How can i make my girlfriend fall crazy in love with me and never want to leave

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  1. profile image56
    bigmodoposted 14 years ago

    How can i make my girlfriend fall crazy in love with me and never want to leave me?

    How can i make my girlfriend fall crazy in love with me and never want to leave me? I lost my girlfriend some few months ago to another guy, it happened like magic. Though it was my fault in some way, but now i got her back. I spent yesterday with her expressing the way i feel about her, apologizing for my mistakes and assuring her that things will be better this time. Now she seems to be feeling me a bit, but not full. What can i do to make her fall in love with me once again? I plan to marry this chick and the other guy plan to marry her too. I want to be the first guy to kiss the bride. So

  2. SalesandBusiness profile image59
    SalesandBusinessposted 14 years ago

    Okay, first don't let yourself fall into the trap that you can do the things it takes to make your girlfriend do anything.  She has to want to be in this.  Being overly "into" the relationship can be the actual cause of your problems. 

    Be romantic, but not over the top.  Don't text, call and email all the time. How about handwritten note, sent regular mail once in a while. 

    You have to be interested enough in your own life to get someone interested in being in it with you. Take a class, take a walk, join a club, feed the homeless, but have something new to do and do it now.  Get busy... Do things without her.

    You can't pine your way into someones heart.  Love triangles rarely end well.  As a student of Dale Carnegie, I would advise you to get straight with the worst that can happen.  If that is the idea that "he" walks her down the isle, then let that be the goal.  Be alright with that in your mind and you're half way there.

    Remember, even your dog will run if you chase after it.  Take it easy and be yourself.  We all know when someone is trying too hard.  Makes it seem like you're not worthy.  Be worthy, get busy, be alright with the worst that can happen and I predict you'll end up with the girl in the end.

  3. Charmed Life profile image57
    Charmed Lifeposted 14 years ago

    Son you are living in a fool's paradise. Sorry but forever and ever amen and happily ever after,
    They don't play out in real life. Real life is tough and day in and day out with the same person is even harder.
    Don't get the idea that if you knock her up you'll lock her up
    That is way old school and this is a strong chick she booked
    Right into another dudes bed once already. Give yourself a second then think about that for a minute.
    In every relationship there is always one that loves more harder and stronger  then the other half they
    Will be loving but usually conditionally so.
    Your going to be holding the hot potato as long as your with this woman
    She hold's all the card;s and just like you said yourself.
    Pouf like magic one day she will be gone.
    Your best chance is to show her true respect and appreciation and hope for the best.
    Marriage is not a guarantee of a damn thing other then you will loose one half of everything you have worked for up to that point. When the marriage ends and the odds are not on a
    Long term union. I'm just saying don't rush to the justice of the peace a piece of paper won't stop anyone from hitting the door. when they are at the point of done.
    Don't want to be a downer just want to share some life lessons
    You'll make your own mistakes we all do.
    Good luck to you either way. It's a winding road you've got to maneuver the turns the best you can.

  4. lesterd2009 profile image61
    lesterd2009posted 14 years ago

    Ill give you some ideas in my hub tell me what you think … e-A-Master

  5. maxximise profile image60
    maxximiseposted 14 years ago

    When you lost a girlfriend is a good time to checkup on how do you treat her. We are social value creature where our life value is determined in the eyes of our love one or spouse. If you have become so available in your relationship and always nurturing her. Her impression on you becoming somehow familiar and not that special. This is the act of solely a father figure (provider type)

    You can induce some romance by adding spontaneous activity together with her. Invite her friends come along to a house party where it will strengthen her social value on you.

    I found that many guys also fall for the syndrome THE ONE girl. There is not one girl for you but many, it just happens that you like this girl so much that other don't matter. You must ask yourself this: "what do I like from her? if you like her just because she is nice, you also must like her because she is pretty!

    This maybe shocking you but a girl would enjoy to be loved as a pretty creature than just a nice girl. aren't we all typical girl loves bad boys, we love pretty girls

  6. wisecrone333 profile image59
    wisecrone333posted 14 years ago

    You will have better luck hanging on to your lady if you can convince her that she wants to be with you - and doesn't need to be.  Sound confusing?  Let me explain - you said that she left you a few months ago for someone else - pouf like magic.  From the female perspective she would have left you because on some level or for some reason you stopped her "wanting" to be with you.  If a lady is with you because she "needs" to be (either from your perspective or hers) then circumstances change and her (or your) needs will change and your relationship won't last.  But if you can convince her that you being in her life is something she "wants" then that is less likely to change and she will be more likely to stay.

    Good luck
    Lisa smile

  7. landthatilove profile image60
    landthatiloveposted 14 years ago

    What did she tell you her mistakes were for booking on you with the other guy? How can it be your mistake she did this? Or is she off the hook completely just because she is "gracing" your presence?

    Don't be a chump.

    Maybe you should reveal just exactly what you did to make her take off on you in the first place. You said it was your fault in some way but you did not expand on that.

    Whatever you do... do not let her use you and the other guy like a couple of pawns. If you suspect she is doing this, grow a spine and drop out of the stupid game before you get hurt even worse. And do not think of the other guy as an enemy, chances are he is getting played just like you, so have some sympathy for your brother.

    Looks like this has been a while since you posted this. In four months what has happened? Let us know, There are folks here who want to help ya out.

  8. RNMSN profile image60
    RNMSNposted 14 years ago

    you cannot make someone love you/as a parent his is evident the first time your child crosses their little arms, looks up at you with a tear stained face and declares "you are a mean mommy and i want my daddy" then it just gets worse...but as a person this is something everyone needs to learn early on...if you had a magic pill and could make your girlfriend fall madly in love with you and never want t leave you wht you would be stuck with woulb be the carbon form equivalent of a blow up girly dont want that!
    you cannot MAKE someone love you dude!
    get over her;she isnt worth it

  9. Jamie Prather profile image60
    Jamie Pratherposted 14 years ago

    be ruthless, cunning, sweet, and patient. If you can do so, she is yours!

  10. profile image53
    akringle1215posted 13 years ago

    Unfortunately you cannot make anyone fall in love with you. If we could there would be way less divorces and broken hearts in the world. All you can really do is treat her with respect, love, kindness and understanding. Treat her like the queen of your heart but dont get over the top. Respect yourself too. For her to fall in love with you she has to want to. Its completely up to her.

  11. PAPA-BEAR profile image60
    PAPA-BEARposted 13 years ago

    Listen just be a nice guy, do not cheapen yourself, nor try to make things out. Good relationships are built on trust, love comes from that trust. I have been married 46 years, we respect each other, give each other the space we need, and we deeply love each other. We have never run from problems, thats life.
    take care

  12. Doll Heart Candy profile image61
    Doll Heart Candyposted 13 years ago

    Buy her a piece of jewellery from

    What's her favourite movie?

    Doll Heart Candy  sells Chick Flick Charm bracelets, featuring charms inspired by the movie they are named after such as Pretty Woman and sex and The City.

    That will be sure to get her attention.

    Hope this helps

  13. Trohnjem profile image61
    Trohnjemposted 13 years ago

    It's simple, I'm surprised you haven't thought of it yet.... you can't.

  14. dakotarae profile image58
    dakotaraeposted 13 years ago

    wellll you can;t make her be with you, it is up to her on what she wants. So don;t make her fall in love it will naturally happen sorry to say. If she loves u truly then she will pick you and not him it is really up to her, don;t do much to make her come to you let her pick and choose it's her life even if you have feeling for her. and what not smile

  15. AOkay12 profile image61
    AOkay12posted 13 years ago

    You should always treat your girlfriend with the utmost respect.  Act like a gentleman and treat her like a lady.  There is no guarantee that she will fall in love with you and never want to leave you again. I don't want to sound pessimistic or anything, but if she does leave you, move on with you life.  There are other fish in the sea. Learn from your mistakes and use your lesson to be a better boyfriend or husband.

  16. profile image0
    ftch911posted 13 years ago

    Just be yourself and be honest, that's all you can do

  17. juiwei2000 profile image58
    juiwei2000posted 13 years ago

    Becareful, you don't want to create your own crazy stalker, like Rose from two and half man, it would be alright if you still want her, but if you for some reason don't want her anymore,  it might make things a bit more complicated

  18. profile image0
    BIKTMIAposted 13 years ago

    Love , is funny the small things of life that you really never think matter are lots of times that keeps love real. I believe a letter sincerely written a different times understanding your mates needs with attention in areas she needs its most. When you are a women that has lots of interests in the male area you have to stay in tune with what she likes the most. What are the things she loves the most simple and constant? Hope that works for you. Good luck.

  19. Jaynie2000 profile image86
    Jaynie2000posted 13 years ago

    First of all, maybe not calling her a "chick" would be a good start.

    Secondly, I hate to break it to you, but you can't make this happen. If she doesn't want you for you who are now, then she doesn't want you. Period.

    That may sound harsh, and it is. But that's reality. If you have to change who you are for her, it is doomed to fail anyway. The question you should be asking is, "what can I do to become the best person I can possibly be?" And once you've figured that out, and made the necessary adjustments to your life that YOU want to make, you'll find someone who loves you for who you are and who YOU want to be.

    That's the relationship you should be in and the one that has the best chance of survival. But in the end, you can't control the long term outcome of any relationship. These things just follow a natural trajectory. Best of luck. Enjoy the ride.

  20. dragonlady1967 profile image70
    dragonlady1967posted 13 years ago

    Love just happens.  You have to be true to yourself by being yourself.  If she is flittering between you and another, then she truly doesn't love you the way you love her.  There is no doubt when you are "in love".

  21. lamiya profile image57
    lamiyaposted 13 years ago

    express how much you love her & try to be honest,don't hide anything.

  22. profile image0
    AMBASSADOR BUTLERposted 12 years ago

    It is impossible. Just go with the flow. Be yourself. Straight and simple.

  23. NewHorizons profile image79
    NewHorizonsposted 12 years ago

    First of all I agree with the person who told you not to call her 'chick'.  She is not a young hen.  A girl looks for respect, big respect from her partner.  So continue to show her how much you love her.  If she sees that you love her more than the other guy, she may shift her interest on you. And she looks at your job too.  Girls and women want security, comfort and some luxury in the bargain.  If you can provide these, you'll win in the end.
    Prayers help too.

  24. lovalos profile image59
    lovalosposted 12 years ago

    ok you lost ur gurlfriend to someone else because of u but now u have her back ok well what ever it was that u did to run her away dnt do it ne more just b your self treat her nice and with respect dnt argue with her or get on her nerves give her space only go around when she wants u too well when she says it but if she wants to be around you then make that happen and never decline it cause then it will make her mad that shell go to some one else make her feel that she has a great boyfriend that she dont need to be with ne body else. but last but not least never show ur gurl ur weakness.awe yea if u gne cheat on her or talk to some one else at least do it and never get caught that goes for her too but once yall get married then that has to come to a stop.

  25. ritazruby profile image60
    ritazrubyposted 12 years ago

    a lady wants to feel that she is safe and she is gaining something from being with you. as in she wants to feel respected, loved, secure and good about you and your affection/attention.
    check to see if you were able to achieve this with her. if you were not, then better luck in your next relationship.
    truth is when a woman is fed up there is nothing you can do about it.

  26. chasemillis profile image73
    chasemillisposted 12 years ago

    I learned about this in school, but you might be under the spell of infatuation. Just throwing it out there. And it's a little weird to call her a chick if you "love" her...

    I just saw that this was asked 21 months ago....going good still?

  27. profile image51
    chrisvangelderposted 12 years ago

    Dude! Its not a chick!!! She's a lady! Ive been lucky enough to recently have the pleasure of getting the girl of my dreams and it wasn't easy! You need to be yourself and outshine the rest of the guys who offer themselves to her on a daily basis! Give her a commitment on all levels of everything! Go shop with her etc! Make sure you give her everything no guy ever has and talk to her , find out where her last relationships weren't that great and make an effort to make those same aspects of your relationship awesome!

  28. clintonb profile image60
    clintonbposted 12 years ago

    Dude first go learn some decency..calling her "chick" and wanting to "kiss" her first is not gonna get you anything at ALL!! Im even wondering if you actually love her also..or its just some kinda competition between you and that guy..that "Whoz gonna take the bride?"

  29. poshcoffeeco profile image82
    poshcoffeecoposted 12 years ago

    Unfortunately you can't make someone fall in love with you and make them never want to leave you. If someone loves you for who you are they do it unconditionally. Simple as that. If you do enough not to change that they won't leave you.

  30. kipronor profile image59
    kipronorposted 12 years ago

    You can never cause or induce or much worse lie to this thing called love, somehow the truth always surfaces at the end of the day, you dont want to regret later, someone once said there is a thin line between love and hate, its better to be realistic now than to regret later.

  31. profile image53
    kateeeposted 11 years ago

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  32. beatmakersnet profile image60
    beatmakersnetposted 10 years ago

    you cant. get over it bro. man up and just go with the flow. nobody wants an overly attached and worried lover/spouse/boyfriend. grow some balls. live your own life and she will be happy and satisified with you. if she's not then forget her go find someone else who is worth your time and energy.

  33. sickdub profile image60
    sickdubposted 10 years ago

    you can make her feel really good when she is around you. and also play hard to get a little bit of course!

  34. lostohanababy profile image57
    lostohanababyposted 9 years ago

    Time for those 'special talks' .  And 'special' walks, to determine where you stand with her!.  Good luck!

  35. Oztinato profile image75
    Oztinatoposted 9 years ago

    By making your own acts of love (big or small) an art form ie By studying and practicing all the nuances of kindness, consideration and generosity.
    By standing your ground if you know she is making a mistake.
    By showing a surfeit of love after any argument (big or small).

  36. profile image0
    lisasuniquevoiceposted 9 years ago

    Let your girlfriend know that you listen by doing the things she's said she likes. Also, it's very important to treat her like the incredible person that she has always been. Don't ever call her names or put her down. Don't laugh at her, and don't treat her like a child.
    Good luck to you,

  37. edhan profile image38
    edhanposted 9 years ago

    I believe that one should be truthful and knowing what she likes & dislikes. Most of the time, we may tend to take for granted in little details that are important to a girl. Clear observation of what are her interests like things she like, do and enjoy. It is never too late to show your sincerity and how much she mean to you.

  38. Joseph Adams profile image59
    Joseph Adamsposted 9 years ago

    share her happiness and sadness moments try to know everything about her what she like what she hate treat her nice and she'll do the same without

  39. profile image0
    Deborah Sextonposted 9 years ago

    Be yourself and be kind to her and others. I don't think we can make someone love us. Don't be easy and don't smother her. It will drive her away.
    Make sure it is love you feel and not just chemistry. Many people mistake chemistry for love. Don't belittle the other guy to her because it will make her want to defend him.
    Sometimes when someone else comes into the picture people will get jealous whether they truly love that person or not and it will cause them to think their mission in life is to win them back.
    You've apologized so don't continue apologizing to her or she will perceive you as a little desperate and needy

  40. poppyr profile image95
    poppyrposted 9 years ago

    You can never make someone fall in love with you by force.  She seems to be enjoying having the other guy in her life, and if you can't trust her now, marrying her won't make her any more faithful.

    You both need to take the relationship seriously.  If she's been with another guy, then she doesn't fully love you.  You both need to sit and talk about your relationship with mutual respect and honesty.

    If this can be straightened out, and the other guy and your girlfriend can leave each other alone, then great.  But if she already left you for him, who is to say she won't do it again?

    I've just realised that this question was asked four years ago, so it's probably no use me answering it.  Did you and her stay together?

  41. SatendraSaini profile image45
    SatendraSainiposted 9 years ago

    Well this is is not difficult to find it really because girls are always misuse the guys who become so serious about girls. As people says and some friends says, If you care much about girls then they try to avoid them. While on another hand, if you behave like a normal man then they will take personal interest for you.

  42. Nightchu profile image61
    Nightchuposted 9 years ago

    Be yourself and if that fails you win in the long run. As a wise man once told me, "If you like to pass gas, then pass gas on the first date. If she leaves you then she wasn't worth you time no how."

  43. Bellas blog18 profile image60
    Bellas blog18posted 9 years ago

    First you worrying way to much, girls don't like when they see the guys worrying about her every move give her space and let her decide what she wants to do. She's will start to fee you are suffocating  if you keep telling her don't leave me.

  44. manatita44 profile image73
    manatita44posted 9 years ago

    Why would you wish to do this? If she is your possession then she is not free. Why would you wish to enforce your will on someone's freedom?
    Love by all means, but do not do so with bargaining or possession. This is the route to unhappiness and frustrations.

  45. abowaaled profile image58
    abowaaledposted 9 years ago

    Hello , you must be honest with her.
    also when she angry you can shut your mouth when the storm go away.
    i also advice you , when you wrong wiyh her you must apology.

    1. Liliayan Lockwood profile image54
      Liliayan Lockwoodposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      My husband had been gone for about 7 months, I contacted Dr.Osaze from other testifiers and within a few minutes of speaking with him, I realized that Dr.Osaze spell was the one person whom I could completely trust. I didn’t expect the spell would wo

  46. Youssef Baira profile image61
    Youssef Bairaposted 9 years ago

    I like your initiative, but don't do anything absurd. Be yourself, and see how it is going with her. If she falls in love with you, then, be it ! if not, you will be forced to wear a mask, and I strongly believe that no one is worth putting a mask on one's face.

    Like I said, be yourself and good luck buddy !

  47. profile image56
    rehanhossainposted 9 years ago

    First you know why she got angry with you. Then you start convening her if she loves you by heart she will get back to you defiantly.

  48. pstraubie48 profile image81
    pstraubie48posted 9 years ago

    Do you want to be the first guy to kiss the bride because she 'left you; even though she is back for now.
    Apologizes and all are nice but forever being controlled by past mistakes would not be any firm foundation for a relationship.
    Only you and she know the circumstances that caused the break up. If they are caused by some belief that you have that was contrary to her beliefs, then this might be an impossible situation. Only you two know.
    But if the reason is something you can 'fix' then go for it. Relationships take work. They don't happen by magic.
    Two people must make a commitment to make it work if it is going to. Giving 90 percent by each person is the way it will work.
    Communicate, communicate, communicate.
    Show appreciation for each other daily.
    Make the other person feel sincerely, truly completely loved.
    Never stray, ever!!

  49. Jessica zenteno profile image61
    Jessica zentenoposted 8 years ago

    Don't treat her like a thing treat her like a lady a woman.make her feel special and loved like she's the only one for you. First don't call her a chick that's annoying. Make her feel comfortable with you before you pop the question .remember this is'nt a race for a car this is a woman in the middle of you to men . Its her choice.

  50. Doris Dancy profile image68
    Doris Dancyposted 8 years ago

    Treat her with respect and dignity.  Be patient with her forgiveness and continue to let her know how you feel about her.  Talk is great, but ACTIONS are greater.  For yourself…be sure that she REALLY loves you.  Has she moved on without giving you a real chance? We all make mistakes.  If so, then look for someone who is committed to you and not constantly looking.  If the RED FLAGS wave furiously, pay attention no matter what your heart says.  Let you BRAIN rule so that life is not miserable in the end.


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