I am a 26 years old thin tall man and > my weight 50 kg and height 5 feet 8 inch and married...

from > last 5 months,and my wife 28 year old normal healthy > women her weight 49 kg and height 5 feet both are black > complxion and my says she does't love me,and does't like me > but before she like me and love me, she I feel my wife's > character not good. She looks at guys and wants to show them > her body. She likes to talk with guys. If I get angry then > she calls me am a jealous guy. She's had 30 or 40 affairs in > the past. Am feel I need to leave her but I can't leave > because I love her so much... Don't know what to do. Please > give me suggestion. Note from the Divorce

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L a d y f a c e says

6 years ago
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rocko hunter says

3 years ago
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peachy (peachpurple) says

6 years ago
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