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One of the joys of being a fashionable lady is being able to carry around a handbag. A handbag is a wondrous device that allows for the carrying of many essential, interesting and incidental items. This Fall, large handbags are all the rage, which means that kitchen sink you've had your eye on can come with you everywhere you go.

Large handbags, or 'maxi bags' as I like to call them, in accordance with the maxi skirt and maxi dress trends, come in all shapes and styles (but only one size – large.) Allow me to guide you through a few fashionable large handbags that will leave you whimpering with a void like sense of emptiness until you obtain them.

JEROME DREYFUSS Large Billy Python Bag

For women with a dangerous streak, this python bag from Jerome Dreyfuss may just be the bag they've been waiting their whole lives for. This stylish handbag is sure to devour large prey whole and regurgitate it at will, entirely unharmed.

Is that taking the python analogy too far? I certainly hope not. This 100% leather product isn't actually made out of python skin, rather a cow has sacrificed themselves to finally achieve a life long dream of being something other than an ungulate.

Celebrate life and the achieving of goals by carrying the pytyhon bag with pride!

Orla Kiely Textured Tonal Stem Large Tote

Are you a different kind of woman? Do you run quite apart from the herd, making your own way in the world, howling at the moon on dark winter nights? If so, this may be the alternative bag for you. Made from laminated canvas, the Orla Kiely Textured Tonal Stem bag is more than just an unnecessarily long name, it's a lifestyle. A lifestyle lived inside a 100% laminated canvas interior.

COACH POPPY Tartan Applique Large Spotlight Handbag

Some handbags are practical, some handbags are refined, some handbags are conversation pieces and some handbags make you look like you're carrying around a large Ferrero Rocher chocolate candy. The Coach Poppy Tartan Applique Large Spotlight handbag falls into the latter category.

I won't lie to you, the over the top gaudyness of this bag was the only thing that attracted me to it, and there were many other much more restrained, practical bags that wouldn't make you look like a cross between Paris Hilton and Wily Wonka when you carried them that I passed over.

Still, it has something to recommend it I think. What that is I don't quite know.

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