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Luang Poo Yiam Thai Monk

Famous Thai Monk Of The Century
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Biolography of Luang Poo Yiam

Luang Poo Yiam was one of the famous Thailand monks who had served the people in Thailand with a great deal of work that helped many people during his lifetime as a monk. He was one of the highest respectable monk that had won the hearts of many Thai people during those period of time where he had served as a Thai monk. During the reign of the 3rd King Regime, Luang Poo Yiam was born on 5 of August BE 2375 in Bangkok. He had attended school at the age of 9 and further his studies in Wat Bowan when he reached age 11. He continued to pursue his education in Wat RahtBurRaNa. Reaching the age of 19, Luang Poo Yiam had ordained as a novice monk at Way Nang.

At Wat RahtOhRaSahRahm, Luang Poo Yiam had became a Thai monk at age 22. During that period, is preceptor was Pra SutTuMaTeRa (Gert) and his Dhamma teachers were Pra TamMaJaDee (Jeen) and Pra Ah Jahn Rort, Wat Nang Norng. He had learnt and mastered Dhamma under the education from Pra PahWaNahGohSon(Rort), Pra TamMaJaDee and Pra SangWonWeMon(Men). He was very keen in his studies as he pursued them and soon was promoted as Pra BaikiGah (monk title) and subsequently became Pra PaLatTahNuKrom (monk title).

Special Mantra From LP Yiam

We like to share the special Kathah that he had left with us and this is called Kathah ItTiPiSoh Rian Dteui:

"It Ti Pi Soh We Se Se It

It Se Se Put Tat Nah Me It

It Me Nah Put Tat Dta Soh It

It Soh Dta Put Tat Pi Dti It"

LP Yaim Amulet

LP Yiam Thai Monk

At the time When Luang Poo Yiam reached 16th PanSah(rain retreat), the 5th King bestowed the title of Pra Kru to Luang Poo Yiam. Finally, Luang Poo Yiam returned to Wat Nang and became the abbot of Wat Nang. In BE2442, Luang Poo Yiam attained the title Pra RahChahKaNa.

Everyone has great respects for Luang Poo Yiam because he was a monk who has observed the precepts of a monk strictly. Throughout his lifetime as a monk, he has never accepted material things given to him by the lay people, except those which were meant to build Wat Nang. Therefore, many people respected Luang Poo Yiam, and his metta travelled both far and near, such that many people would bring their children to be ordained under Luang Poo Yiam. The 5th King was one who respected Luang Poo Yiam very much and treated Luang Poo Yiam as his teacher. Luang Poo Yiam has ever taught the 5th King a special kathah for Metta MahaNiyom (Loving-Kindness), and the 5th King would always use this kathah where ever he go.

Luang Poo Yiam was ordained as a monk and was given the name as Jow Koon Dtow. He was popular with making of Thai amulets during his lifetime as a monk. Among those Thai amulets, the most popular ones were the Kreung Rahng (known to have magical powers) and the rian amulets. These rian amulets happened to be one of the collector's amulets and it was a series of BenJaPahKeeRian. This was said to be the Great Five Rians.

Any person who are fated to possess an amulet made by LP Yiam will be able to rent it and gaining the magical power of the rian amulet. One has to believe in its power and have a good heart in order to be blessed in life. It is through your effort of making prayers daily to tap the mystic power of this amulet and it will definitely help you as an owner to gain your wishes. We believe that one should help others in charity when one has gained goodness from the power of amulet. It is through goodness in helping others that will in return provide you will better life and relationship.

LP Yiam Amulet

LP Yiam Thai Amulets

Over the centuries,we know that people have full respect for famous Thai monk like LP Yiam who had created special Thai amulets used in protection and blessing of relationship as well as wealth & fortune in life. Each amulet production had gone through a stringent process where it was form in shape using mold in design. These amulets can be in form of powder or metal. Every single piece of amulet made would be through at least 49 days of prayers by LP Yiam and empower it to help people who rented it.

Our understanding of these amulets had been made by LP Yiam came in different forms for the specific purposes. For example, some of the LP Yiam's amulets are meant for relationship between family members or colleagues while others being made for career & financial gains. When a person wants to rent an amulet, the intention should be made known of good thoughts and desires in order for the amulet to be able to offer help to achieve their prayers. It is believe that the sacred mystic power of each amulet will help the owner to overcome every obstacles that maybe hindering them. It is a common knowledge known to many people that LP Yiam had made Kreung Rahng(magical items) and rian Thai amulets where it is still the top amulets in Thailand market.

At the age of 94, Luang Poo Yiam Wat Nang who had passed away in Bangkok on 29th of April BE2469. Even though he had passed on, his legacy is forever with the people who respected him and the contributions he had made during his lifetime.

LP Yiam Amulet

Rent an amulet

If you have the intention of renting an amulet, be clear of your purpose. If you have ill intention then forget about it as it will likely not helping you to gain such thought or desires. Amulets are well known to be rented for the purpose of relationship within the family members where you gain respect and love for one another. Or helping out with your career in advancement as well as your business to grow with more profits. Once you have achieved your goals in prayers, do not forget to pray and offering help to others whenever possible. Your success in life will be even better when you offer help to others for what you have gained. In doing goodness, you will help yourself to accumulate good Karma and Merit for this life as well as the next life (though some may not believe in re-incarnation).

Luang Poo Yiam had created Phra Pitda and Takrut amulets for the contributions made to renovate the temple. These amulets had gone through a series of magical mantras. There were many stories about these amulets and the mystic power it possessed. It is your blessing if you should be one of those who rented his amulet. Lp Yiam is well respected even up today, people still remembers him for the contributions and miracles that he had done during his years of monkhood.

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Anil and Honey profile image

Anil and Honey 3 years ago from Kerala

I am very happy to know about the grate Thai monk Luang Poo Yiam.

I am an Indian citizen, India is was the birth place of Bhuddism. ok,I think you are interesting Bhuddism.God bless you.

edhan profile image

edhan 3 years ago Author

Nice to hear from you. Happy to know you and your interests in Buddhism.

Phan Pham 12 months ago

I had a business which was slow so I would like to know where I could got an real blessing amulet for prosperity,for good business .. from a famous Monk ? Could you help me to find one and how and where I could get it ?


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