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How to cleanse Aura (Part-8)

Updated on January 25, 2013

Aura- a spiritual signature

As mentioned earlier, Aura is a composite of electromagnetic impulses and as such has a natural tendency to attract and trap positive and negative vibrations, thereby affecting the body significantly. The negative vibrations act like a garbage to the body and may either cause physical ailments or even worse, the mental stress. The Aura, in such a case, looks dull, discolored and murky (explained in Part-7). Just like we don’t let the stinking garbage stay in the house for a long time, the Aura too needs to be cleansed of all the harmful negativity which gets accumulated in it, over a period of time. We already know that an Aura is a spiritual signature of a person, divulging the true picture of the inner self including any ailments or chronic problems on the physical and mental level. Aura can be used as a tool to detect latent clinical problems which can be alienated from the body with the help of ‘cleansing techniques’. Aura cleansing, however, should never be thought of as a substitute for medical treatment. It should, on the contrary, be used in combination with the conventional treatments available.

Make your Aura reflect positivity

Cleansing technique

As a pre-requisite to cleansing Aura, it is essential that the beneficiary believes in this particular form of healing and opens up for the energy, channelized into his / her body by the benefactor (the person who heals). One has to be receptive for the positive vibrations sent in to the body during the process. Let’s have a look at some simple ways to do the cleaning job. The data is simply based on the material available in the books relevant to this subject. It is strictly prohibited to indulge in these practices until you gain experience and expertise in this area.

draw energy in to yourself
draw energy in to yourself

1. At the outset, clean the room including the chair and table intended to be used during the process. For a start up, you might want to smudge the room, using sage. This is a strong Native American action(as shown in the video below) and is quite effective. You can use a feather to direct the smoke, stating a verbal prayer/affirmation as you pray to the ‘higher energy’ for bestowing on you, the power to heal, cleanse or purify the Aura of a person seeking your help. If the beneficiary (who wants to be healed) expresses his discomfort due to smoke, you can visualize the room getting filled with bright white light, washing off any negativity that might exist.

2. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Focus on the energy from the higher realms and imagine drawing that energy into yourself for channeling it for the purpose of healing. This can be done in a variety of ways: you may want to draw energy down from above, into your crown chakra or up from the earth through your feet or even better, into your entire body from the energy around you. A light background music or mantra chanting would be an advantage.

3. Stand behind the person (intended to be healed), and put your hands lightly on his/her shoulders. Close your eyes and mentally chant some sort of prayer/affirmation, asking for guidance, help and healing. You do not have to physically touch the person if he expresses his reluctance to be touched. Aura cleansing can be done without touching the person. Ensure that your mind is at rest and free from all the racing thoughts.

4. Use your left hand for sensing while you keep your right hand on the person’s shoulder. Move your hand over the surface of his body without touching him. Ideally your hand should be about 2 inches from the body surface. As you slowly move your hand up and down over the entire body from top to toe, you might sense a feeling of pressure in some areas pushing against your hand. Some areas may feel unusually cold or hot which might cause some tingling in your hand.

5. Continue this process for about 7-10 minutes. You might even want to step back a couple of times, during the healing, to check for the colors or any change in the Aura of the person, you are intending to heal. This provides some valuable and additional information about the problem areas in the body. Don’t overlook any changes in the images, colors, smell or sound inside the room or in your mind. It might give you some clues as to what’s going on.

6. After identifying the problem areas in the body which you might get to know due to pressure coming off or some particular colors being emitted, you can start working on curing the problem. The identifying process itself might takes months or even years for you to master.

7. You may want to check the person's chakras and determine if any of them need to be balanced. This can be done with a pendulum; a nice clockwise circling motion indicates balance and any other motion indicates the converse. Color therapy (not discussed in detail here) can be used to balance Chakras. One more way to do this is using a ‘pendulum’. Suspend a pendulum with one hand in front of the person’s Chakra, keeping your other hand in a bowl of water and visualize the excess energy flowing out of the Chakra. Don’t forget to keep a watch on the pendulum movement. Discontinue the process as soon as the smooth clockwise movement is achieved.

8. Imagine yourself grabbing the negativity in the Auric layer (of the beneficiary) with your left hand and remove it from the person’s Aura. Pass this energy through your right hand and visualize it flowing out in to the cosmos. Some people shake their right hand at this point of time to get rid of the negativity energy.

Healing when the person is lying on a bed
Healing when the person is lying on a bed

9. Continue the process till you feel that the problem is cured. You might have to go over the areas once again in order to check if any change has taken place since the time you started working on those areas. If you do not sense any sort of pressure or any noteworthy tingling sensation, you can be rest assured for having achieved your goals. Visualize the negative energy leaving the body of the person. In case the person is lying on a bed, you can visualize reaching the hidden parts of his body without having the need to touch him physically.

10. Now is the stage to run your hands through the Aura and smoothen out the layers around the person’s body so as to give it a healthy and harmonious look. Once again run your hands over the body of the person and see if everything seems to have come back to normal. Keep your right hand on the shoulder of the person and say a small prayer of thank and gratitude to the higher energy and spirits for guiding you through the process.

The beneficiary, after getting healed, may feel relaxed and a little drowsy and might even want to take a short nap. Sleep enhances the healing results. Once you have finished do not forget to wash your hands with cold water to drain off all the negative energy which you might have attracted in the process.

How to cleanse your Aura

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