien says

5 years ago
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Angel709 says

5 years ago
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