Kundalini Awakening (Part-5)

Kundalini Rising - Make your body a healthy conduit

As mentioned in my preceding hub, it is important to have the Chakras opened (Part-3) before awakening the ‘Primal energy’ (Kundalini) as otherwise all the effort involved in kindling the fire (energy) would go waste. In case all the Chakras are not open, the serpentine energy would rise from the Root Chakra and on confronting any blocked Chakra on the way, would slither down back to its source without reaching the desired destination. There are many ways to awaken Kundalini ranging from, meditation, yoga, rigorous physical exercise, (supervised) breathing exercise, devotional practices, to Karma yoga (paying attention to one’s actions/ deeds). Apart from ensuring a free passage for the Energy to rise, it is imperative to prepare the body and mind for the electrifying effect which might be created in the process. Many beginners, in an attempt to fulfill their natural desire to have the Kundalini awakened, commit a serious error of initiating the spiritual process without creating enough buffers in the body to sustain the gyrating effect of the energy generated. If one is not ready, it may seem like putting too much of load on an electric circuit which does not have the capacity to hold that much power; the circuit would surely fuse in such cases. Hence, it is important to make the body a healthy, balanced and resilient vehicle in order to make it a stable conduit for channelizing energy. To ensure proper physical and mental health, it is necessary to maintain a healthy diet, regular exercise, frequent cleansing practices and proper breathing exercises.

I have made an attempt to share with you the visions some people had in the process of Kundalini awakening which you can READ HERE.

The Primal Energy
The Primal Energy

‘Energy’ may turn destructive

Although the ‘energy’, paves way for spiritual and eternal bliss, devouring all the imperfections and impurities in the mind and body, yet it has the potential to turn into an unleashed berserk beast, smashing and destroying all that falls in its way, if the conduit (body) is emotionally and intellectually unstable. This means that an ‘energy’, which would under normal circumstances, shower happiness and joy in the course of its journey through the body, results in more of confusion, chaos and suffering on the mental level and may adversely affect the physical side too. As stated in earlier hubs, the body may suffer a psychic shock.


There have been instances where people have experienced sudden / instant awakening resulting in complete transformation and spiritual realization but in majority of cases it has been reported to manifest itself in piece meals which means that it comes in sparks rather than as lightning bolts. Such electrifying moments may, more often than not, result in outbursts of creativity, insight, philosophy and divinity, unfolding at the same time, the complete truth about the ‘self’, ‘Higher self’ and the ‘Matrix’ we live in. While the information revealed is useful for our spiritual advancement, it may, at times, create some fear on being able to visualize the unseen and the unfamiliar.

Real life experiences on 'energy' manifestation

How to awaken Kundalini

For those of you who are desperate to know how to awaken Kundalini,

READ HERE for a complete resource on this subject.

Awaken your Kundalini

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VioletSun profile image

VioletSun 7 years ago from Oregon/ Name: Marie

Anjali: I am afraid of awakening my kundalini; when I moved in with my s/o, two weeks later he had a kundalini awakening that drove him to the emergency room in excruciating pain.  He knew it was the energy moving,  and he tried to explain it to a very skeptical doctor, LOL... the doctor couldn't find anything wrong with him and sent him home with painkillers; it took 4 days for the pain to go away.

Its fun seeing Hawkins in video, as we have Hawkin's books here at home.

Very accurate and thorough hub! You could be teaching this to seekers.


Jewels profile image

Jewels 7 years ago from Australia

I have worked with this energy many times and can cultivate it at will. I don't see it as something mysterious or dangerous. Is great to have a broad consciousness of the body and how it functions then the lower chakras are not the mystery some think they are.

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

VioletSun: I know it can prove dangerous at times if not handled properly. That's why I thought of showing the positive and negative ramifications of this spiritual process thru this hub. I hope I covered almost everything that was important. Thx for your generous comments.

Jewels: You're right in your own way. There is nothing risky about initiating 'Kundalini awakening process' if one is completely ready for it (as stated in the hub). The problems manifest only in cases where people try to skip certain pertinent steps and try to rush thru the process. It can be better understood with an example of a toddler trying to run with his staggering legs and hurting himself by stumbling time and again. The body needs to be prepared for any activity to which it is not used to. You seem to handle it well because of your spiritual maturity. Thx very much for visiting.

profile image

pgrundy 7 years ago

This may sound weird, but have you ever heard of people having an actual electrical or energetic 'charge' that fries small appliances? lol!

Seriously--This is something that seems to run in my family. My grandfather couldn't wear a watch--they would all stop almost immediately and just never work again. I seem to 'kill' small electric appliances. When I first met Bill I told him this and he laughed, but I am on my sixth one in four years while he still has his from ten years ago and its fine. I don't even buy hairdryers anymore. So now he still thinks its funny but he believes me.

I think I have a 'short' or something. I bought a manual coffee pot (non-electric) last year because I was tired of replacing the electric ones, but he couldn't stand it so he bought me another electric one--a cheap one though!

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

Pam: I completely believe you. You seem to emit electromagnetic waves of much higher frequency than the rest of people / objects around you. That's what's killing the appliances. lol

I'm sure you would have no trouble in seeing spirits and 'other worldly' objects too. People who 'see things' are always the ones who have a frequency matching with that of the 'unexplained' and 'unseen'. You see an object which rotates / vibrates at the speed as you do. This is the underlying principle. I should be grateful to you for finding time to read my hubs. Thx.

profile image

pgrundy 7 years ago

Wow, that is weird--I do 'see' dead people. lol! Seriously, I do. Violetsun and I have talked about this. People laugh at you if you talk about it, but sometimes people do have that second sight even if it seems crazy, it does happen. It makes sense to me what you say--I think that it is in fact related to the little appliances. I am going to pay attention to these hubs of yours though and see if I can't bring that under more control with these meditations--you know, get a bit more 'grounded'. I have been feeling kind of stuck for awhile now and I think this will help. I appreciate you answering this in a serious way. Thank you.

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

Pam: You're always welcome. Certain things happened with me for which I had no answer and it took me years to have a slight grip on the subject. I guess we die learning. Don't try to change that's going on with you. I feel if you channelize the energy coming out from inside your body, you can become a spiritual healer, helping people to get rid of their chronic ailments. Please take this seriously and don't let this energy go waste.

Santhip 7 years ago


Are you only addressing the body aspects of Kundalini ? Are you addressing the mental aspects of raising the Kundalini ? which could be excruciating for people who have had no experience of Kundalini or meditations at all. Cuz I find huge mental blocks js getting drowned in single sentences. Just a thought which popped up right now. I haven't read all your hubpages right now yet.

Do you consider yourself as enlightened as any of the enlightened masters before?

Sorry if these questions are bothering you. Thank you for sharing your path.



anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

Santhip: First of all, I do not consider myself an enlightened soul. I am only a seeker just like anyone else on this planet. Through these hubs on Chakras, I made an effort to consolidate some valuable info in one group so that people do not have to surf on the internet for gathering the relevant information. Speaking for Kundalini awakening, it starts with body and leads to awakening of mind. It's a kind of chain reaction, one leading to the other. We use our body as a tool to awaken our spiritual consciousness. I understand it can be difficult for beginners but then it's not advisable for them to start directly with kundalini; they have to gradually attune their bodies by practicing meditation first. I have given tips for simple meditation in my other hubs. Please take out time to read those also. Thx for visiting this hub.

Santhip 7 years ago

Hi Anjali,

Thanks for your reply.

I donot wish to enter into an argument here. I have nothing to gain. Chakras are associated with body. True enlightenment is beyond the body. As you have said the body could be used as one of ways to raise the spiritual consciousness. But one should not stop at the body alone. Trying to raise the kundalini through forced breathing , or any other practices have serious consequences, as the kundalini brings forth our deepest fears upfront, which could make a person psycho if he isn't mature enough to deal with the problems, or in other words if he hasn't developed his body and mind further. It could also bring out powers within you. Grant your desire. But again, I say, if one isn't mature enough in his mind, without humility responsibility, and without knowledge of the true inner qualities of his soul, he could be facing serious consequences by Law of Karma. I have been lucky enough to be under the guidance of an awakened being, who guided me when such a thing happened. Else I really don't know how wretched my life would have ended. Kundalini has its own intelligence, and could end up doing the best what it thinks ( not the best what I think) so as to crawl its way up. I am nobody to state anything qualitatively about Kundalini. But the words I speak come from my own experience.

Out of respect for your kind intentions, I only feel it important to let you know that, a little knowledge is indeed a dangerous thing. As was the case with me before. I did not have the emotional maturity to be humble, and pull down my ego when the kundalini was awakening. Hence I had to face its consequences, and confusion.

Your post is great. It tells of importance of maintaining a good body so that the inner nervous system of the body can be developed, so that higher spiritual consciousness can be held in it. But again, you mentioned nothing about the soul qualities associated with karma yoga such as a mentality of seva, sacredness of all things living and non living, or other yamas and niyamas from patanjali, which enlists all the other qualities which would give one a stable mind. When I read the post, and considering my own past experience of kundalini, I only wanted to let you know that I thought there was a big hole in consolidated information in text form in this page alone. A simple pointer of the above could prevent a future me from happening again.

Just consider this as an admonition which another seeker learned off from his experience,so that you could keep in mind the worst case scenario of someone who has begun to practice whatever you have presented in your very informative hub.

OM Shanti


anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

Hi Santhip: I feel honored to have a highly evolved person like you, reading my hubs. You're absolutely right in projecting the dangerous side (already mentioned in para 2 of hub) of Kundalini. Actually this hub is a part of series (if you noticed) and a lot was discussed through posts and comments (besides the info in the hubs). I have been getting e-mails from several readers in recent past asking for interpretation of various fearful experiences they had while trying to awaken Kundalini. As I said before, I've been emphasizing on spiritual maturity time and again (through these hubs) as being the most important factor in awakening the primal energy with relative ease and less of discomfort. Since I'm not addressing only the Indian community here, I really could not have brought our sacred scriptures in to picture as that would have meant treading in to a different arena. We understand these concepts as we grew up with it but I tried to make it easier for  people in the western world to understand the eastern concepts. I hope you would appreciate that things become a little different when you write in public forums vis-a-vis learning it from a master in person. One thing that I've noticed is that people here, very well know what spiritual maturity means. As against that, I , at times, find it hard to explain to my Indian counterparts (which is surprising) the meaning of spiritual consciousness and allied terms. Sometimes you got to keep it simple.

There was another aspect to it which I didn't bring up here. 'Kundalini awakening, in some cases, gets triggered off due to excruciating mental agony.' It doesn't always have to be initiated through breathing exercises. In such a case too, experiences can be frightening if the mind and soul are not prepared for the sudden jolt. I had enough to share in this category (from personal experience) but I guess that would have complicated the matter a bit.

Thx very much for sharing your experiences and knowledge here. I'm sure many readers (at least a 100 in a day)would get benefited from your post.

profile image

Raggits 7 years ago

My youngest son used to 'fry' my electronics when he came to visit. When he would go home on Sundays, I would have to replace either the vcr or dvd player or even the t.v. I never understood it but I felt it was anger or some emotion venting through his body. WOW.

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

Raggits: I think that might not have to do anything with 'Kundalini.' His aggression can be attributed to several other factors. It's just a way of letting out steam. Perhaps you would know what's bothering him. It has to be about something which he does not want to accept but is forced to do so. Can't say. Again, you know better. It would be much better if he talks about it and gets over with it once for all. Feel free to come back anytime. Thx very much for reading this hub.

Tanja 2 years ago

Hello everyone!

I experienced something on December 3rd and I am not quite sure where I should begin. Because since

that day it never stops and gets stronger each day that passes!

Let me start from the beginning. On December 3 I was just doing what I always do. I helped my husband with promotion, I ate good and did nothing out of the ordinary.

But coming to the point, in the evening of December 3 I was standing in the bathroom, as I suddenly felt a strange buzzing and vibrating sensation in my lower back area. Like it was coming from the base of the spine! It was feeling weird but I didn't think anything about it. So I went to bed. But then it got even stranger. The buzzing and vibration moved up my spine and I felt weird electric kind of liquid energy feelings inside my body moving around and resting in different areas. Like the heart, the forehead etc. This was a rather mild experience of it. But the days since then got stronger and stronger.

The 3rd day after this experience I started seeing vision changes. I sometimes see colorful sparkles hanging in the air like little light beings, sometimes even moving around. But that's not all. Again in the night I started feeling the buzzing coming from the spine again and this time it felt like prickles and tingles and electric kind of waves hit me continuously throughout the days especially when I read something that contained truth. Spiritual things especially!

Then one night I was relaxing as I suddenly saw with closed eyes purple whirls in front of me. Whirls that seemed to move into vision and out again and then it happened that I suddenly got startled by a very bright flash of white light, all with closed eyes! I now start feeling this electric energy or whatever it is working in my back. It does definitely do something with my body.

It seems to open blockages, as certain body parts sometimes release tension in the form of a blowing up sensation. I also started hearing inside my head a whistle kind of noise and a feeling of something pulsating in my ear that sometimes brings another noise that sounds like a deep low tuned flute! It is now the 6th day

since this occurrence and it gets stronger each day. Sometimes it feels like a blissful caressing wind is surrounding me. Especially while lying in bed. It seems with 3 thick blankets on top of me I shouldn't feel wind right? But there is definitely wind leaving my scalp and surrounding my body even though it's covered!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

best wishes,


anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 2 years ago from New York Author

@Tanja: Thank you for sharing your experience with us. This is certainly how Kundalini awakening feels like. Its going to continue for a while and then it might stop. The process reprograms / rewires your brain and 'inner conditioning'. You're one of those fortunate ones who have got a chance to re-connect with their Higher Self in this life time. God bless!

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